True Crime Online Newsletter - January 19, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Video shows police officer singing along to 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift in patrol car
A video posted online by the Dover, Del. Police Department shows Officer Jeff Davis singing along to "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift. The officer is seen reciting almost every single word of the song, bouncing in his seat and making hand gestures as he sings. He calms down and appears professional when he sees a pedestrian and then continues singing and moving to the song. The video starts with an introduction explaining that the department sometimes sees "interesting" things when reviewing dashcam footage, and they've decided to share some of their videos in a series they're calling "Dash Cam Confessionals." The video has over 2 million views.

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Zoe Quinn establishes support service for GamerGate victims - 01/19/15
People who have suffered at the hands of online hate group GamerGate are being offered support by a new service established by Zoe Quinn.Crash Override describes itself as a new "online anti-harassment task force" and has, as seems to be the way, already been itself the target of abuse from those who continue to peddle the #Gamergate hashtag.

Taiwanese man dies after three-day computer gaming binge - 01/19/15
A Taiwanese man who was on a three-day computer gaming binge died in an Internet cafe and went unnoticed for hours, the second such death in the area in less than a month. The man, identified as Hsieh, went into the Internet cafe on Jan. 6 and was found motionless on a table on Jan. 8. Investigators said the man had a heart attack. His death went unnoticed for several hours as gamers continued around him.

Philip Finch fined in Perth Magistrates Court for threatening ex-girlfriend with sex tape - 01/18/15
WA must introduce laws that ensure the cyber harassment of women is recognised as domestic violence, experts say. The call comes after two recent cases of “revenge porn” in WA. A Perth man was fined $2000 for threatening an ex-girlfriend he would make her an “online celebrity” by uploading a sex tape of her to a pornography website. Philip Finch appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court, where he pleaded guilty to one count of making written threats, via a smartphone application.

Cyber threat concerns arise amid push for wider broadband coverage - 01/18/15
The possibilities and risks inherent in the dissemination of the internet across Nigeria continue to necessitate implementation of cyber security initiatives, particularly in economies with underdeveloped technology infrastructure. With the federal government pushing for a deeper and wider national broadband penetration and coverage amid the presidency’s delay in signing off the Cybercrime Bill, major sectors of the economy, including oil and gas, telecommunications, banking, are being exposed to the exploits of cybercriminals prowling the digital landscape, with no form of restriction, industry observers have said.

Police falsely called to Burnaby women’s home by online harassers - 01/15/15
A Burnaby woman became the target of an online harassment campaign this weekend for nothing more than who she follows on Twitter. Ashley Lynch became the latest victim of an online intimidation knowing as “swatting”, when Burnaby RCMP officers showed up at her house in the middle of the night on January 11, on a tip that she had weapons inside.

'Coke in the trunk' pranksters fail to amuse LAPD - 01/15/15
Los Angeles police said a YouTube prank involving officers being tipped off to a trunk full of "coke" that turned out to be Coca-Cola wasted police resources. The video, created by the Nelk Filmz prank group and titled "Coke Prank on Cops," went viral this week after the group filmed themselves sitting in a vehicle and being approached by police.

Man arrested for pointing iPhone at police - 01/15/15
The New York Police Department said a man was arrested for pointing his iPhone at on-duty police to show friends "how easy it would be" to shoot an officer. Investigators said Unique Johnson, 32, was driving a Chevy TrailBlazer with six friends, co-workers from an energy sales company, about 9 p.m. Tuesday when he pulled up alongside a squad car and pointed his phone at the head of one of the two officers in the car.

'The Internet has your back bro': Car dealership cruelly shames pizza delivery man by calling him back and taking away his tip and then posts the video - which backfires spectacularly - 01/15/15
The staff at a car dealership who decided to post a video in which they shame a pizza delivery man are now getting a taste of their own medicine. Workers who have been identified as employees at F & R Auto Sales in Westport, Massachusetts, made a worker from Palace Pizza return and give them back their tip after they claimed that he just ran off with the money.

Act to protect Singaporeans from harassment takes effect - 01/15/15
Victims of harassment can now apply straight to the Singapore Court for a Protection Order, which will direct the harasser to stop the behaviour and put a stop to the spread of harassing communication by others who re-publish the communication, announced the Ministry of Law today (Jan 15).

