True Crime Online Newsletter - January 26, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Google Street View catches lawn mower thieves in the act
Police in Denmark said a Google Street View image offered new evidence in an unsolved crime by catching two men in the act of stealing a lawn mower. South Jutland police posted an image to Twitter on Tuesday showing two men taking the small tractor from a business in Rinkenaes in 2012. "Fantastic! A Google photo shows two thieves in action in Rinkenaes near Grasten. Who are they?" police wrote in the Twitter post. Police said they only recently discovered the Google Street View image, and they are hoping it will lead to tips from the public.

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What is the best way to tackle cyber-stalkers? - 01/26/15
Advances in technology have led to an increase in cyber-stalking, but what is the best way of tackling the problem? BBC Inside Out's Mary Rhodes spoke to Dr Emma Short who runs the National Centre for Cyber-stalking Research at the University of Bedfordshire about the best ways of deterring stalkers.

Cyberstalking Worse Than Stalking? - 01/25/15
In a new study, researchers explored and compared the experiences of people who had been victims of stalking or cyberstalking (harassing or threatening via the Internet). They found that victims of cyberstalking had to engage in more ‘self-protective’ behaviors, pay higher out-of-pocket costs to combat the problem, and experienced greater fear over time than traditional stalking victims.

'Online abuse is one thing, to be threatened with rape is another': Chloe Madeley on the terrifying moment when cyber-stalking went too far - 01/24/15
One imagines someone who’s had as charmed a life as Chloe Madeley would know one end of a pair of skis from the other. Her parents are Richard and Judy, TV legends, for goodness sake. Wasn’t an annual trip to Val d’Isère as much a part of her childhood as the big house, the private school and the pony club?

Man With 35 Previous Arrests Charged in Stalking Incident - 01/24/15
Authorities have arrested 37-year-old Corey McKenzie Ray of White Castle, LA, and charged him with Stalking and Cyber Stalking. According to warrant, investigators were contacted in September of 2014 by the victim who stated that Ray had been stalking her. The victim added that she used to date Ray but the couple broke up 5 months prior.

Online harassment targets strike back against abusers - 01/24/15§ion=expressions
Crash Override, billed as an “online harassment task force,” is a private network of experts in such fields as law, information security, public relations, law enforcement, threat monitoring, and counseling ­ all of whom are on-call to assist and support victims of online harassment.

This reality show confronts online trolls in real life - 01/23/15
Trolljägarna (Troll Hunter) is a Swedish reality TV show that hunts down and confronts online harassers in real life. It's hosted by investigative journalist Robert Aschberg, who actively confronts online abusers as they leave work, or finds them outside their homes. CBC radio's Q has just posted an interview with Aschberg, discussing the show. "How extreme does the hatred have to get?" Q guest host Candy Palmater asked Aschberg. "We don't go after people who just joke with other guys... we're talking really hate here," Aschberg responded.

Father of alleged Snapchat bullies loses his job - 01/23/15
The father of two teen boys who allegedly bullied a Minnesota girl with racist comments on Snapchat has reportedly been fired from his job. The alleged case of cyberbullying became a national news story when the father of the girl made an emotional plea on YouTube, seeking to force his daughter’s bullies to “own” their comments.

CPS Won't Demand Students' Social Media Passwords Despite New Law - 01/23/15
A new state law on cyberbullying is giving some school districts the leeway to demand that students surrender passwords to social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The new law, which went into effect Jan. 1, targets online harassment between students and gives district broad leeway to come up with policies to combat it.

What to do when a cyberstalker bothers you - 01/23/15
It may start as something merely annoying, but if luck isn't on your side, cyberstalking can escalate into something else entirely. Stalkers have found a new way of keeping tabs on their victims, resorting to social networks and good ol’ Google to find out what their “favorite people” have been up to. Have you ever had a cyberstalker? Has anyone ever creeped you out by following you on all your social networks? Have you ever received persistent emails from someone you don’t even know?

Not Guilty Verdict For Salon Owner in Murder-For-Hire Plot - 01/22/15
The former owner of a Southern California skin care business that catered to celebrities was found not guilty Thursday of charges stemming from an alleged attempt to hire a former NFL player to kill one of her competitors. Dawn DaLuise, 55, who owned the now-defunct Skin Refinery on Santa Monica Boulevard before the tangled alleged plot was uncovered, was charged last spring with a felony count of murder-solicitation.

Bill could make ‘revenge porn’ a felony - 01/21/15
A Florida lawmaker wants to discourage spurned lovers from sharing those nude photos or sex tapes to spite their exes. Republican state Rep. Tom Goodson is sponsoring HB 151, which seeks to make disseminating pornographic images as a form of harassment a third-degree felony. If the legislation is adopted, Florida would be the 15th state with laws criminalizing the posting of sexually explicit material as a means of embarrassment.

Newport Woman Charged with Cyberstalking - 01/21/15
A 40-year-old Newport Woman has been charged with cyberstalking after she allegedly sent another woman a series of threatening emails. Police said Nciole D. Scardigno, 40, of 40 Corne St., Newport, was arrested Tuesday after an investigation into the emails, which began earlier this month.


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