True Crime Online Newsletter - November 3, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Phones used more as alarm clocks than to make calls
A British survey suggests making calls is the sixth most common use for a cellphone, behind browsing the Internet and using the alarm clock function. The makers of taxi-summoning app Hailo said their survey of 2,000 Britons indicates making phone calls is the sixth most common use of a cellphone, with first being sending text messages and second being receiving texts. Reading personal emails was third on the list, followed by surfing the Internet and using the alarm clock function. Following making phone calls at No. 6 were sending personal emails, checking the time, using the calculator and checking Facebook. "The functions on a smartphone have developed and improved drastically over the past decade," said Tom Barr, chief executive officer of Hailo. "With so many ways to keep in touch nowadays, people in the U.K. are using the functions that are convenient for them. As we get less and less time to ourselves, we need more convenience in our lives and less hassle. While calling can be more personal, it doesn't always save you time."

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CNN Guest Says Women Wouldn’t Care About Harassment if Catcallers Were Handsome - 11/03/14
It’s been a conversation that has saturated the Internet for the last several days. Everyone has shared his or her views on street harassment and catcalling women in response to a video that captured a woman walking around the streets of New York City and enduring catcalls for 10 hours. Yes, the video had it flaws. Particularly the one that involved the filmmaker removing the white men from the video, and only depicting his girlfriend being catcalled by men representative of minority groups. But it still made people talk about the issue women go through on a daily basis on so many streets in the United States.

Beware scope of ‘revenge porn’ laws - 11/02/14
Bad behavior can inspire bad laws. The ugly practice of retaliating against an old girlfriend or ex-wife by posting nude or sexual images of her ­ known as “revenge porn” ­ has led to 13 states enacting laws, and the momentum is building. It’s an understandable response. These vicious postings victimize women by humiliating them online. There ought to be a law, the reasoning goes.

The Vicious Attacks on Children of Same-sex Couples - 11/01/14
As the child of a same-sex couple, she’s different. And being different has caused her to be targeted for destruction, threatened and abused, libeled and lied about. She writes under the pseudonym Rivka Edelman, and you will soon see why she’s afraid to use her real name. Oh, she is being targeted for speaking out against same-sex parenting.

Cyberstalker pleads guilty - 11/01/14
For the past 13 years, Robert James Campbell has been terrorizing 38 victims around the world in an online campaign of harassment and hatred, shredding their reputations in what police called a cowardly revenge plot. Campbell, 42, finally took responsibility on Friday and pleaded guilty to 65 charges of stalking, identity theft and defamatory libel. He will remain in custody, awaiting a sentencing date.

Albino buck controversy: Death threats to child, 11, rally Michigan hunters to boy's defense - 10/31/14
Michigan hunters are lining up behind an 11-year-old boy who shot and killed an albino whitetail buck - a kill that has attracted national attention - after he has been subjected to death threats and other insults.

Cyberbully admits to years of vile harassment - 10/31/14
He called them Nazis, child molesters, sex freaks and potheads. Strippers, racists, fatsos and and incest lovers. There seemed to be no insult too vile for Robert Campbell to hurl as he waged years-long campaigns of harassment against roughly 40 people while cowering behind the anonymity of the Internet.

Pennsylvania man indicted on invasion of privacy, computer charges - 10/31/14
A 37-year-old Pennsylvania man faces computer theft, harassment and invasion of privacy charges after allegedly emailing threatening messages to a woman with attached "intimate photos" of her.

UT-Dallas alum indicted in breast study scam - 10/31/14
A University of Texas at Dallas alum is accused of running a breast study scam and threatening to publish a former classmate’s topless pictures if she didn’t send him more explicit photographs. Nicholas Joseph Rotundo, 23, was charged with two counts of cyberstalking and one count of intrusion, according to an indictment filed Oct. 6 in the U.S. District Court’s eastern Texas division.