Deville woman facing 105 cyberstalking charges - 01/15/15
A Deville woman is facing 105 counts of cyberstalking after allegedly contacting a victim after the person had asked her to stop, according to a release. Lydia McDaniel Hutson, 34, of 43 Bass Road, was booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center on Wednesday, charged with one count of stalking and 105 counts of cyberstalking.

Sex-trafficking suspects arrested at Sea-Tac Airport, Chicago; two victims from Redmond - 01/15/15
This week, police arrested 48-year-old David DeLay and 20-year-old Marysa Comer on felony warrants with the Redmond Police Department (RPD). DeLay's warrant was for second-degree promoting prostitution and tampering with a witness. He was arrested Monday evening at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport after arriving on a flight from Chicago. DeLay was booked into King County Jail, said Janessa Rosick, public information coordinator for the RPD.

St. Gabriel Female Charged with Cyberstalking, Defamation of EBR Judge - 01/15/15
The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office has arrested Zaine Kasem, 25, St. Gabriel, in connection with a cyberstalking incident. According to a report investigators were contacted by an EBR Family Court Judge on January 8th regarding allegations of cyberstalking and defamation.

On-Campus Stalking Is The Issue You’re Not Hearing About - 01/15/15
Rachel Pendray, a 20-year-old nursing major at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, was fatally shot in 2006 by Jake Taylor, a former student who claimed to love her. The blond cheerleader had become an obsession for Taylor since the two briefly dated the summer after her freshman year, so when Pendray broke things off, the 24-year-old did not take it lightly. He attempted suicide twice over the course of the following year, continued bringing her gifts, and called and texted her constantly. Some of Pendray’s friends were unnerved by Taylor’s behavior, but Pendray herself never filed any complaints; she even let him enter her bedroom the evening he killed her.

I Wasn’t Prepared for the Horror Story That Is Online Dating While Black - 01/14/15
I try to remind myself that no one ever said online dating would be a wholly pleasant experience. There is an inherent awkwardness that comes with entering the world of swipes and algorithms, and it’s simply unavoidable. I grew up and into an era during which the Internet has basically informed much of my identity and sparked many of my most important relationships ­ I’ve met some of my closest friends via sites like LiveJournal and Tumblr. And today, there’s no twentysomething I know who hasn’t met a bae or a jump off via some app or online service. So there’s no real sense of the taboo when it comes to dating online.

New police unit to fight cybercrime in Mumbai - 01/14/15
The Mumbai police will soon have a full-fledged cell to fight cybercrime, with 100 officers working on such cases under the supervision of a deputy commissioner. The cell will also train 1,000 officers from across different police stations in investigating such cases. Currently, only one police station, in Bandra-Kurla Complex, looks into online fraud, identity theft, offensive posts, cyber-stalking and other Internet-related crimes.

San Diego Woman Sentenced for Tormenting Couple Who Moved Into Her Dream Home - 01/13/15
Soon after Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter bought their dream home in San Diego's upscale Carmel Valley in the fall of 2011, bizarre things started happening. Their home was mysteriously listed for sale on the Internet, their mail suddenly stopped over Christmas, and they were inundated with over $1,000 worth of magazines and books they had not ordered. On Valentine's Day, an angry neighbor confronted Rice, asking him why he was sending a Valentine's Day card to his wife. At least eight of his neighbors' wives received similar cards.

Men - it's time to grow up - 01/13/15
WHILE the rise of internet bullying, online stalking and cyber fraud are well documented, there’s another dark side of the internet which only seems to have arisen in recent times. The Men’s Rights Activists movement – a group of entirely white, young middle class men who are under the impression feminists have somehow taken over western society – has spread like a particularly annoying rash over usergenerated sites such as Facebook and Reddit.

Sheriff: Man sends photo of gun in text message, writes 'I'm coming' - 01/12/15
A Baton Rouge man was arrested early Sunday morning on charges of cyberstalking after being accused of sending threatening text messages to a woman after a dispute. According to the probable cause affidavit, 26-year-old Christopher Joseph Hamilton began texting a woman and her boyfriend after the couple got into an argument with him while visiting a relative.


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