True Crime Online Newsletter - April 7, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Busted for drinking and driving? There's an app for that

Although it would be preferable to never have to use it, motorists who get pulled over for drinking and driving can now rely on the "Oh Crap App" for help.

The app, which was created by an Iowa law firm, is designed to "educate the public regarding their legal rights when being investigated for a criminal offense."

The “DUI Defense App” also has “the emergency ‘Oh Crap’ button designed to be used in emergency situations where a person is being stopped or questioned by law enforcement.”

Pressing the button dispenses advice like "The less you say the better,” and also starts a voice recorder to tape any potentially incriminating conversations.

"One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that they know their rights," Bob Rehkemper, an attorney and co-creator of the smartphone app, told KCRG. "That initial interaction is documented and is recorded so it's not a matter of what somebody remembers, or he said, she said."

Any conversations the app captures are uploaded to a secure server for later access.

The app has been downloaded about 4,000 times already and is available for both Apple and Google smartphones.

"People end up in positions, and their rights become very important to them, to their family members, to their children. That's the purpose of this app, to understand what they do, and what they don't have to do," Rehkemper said.

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Ex-Yahoo Worker Says He Lost Job Because of Online Chats - 04/07/14
Ross Dmochowski lives online, where he engages in sometimes serious, sometimes juvenile, sometimes offensive political discussions about President Obama. But Dmochowski, a 42-year-old tech professional, was unprepared when his online chats resulted in a bomb threat under his name that brought FBI agents to his Livermore home - and contributed to his getting fired in September from his $120,000-a-year job at Yahoo.

TV actor Karan Kundra accused of cyber harassment by manager - 04/06/14
Television actor-host Karan Kundra, who hosted the youth based crime show Gumrah, has landed into trouble over harassment charges by his former manager. A complaint was filed against Karan and his two friends at the Malad police station on Friday by his ex- manager Sonia Singh. Sonia has accused him of harassment and defamation on social networking websites.

Ex-Tremonton officer charged in secret video recording of teen in her bedroom - 04/05/14
Former Tremonton police officer Jeremy Rose has been charged with 15 offenses in the collection of thousands of photos of a teenage girl in various stages of undress. Rose was arrested and booked into the Box Elder County Jail Thursday, said Utah Attorney General's Office spokeswoman Missy Larsen, and is scheduled for arraignment April 7 before 1st District Judge Ben Hadfield.

Revenge porn 'on the rise in the UK', campaigners warn - 04/05/14
Revenge porn, where a person uploads sexually explicit material of their ex-partner onto the internet without their permission, is on the rise in the UK according to charities and leading support groups. The UK Safer Internet Centre, The National Stalking Helpline and Women's Aid have all said the problem is escalating. Some victims have even reported having their personal details published linking them to explicit pictures online.

Court hammers operator of Internet intimidation sites - 04/05/14
A Valley man accused of running an Internet extortion racket was dealt a blow last month when a judge found he posted information on websites suggesting a decorated combat veteran with no criminal record was a child molester. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Katherine Cooper imposed several sanctions against Charles "Chuck" Rodrick, saying evidence showed he controlled websites where operators demanded money from sex offenders and harassed those who complained.

Rock Falls Teens Arrested For Cyberstalking - 04/03/14
Rock Falls police have arrested two teenagers for cyberstalking. The charges stem from a Facebook page created in mid-March. Police say the page contained rude and disrespectful comments.

Murdered Teen’s Mother Says Other Son Receiving Death Threats - 04/02/14
A Tunica mother who witnessed her son’s brutal murder is terrified her other son is next. Seventeen-year-old Donterrius Jackson was shot and killed last month, reportedly by his classmate. “He was looking forward to graduation,” said Cassandra Odie.

Indiegogo allows upskirt photo gadget to remain on site - 04/02/14
Upskirt and downblouse photos ­ taking photos of a woman's body up her skirt or down her shirt without her knowledge or consent ­ is illegal in Australia and New Zealand, can be prosecuted in the UK under the Sexual Offences Act, has just been made illegal in Massachusetts, US, and is in the process of becoming illegal in New Jersey.

Japanese mobsters launch their own website - 04/02/14
Japan's biggest organised crime syndicate has launched its own website, complete with a corporate song and a strong anti-drugs message, as the yakuza looks to turn around its outdated image and falling membership. The clunky-sounding Banish Drugs and Purify the Nation League website is an offering from the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan's largest yakuza grouping.

My online impostor: When that Facebook profile isn’t you - 04/01/14
Recently I received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn ­ from myself. Anna Katzen wants to connect with you, the message read, accompanied by a picture of me reading a copy of Russian Playboy when I was 17 years old. The photograph was taken in 2006, just months before I discovered that I was being impersonated and stalked online.

Art Dealer Pleads Guilty In Federal Cyberstalking Case - 04/01/14
The owner of a Temecula art gallery who stalked, harassed, and attempted to extort as much as $300,000 from art world professionals pleaded guilty today to two federal stalking charges. Jason White, 43, of Temecula, pleaded guilty today in the cyberstalking case before United States District Judge Stephen V. Wilson. As a result of today’s guilty pleas, White faces a maximum statutory sentence of 10 years in federal prison when he is sentenced on June 9.

Mexican teen stabbed best friend 65 times for posting naked selfies on Facebook - 04/01/14
A Mexican teenager has been accused of brutally killing her best friend after she posted naked selfies of the two girls posing together on Facebook. According to police, Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez, 16, allegedly stabbed 16-year-old Anel Baez 65 times during a fatal attack on March 19.

Father hangs himself and his four-year-old son after criminals infect his computer with malware that said he had to pay £13,000 or face jail - 04/01/14
A Romanian man killed himself and his young son after a computer virus led him to believe he was going to jail. Marcel Datcu took his own life and that of his four-year-old son Nicusor after his computer became infested with a ransomware demanding that he pay £13,000 or he would go to prison.

Microsoft scam man is sentenced in 'landmark' case - 03/31/14
A man who ran a Microsoft computer scam tricking people into paying for free anti-virus software has received a suspended four-month jail sentence. Mohammed Khalid Jamil, 34, from Luton, hired people at an Indian call centre to falsely tell victims their computers had a serious problem.


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