True Crime Online Newsletter - January 12, 2015

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Three Fourth-Grade Students Suspended after Plotting to Kill Teacher with Hand Sanitizer
Three grade four girl students have been suspended from their school as they planned to kill their teacher. These girls from Elba Elementary School knew that the teacher was allergic to anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and did not allow the item in the class. The girls made a plan to spread the sanitizer on many things with an intention that their teacher would touch them and die. They shared this plan with other classmates as well. A mother of one of the three girls came to know about the plan and shared with the school authorities. Parents of other girls said that they were aware of the plan, but preferred to stay quiet. After knowing about the plan, the school principal organized a meeting with the girls, their parents and the police. One of the students was of the view that they did not like the teacher due to yelling. She also affirmed that the entire class had problem with that particular teacher. Police has not filed any charges as the teacher remains unharmed. As per the juvenile laws of New York State, the girls must have committed a felony or misdemeanor and then they are charged. The police wanted to discuss the case with the youth court, but the school decided to handle the case internally, informed Chief Deputy Jerome Brewster of the Genesee County Sheriff's Department. Elba Superintendent Jerome Piwko said that the case has shocked them. "The District cannot comment on the specifics of this event, including discipline, as the information is protected from disclosure under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The reports in the media and on social media do not accurately reflect the entire event", affirmed Piwko.

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NYPD, FBI issue alerts after ISIS puts out video calling for attacks on law enforcement - 01/12/15
The nation’s largest police force is on high alert after ISIS re-released a propaganda video urging the murder of “intelligence officers, police officers, soldiers and civilians” in the U.S., a development federal law enforcement agencies as well as the NYPD took seriously, given recent events -- including last week’s Islamist rampage in Paris.

Cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated, brazen - 01/12/15
The recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures by North Korean hackers has again put the spotlight on the dangers stalking a world digitally connected like never before. Till now mainly restricted to personal computers and laptops, the threat will only get bigger with smartphones and tablets becoming devices of daily use.

Couple arrested after videos surface of 1-year-old playing with handgun - 01/11/15
An Indiana couple has been arrested after police discovered two disturbing cell phone videos of a 1-year-old boy playing with a handgun. The videos were found after Evansville Police arrested Michael Barnes on Thursday during a sting operation in which Barnes – who had an active warrant for armed robbery – agreed to sell a handgun to an undercover officer.

Charity's 'I saw your willy' video teaches kids texting safety - 01/09/15
A British children's charity has unveiled I saw your willy, an animated video aimed at educating kids about the dangers of sending salacious pictures. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children's video, posted to the organization's YouTube account and Facebook page Friday, features the cautionary tale of a young boy named Alex who sends a picture of his "willy" to a friend only to have it go viral.

Trial begins for skin-care guru accused of hiring hit man to kill rival - 01/09/15
A skin-care specialist known for her celebrity clientele and avant garde treatments became so obsessed with a rival aesthetician that she took the law into her own hands and solicited his killing, a Los Angeles County prosecutor told jurors Friday. Dawn DaLuise, a former model known as the skin-care guru to the stars, wasn't just sharing her frustrations with friends when she said she hated Gabriel Suarez, a competitor who opened up near her West Hollywood business last year, Deputy Dist. Atty. Christine Von Helmolt said.

Stolen cameras email pictures of suspects to owner - 01/08/15
Two North Carolina men accused of stealing trail cameras were quickly identified and arrested when one of the cameras continued emailing photos to the owner.

Orange County woman relieved after accused stalker arrested - 01/08/15
The man accused of stalking an Orange County woman has been arrested, WFTV reporter Angela Jacobs found out Thursday. Agen Manuel ValleDiaz, 19, is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend. Kaylee, who didn’t want to release her last name, was there when ValleDiaz went before a judge Thursday, in what she said was a show of strength toward him.

New York Man Indicted for Allegedly Threatening, Stalking FBI Agent - 01/08/15
A federal grand jury in Ohio Tuesday indicted a New York man on charges of stalking and threatening a Pittsburgh FBI agent who led the investigation into his cousin, a notorious New Jersey lawyer sent to prison for the rest of his life. Ron Bergrin was arrested by the FBI last month in Cleveland and remains in custody there. He faces a detention hearing Thursday in U.S. District Court and will almost certainly be detained pending trial because of the potential danger to Pittsburgh FBI Agent Shawn Brokos.

3 Investigates: Death of Alicia West raises concerns over protection for victims of domestic violence - 01/08/15
Alicia West's life was cut short in a shocking act of violence, one that many describe as deeply personal. It's a crime that will haunt her family forever. "I thought she was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen." 33-year-old West was murdered on her father's birthday, December 6th. In a tearful interview, Charles Warren remembers his daughter as a bright, happy child - a memory that's tough to reconcile with the last months of her life.

South Amboy man allegedly threatened police on Facebook - 01/08/15
A city resident has been charged with cyber harassment toward the police after allegedly posting a threat on Facebook. According to South Amboy Police Detective Matthew Barcheski, outside law enforcement units notified the city’s police force on Dec. 21 that a South Amboy resident had posted a threat of violence toward police via social media. The suspect was identified as South Amboy resident Brian Butler, 25.

Stalking Awareness Month 2015: Schools Must Record Incidents for Clery Act - 01/06/15
January is National Stalking Awareness Month and certain schools are raising awareness on campus for the act that has been known to sometimes escalate to violence. According to USA Today, stalking only became recognized by the Clery Act in 2013 because of the Obama Administration's reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. About one in five women in college experience sexual assault and stalking is considered a form of harassment, albeit one that is shrouded in gray.


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