True Crime Online Newsletter - March 3, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Lost class ring returned 25 years later, a continent away

A Tennessee man whose class ring was lost 25 years ago in Italy said it turned up in the possession of a Virginia family and returned to him thanks to Facebook.

John Sims, a 1981 graduate of Miami Beach High School in Florida, said he believes he left the ring inside a U.S. Navy-owned baseball glove he used in Naples, Italy, before it was shipped for use in Virginia, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Friday.

The ring, which bore his name and his football number, 56, was found by a Virginia family and ended up in a drawer, where it was forgotten for about 20 years. The family rediscovered the ring earlier this week and took to Facebook, where they were able to contact Margie Schulman Alter of Boca Raton, Fla., a 1966 graduate of Miami Beach High School who is active in the alumni community.

Alter was able to spread word of the ring among alumni online until Sims saw a picture of his lost ring on Facebook.

Sims said Alter gave him the contact information for the family and his ring arrived in the mail Thursday.

Sims said he doesn't plan to let the ring leave his finger anytime soon.

"It just became my other wedding ring," he said.

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Daughter's 'Suck It' Facebook post costs Florida man $80K - 03/03/14
If you don’t have anything nice to say, it might be wise not to say anything at all -- even on Facebook. After her father reached an agreement where he would receive an $80,000 settlement and $10,000 in back pay from Guillver Preparatory School, a Miami girl wrote on Facebook that the school could “SUCK IT.”

More residents come forward in Microsoft technical support scam - 03/01/14
Callers claiming to be from Microsoft technical support have not done a very good job recently of convincing their so-called customers that there is a problem with their computers. That’s because several Maryville residents who have received these calls have caught on and have avoided being victims of an apparent scam.

Hi-tech Peeping Tom 'planted spy software on women's laptops to film them in their bedrooms through webcams while they got changed' - 03/01/14
A modern-day 'Peeping Tom' installed software on women's laptops in order to film them getting changed in their bedrooms, a court has heard. Andrew Meldrum pretended to be helping the women to set up their computers, but in fact he was planning to spy on them, according to prosecutors.

Mugshot meme mother-of-four sues over incessant use of her attractive booking photo across the internet - 02/28/14
A woman who found fame as the 'Attractive Convict' after her DUI mugshot circulated around the world is suing a firm for using her image. Meagan Simmons, 28, became the subject of hundreds of internet memes after a police mugshot showing her in an orange jumpsuit with tousled hair earned her the flattering nickname. Countless websites posted memes featuring the police shot, taken in Florida in July 2010, with captions such as 'GUILTY - of taking my breath away', 'Arrested for breaking and entering - YOUR HEART' and 'Tell me what she did so I can end up in the same jail'.

Catfish, Nigerian princes and astroturf? Top 10 list of 2014's worst scams - 02/28/14
The digital age may have brought in newfangled scams like "astroturfing" and "catfishing," but fraudsters using classic schemes such as the phony sweepstakes prize are still preying on British Columbians. The Better Business Bureau of B.C. released its list of the top 10 scams for 2014 on Friday, warning that scammers are more active than ever on social media and mobile phones.

Internet scammers duped hundreds of fans into buying £28,000 of fake Beyoncé tickets - 02/28/14
Hundreds of Beyoncé fans were left disappointed after discovered they had been sold fake tickets to the star's concerts as part of a scam worth at least £28,000. The online fraud saw music lovers turned away from Beyoncé's shows in Manchester this week after they were told that the tickets they had bought online were in fact forgeries.

Pennsylvania couple defend mall wedding - 02/28/14
A Pennsylvania woman who recently got married at a mall said she is happy with her wedding venue, which some people have made fun of online. Thomas and Lasheba Cunningham of Harrisburg got married at the Harrisburg East Mall on Saturday after their original venue fell through two weeks prior, WHTM-TV, Harrisburg, Pa., reported.

Scams Await Users of Online Auction Sites - 02/28/14
Thinking about selling something on an online auction site? You need to beware of scam artists who have only one goal in mind. Computers, sports memorabilia, designer clothing and cars – these are just a few of the items offered for sale everyday on online auction sites. As the popularity of these sites has grown… even rare antiquities such as coins and bank notes are available. The common thread? All of these items -- at one time or another --are being used to lure unsuspecting victims into a scam.

Online dating service brings new scam - 02/27/14
He was clearly too good to be true ­ a sure sign of a scam. In December, a Byron woman received four dozen roses from a man she met on an online dating service, who then asked her to transfer $12,000 into an off-shore bank account for him. The 56-year-old woman immediately stopped communicating with him, and reported the incident to the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office.

FTC files lawsuit against Utah companies, alleging online business scam - 02/27/14
A federal lawsuit filed against several Utahns and Utah-based companies alleges that they took part in a scam that advertised the tools to successful online businesses but failed to deliver, leaving their customers as victims in debt.

Predator used online dating to scam women - 02/27/14
Police are appealing to the public for help in the hunt for a scammer who allegedly used online dating to prey on and rob at least three women. Shane William Grogan, 46, is being sought over a string of dishonesty offences committed all over the country last year. The Christchurch man, who police have described as a "predator", is also known as Shane Calder. Grogan allegedly befriended his victims through online dating sites before travelling to their homes and making off with their belongings.

Toronto woman live-tweets experience of being trapped in downtown department store - 02/27/14
A Toronto woman who found herself trapped in The Bay on Wednesday night turned to social media in an attempt to free herself. Emily Keeler live-tweeted as she tried to find her way out of the department store -- which she eventually did.

How to tell a troll from a stalker - 02/27/14
The death of Charlotte Dawson and the possible role that online abuse played in her struggles with depression shows how damaging this behaviour can be. The former model had told of her battles with depression and the abuse and harassment she suffered from users of social media website Twitter.

When Facebook Stalking Becomes a Crime - 02/27/14
It's the whole point of Twitter, being followed. But, what happens when social media sites like Twitter or Facebook give people the opportunity to really do just that. "It's another venue in which you can stalk a person. You can do that kind of cyber stalking where it's unwelcomed, it's uninvited," said Rebecca Allerton, Executive Director of Rise.

Fed Up With Harassment, Author Reveals Her Cyberstalker - 02/25/14
Each week, Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin brings listeners an unexpected side of the news by talking with someone personally affected by the stories making headlines. Melissa Anelli is the author of Harry, A History, a best-selling book about Harry Potter from J.K. Rowling's famous series. And for more than five years, she has also been the victim of a cyberstalker.


Anonymous said…
The recent story about Andrew Meldrum is really nasty and he should have gone to prison, not receive a suspended sentence. However it does not compare to what my cyber stalkers have done to me here

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