The Biggest Threat to Women on the Internet Isn't Creeps ­ It's Police Incompetence - 10/30/14
What could possibly make revenge porn worse than it already is? Try the lack of interest from the very authorities that exist to protect us from it. Following the celebrity nude leaks in August and Jennifer Lawrence's no-shame response, the public is finally starting to see revenge porn for the violation it is: A dangerous form of harassment and a sexual violation. Law enforcement agencies, on the other hand, are woefully unprepared to actually investigate this modern sex crime.

GamerGate anger at women all too real for gamemaker - 10/30/14
Brianna Wu, a software engineer so absorbed in her work that she considers eating a waste of time, did not want to be a cultural figure. “I got into video games,” she said recently, “to make video games.”

Is This the Troll-Proof Social Network of Women’s Dreams - 10/30/14
Sometimes the internet feels cleanly divided into two parts. There’s the anonymous internet, filled with infinitely replicating 15-year-old boys eager to test boundaries with violent rape jokes ­ think Gamergate, 4chan, Reddit. Then there’s the not-anonymous internet, which contains your mom, your boss, your ex-boyfriend, your next boyfriend ­ where you worry about your Google results, and self-censor accordingly.

In defense of publicly shaming online harassment - 10/30/14
I used to think that I would never advocate for public shaming in any context, but like it has before, my opinion has shifted to allow for a little more nuance. In your time on the Internet you may have stumbled across one of the many blogs dedicated to screenshots of creepy people on dating sites, with such names like Creepy White Guys, Straight White Boys Texting or Bye Felipe.

Bound Brook man charged with ‘sextortion’ - 10/30/14
A Hamilton Street man has been charged with “sextortion” and possession of child pornography after a 15-year-old Illinois girl told authorities that she was being extorted by someone on Internet to create and send of video of herself performing a sexual act.

Click it or ticket: Trooper demanded naked photos and sex from female motorists - 10/30/14
On October 29, 2014, Bryan D. Lee, 30, a former Trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, pleaded guilty to four counts of violating the civil rights of female motorists and one count of cyber stalking. Lee offered not to ticket the women for traffic violations, in exchange for sexual favors and naked photographs. The oversexed State Trooper drew attention to himself, when his superiors noticed him turning off his microphone and flirting with women he pulled over for suspected drunken driving. Lee was feeling invincible for a good reason. Years earlier, in 2009, he was caught turning off his microphone and failing to issue speeding tickets to fellow troopers. Lee joked with his buddies, after they sped by on their motorcycles at nearly 150 mph. His punishment was limited to a one-day unpaid suspension.

Rape threats target woman in viral anti-harassment video - 10/29/14
A viral video intended to raise awareness about the rampant catcalls and sexual harassment faced by women and sexual minorities in the public sphere resulted in harassment and threats across a different medium: the Internet. Earlier this week, the anti-street harassment advocacy group Hollaback posted a public service video online in which a young woman, wearing a plain T-shirt and jeans, received more than 100 shouts, comments about her body, invitations for dates or admonishments to “smile” while she walked around New York City for a day.

FBI arrests man for Gmail nude photo scam - 10/29/14
An “Internal Technology Resident” at Google was arrested for allegedly attempting to extort nude photos in a Gmail scam. As reported by WebProNews, the man, 23-year-old Nicholas Rotundo, was charged on three felony counts after trying to use nude photos obtained from a Texas college student to extort additional ones.

Change of venue granted for Peralta case - 10/29/14
A judge in St. Bernard granted a request Wednesday for a change of venue in the sexual battery case involving Parish President David Peralta. The location for the trial will be chosen later. Other motions for bond revocation, medical records and contempt of court were continued to be heard on Nov. 19.

From Ghomeshi to #GamerGate: Are the trolls winning? - 10/28/14
Buried within the Toronto Star’s report detailing allegations of sexual violence by celebrity Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi, there is a nugget explaining why none of the alleged victims have agreed to come forward to police, or to go on record with the media: they fear a backlash from Internet trolls.


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