True Crime Online Newsletter - September 23, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Palestinian strings up mouse who ate his cash

A Palestinian man tied a mouse up by its four limbs and posted a photograph of it on Facebook after the rodent ate some of his cash, Gulf News reported.

The Gaza man, whose name wasn't reported, said he had hidden his weekly salary in his closet but found that a mouse had eaten three of the banknotes worth a total of $170.

He then caught the mouse, strung it by each of its four limbs and posted a photograph of the rodent, Gulf News said.

The post received several comments from other Internet users, including one who joked that the matter should be brought before the U.N. General Assembly and the Security Council, which should act to release the mouse.

Another commenter said the man's actions were unacceptable.

The incident came as extreme economic concerns plague the West Bank and Gaza, Gulf News reported. The Palestinian National Authority has delayed cashing in public worker salaries for months due to a shortage brought about by Israeli withholding of Palestinian funds.

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Miss Teen USA warns of cyber-stalking - 09/21/13
It’s been about four months since Temecula’s Great Oak High School graduate and newly crowned Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf found out she was the victim of cyber-stalking and sextortion. Since discovering the suspect allegedly hacked into her computer and stalked her for several months, Wolf decided to take her story to the masses.

Vigilante who hunts 'child sex predators': Leader of group that closed down following suicide of man it targeted pleaded for anonymity when confronted by the Mail - 09/20/13
This is the Leicestershire man behind a disturbing phenomenon of vigilantes who set out to hunt down and trap suspected child sex offenders, and expose them on the internet. He is the self-appointed leader of Letzgo Hunting, a gang that closed down this week just nine months after he set it up, following the suicide of a man it accused of grooming a pre-pubescent girl for sex over the internet.

'Anti-McCann' websites plotted to kidnap one of Madeleine's siblings 'to find out what they knew about her disappearance', court hears - 09/20/13
Internet trolls fuelled by an ex police chief's claims about the McCanns incited conspiracy-theorists to plot to kidnap the couple's twins Sean and Amelie, a court heard today. Goncalo Amaral's claims they faked daughter Madeleine's abduction to cover up her death in their Algarve holiday apartment was to blame for the threats, close family friend Michael Wright said. Gerry and Kate McCann, 45, from Rothley, Leics, are suing the former Portuguese detective over his bombshell July 2008 book 'The Truth of the Lie.'

Revealed: How foreign paedophiles are stalking British children online and 'sexually blackmailing' them to take sordid images of themselves - 09/19/13
Children as young as eight are being targeted online by foreign paedophile gangs who believe that Britain’s ‘liberal’ values make them easy prey. Britain has become the top target for cyber sexual predators, a report reveals today. The criminals trick victims into thinking they are talking to a boy or girl the same age.

Twitter trolls spark rise in internet crime for police - 09/19/13
The country’s largest force is now handling an extra 1,500 crimes a year linked to harassment or bullying over the internet. And Metropolitan Police deputy commissioner Craig Mackey warned the figures are likely to increase further as more and more victims start to come forward.

Kittery man pleads guilty to 'sextortion' - 09/18/13
A Kittery man could face up to five years in prison after pleading guilty Wednesday to engaging in a type of cyberstalking known as "sextortion." The U.S. Justice Department and U.S. Attorney John P. Kacavas of New Hampshire said in a press release that John Bryan Villegas, 23, of Kittery pleaded guilty in federal court to interstate stalking.

Conman 'addicted' to swindling vulnerable women on dating websites stole £7,800 by targeting victims across Britain - 09/17/13
A conman who swindled thousands of pounds from vulnerable women he picked up on online dating sites was on bail for a similar crime when he committed the frauds. David Brice, 48, targeted women across Britain and charmed them into handing over more than £7,800 in cash and possessions by gaining their trust.


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