True Crime Online Newsletter - September 30, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Blogger uses genitals to unlock iPhone 5S

An Oregon tech blogger said he was able to use the iPhone 5S Touch ID system to unlock his phone using a "private part."

A Digital Trends blogger reported he was able to use his genitals in place of a fingerprint for the Touch ID system, which can be used on the iPhone 5S to unlock the phone and authorize purchases through iTunes.

"And not only did I successfully register this private part with relative ease, I was also able to use it to unlock the device. I think you can understand why there isn't a video of this one," the blogger wrote.

The blogger said he was inspired by other bloggers' failed attempts to register body parts including elbows and nipples for the Touch ID.

Another blog, TechCrunch, recently released a video showing how a cat's paw was successfully used for the Touch ID.

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‘I will take great delight in killing you’ - tenant’s threat to ‘crappy’ Sunderland solicitor - 09/30/13
A WOMAN sent a death threat to a housing firm’s solicitor during a long-running row. Nichola Ratcliffe told lawyer Alison Dixon: ‘I will take great delight in killing you’, in a foul-mouthed e-mail in which she branded Gentoo employees “bully boys”.

Using the Web as a bully platform not just a teen phenomenon - 09/29/13
It’s been 11 years since author and poet Flora Cousins self-published her children’s book, “Don’t be a Bully! Be a Buddy!” About 15,000 copies of the 32-page illustrated book have been sold. Since that time, the book’s timeless message has not changed, but how bullies prey on their victims has changed drastically.

Sex beasts are stalking our kids on the Internet - 09/29/13
Perverts are prompting children to perform sex acts live on webcam – and then blackmailing them to do more with threats that their naked pictures will be revealed to family or friends. Child abusers, known as paedophiles, are targeting youngsters in South Holland and across the UK and turning them into “slaves”.

eBay buyer off the hook for $10,000 iPhone offer - 09/28/13
A California man selling a gold iPhone 5 on eBay said he gave the guy who bid $10,100 a break by canceling the transaction. The anonymous seller told the Los Angeles Times the buyer had committed a potentially costly error by typing in an extra zero in his bid.

Miss Teen USA warns others about cyberstalking after 'sextortion' episode - 09/27/13
When Cassidy Wolf was crowned Miss Teen USA, she probably didn’t imagine she’d be on the Today show to discuss cyberstalking, nor that her official website would be filled not just with smiling photos of herself but a link to an FBI press release on the criminal charges filed against her alleged perpetrator.

12 true tales of creepy NSA cyberstalking - 09/27/13
The NSA has released some details of 12 incidents in which analysts used their access to America's high-tech surveillance infrastructure to spy on girlfriends, boyfriends, and random people they met in social settings. It's a fascinating look at what happens when the impulse that drives average netizens to look up long-ago ex-lovers on Facebook is mated with the power to fire up a wiretap with a few keystrokes.

This Is How the Cookie Crumbles - 09/26/13
n Tuesday’s column about Google’s foray into alt-cookies, we touched on the idea that a seemingly simple goal­to prohibit any tech or advertising company from tracking your activities across websites that they don’t own­is incredibly difficult to achieve. Below I’ll lay out a few simple ways to ameliorate, though probably not prevent, the wide-scale tracking of our Internet activity by corporations. We’d call it cyberstalking if it were a human being doing it.

Marine Corps whistleblower relieved following allegations of email harassment - 09/26/13
The Marine Corps has removed from his job a staff judge advocate who publicly accused Commandant Gen. Jim Amos of unlawful command influence in the high-profile cases against eight Marines prosecuted in connection with a war-zone video of scout snipers urinating on enemy corpses. Maj. James Weirick was also placed under a Marine Corps Protective Order and asked to turn in his personal weapons and submit to a voluntary psychiatric evaluation.

Jacqueline Laurita Claims Internet Critics Are Harassing Her - 09/26/13
Jacqueline Laurita has had it with people bashing her on the Internet. The Real Housewives of New Jersey mama took to Twitter to send out an angry message to her haters yesterday, and then she elaborated on her BravoTV blog, devoting two whole pages to confronting her "enemies."

Hackers steal law student's Facebook profile and use hundreds of pictures in 'e-whoring' scam by claiming she is an escort - 09/25/13
A law student was targeted by hackers who stole her Facebook account and used it to advertise her services as an escort. Jazmine Jones claims police have refused to take action over the 'e-whoring' scam - and says that the fraudsters have been threatening to steal her identity to set up fake bank accounts. The scammers have also managed to cheat other web users by posing as the 23-year-old student and asking for money because she was in trouble.


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