True Crime Online Newsletter - October 27, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .'Zombie-proof' cabin being sold online
A British company is marketing the Zombie Fortification Cabin, dubbed the "world's first and only certified zombie-proof cabin." Tiger Log Cabins unveiled the Zombie Fortification Cabin, or ZFC-1, on its website for a starting price of $112,898. Delivery is free, but installation costs an additional $20,963. The cabin comes with a "10-year anti-zombie guarantee" and the website states customers must present "medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie" to collect on the guarantee. The basic cabin package includes barbed wire, reinforced windows, an escape hatch, a storage unit and an upper deck with a 360-degree vantage point for spotting the undead. Buyers can also obtain security cameras, riot protection gear and solar panels for extra fees. "Get yours, before they get you!" the website states.

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Being pimped out online by misogynist harassers will not stop me from speaking out - 10/27/14
Earlier this year, Germaine Greer argued that women now are worse off than ever, citing the proliferation of pornography and the level of harassment and abuse directed toward women on social media as evidence. I tend to agree. For a feminist campaigner like myself, threats of violence and rape have become part of the territory. I am used to being called a bitch, or a slut. I’ve been singled out by men’s rights activist group A Voice For Men after writing a piece on the media’s bias against women.

Police retrain to tackle rise in cyber stalking - 10/26/14
Police officers are being trained to deal with digital stalking and harassment, as the proliferation of apps and spyware makes the personal lives of smartphone and laptop users increasingly vulnerable. For a small fee, stalkers can download software which allows them to track their victim’s movements, read their emails and social media posts, or unlock webcams so they can spy on their personal lives.

Online Harassment Is A Complicated Problem - 10/26/14
Despite how common online harassment is, it is not always easy for law enforcement to effectively do their jobs, explains Elizabeth Dowell, Villanova University nursing professor, who studies online aggression. She reports that “our legal system hasn’t quite caught up with technology.” She also adds that adults are often hesitant to report such incidents because they view it is a “child or teenage problem.”

White buck brings out cyberbullies - 10/25/14
What would make a journalist think it’s OK to suggest that a child ­ or anyone ­ belongs in a death camp? Cyberbullying took a darker turn this past week as journalist Peter Gerstenzang turned both barrels on 11-year-old Gavin Dingman of Howell. In pursuit of free-range organic meat with his crossbow, Gavin happened upon a creature straddling the line between mythicism and reality ­ a rare white buck.

Google worker arrested for cyberstalking - 10/25/14
A Google employee from San Jose is facing federal charges in connection with the alleged cyberstalking of a former college classmate and a threat to reveal naked pictures of her if she didn’t send him more explicit photos and videos. According to documents posted Friday on The Smoking Gun website, Nicholas Rotundo, 23, was arrested Oct. 4 after an investigation by the FBI and the University of Texas at Dallas.

Young adult author shamed for stalking critic after bad review - 10/24/14
Book bloggers have harsh words for young adult author Kathleen Hale this week after Hale published an essay in the Guardian in which she admits to stalking a book blogger who gave her book, "No One Else Can Have You," a low rating. Twitter users have curated the hashtag #HaleNo for conversations against Hale's actions, which included paying for a background check of the blogger, Blythe Harris, and showing up at Harris' house to confront her (Hale left without speaking to Harris).

Marsico laments slow action on child cyber bullying law - 10/24/14
State Rep. Ron Marsico lashed out at state senators for attaching an amendment to a comprehensive child cyber harassment bill, a maneuver Marsico claims stalled final passage of the legislation.

Sexually explicit tweets targeted Elizabeth high school students, official says - 10/24/14
Police are involved in an investigation into sexually explicit and otherwise bullying Twitter posts targeting city high school students, a school official said last night. Donald Goncalves, assistant board secretary for Elizabeth Public Schools, said the district began hearing on Monday from principals and students about anonymous Twitter accounts featuring "some very lewd or improper-type postings" about city students.

Richard and Judy's horror at rape threats to daughter - 10/24/14
Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan have confirmed they have made a formal complaint to the police after online rape threats were made against their daughter Chloe. The family said they have handed over "a substantial amount of evidence" to the police. The 27-year-old was the target of trolls after she defended comments made by Finnigan during a debate around the future of rapist Ched Evans, in which her mother said his crime was "non violent" and did not cause "bodily harm".

Arrest over online harassment of police officer's daughter - 10/23/14
A 20-year-old man was arrested yesterday on a charge of criminal intimidation of a police officer's daughter amid what the force alleges is a spate of online harassment of officers and their families. The man, who was arrested in Wan Chai, was accused of sending a threatening message to the officer's daughter, police said, without describing the message.

Be careful online, privacy doesn't exist - 10/23/14
When you go to the store, they see what you look at. When you check your mail, they see who you are in contact with. Even when you are chatting with your significant other, they watch you make those lovey-dovey faces to one another.

Trolls Make Chrissy Teigen Quit Twitter - 10/23/14
Why Is This Important? Because Twitter trolls need to stop. Long Story Short: Twitter troll attacks have spurred Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen to quit Twitter after she expressed an opinion regarding the shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa yesterday.

A Bronx blog battle is brewing over domain names and online threats - 10/22/14
An online dispute rooted in the Bronx has turned into a battle of domains. Blogger Ed Garcia Conde claims he’s being extorted by a fellow borough blogger who registered a .nyc domain using his well-known “welcome2thebronx” handle.

Facebook Real-Name Policy Is Still Targeting the Wrong People in Its Reporting Equation - 10/22/14
Despite posting an apology and claiming that it will “work on internal procedures,” the ripples caused by Facebook’s real-name policy spread wider and wider. More groups are being affected, and the hubbub has chummed the waters, ending in more accounts suspended in what has become a cultural cyber-war. And real-name policy is targeting the WRONG people in this reporting equation. When Facebook started cracking down on its naming policy in September, the social network stated that a single user flagged hundreds of accounts, starting the avalanche. Those accounts primarily belonged to drag queens and members of the LGTBQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community. Facebook apologized, fixed it, and everyone moved on, right? Not quite.


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