True Crime Online Newsletter - September 16, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried . . . Greek civil servants lose paid leave for computer use

Greek officials announced civil servants will no longer receive an extra six days of paid leave each year for using computers.

Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said Thursday that getting rid of the spare paid leave days would be the equivalent of hiring 5,000 more public sector workers, Ekathimerini reported Friday.

Mitsotakis told Skai TV he is confident the government will reach its goals for public sector employment to qualify for a bailout payment in October.

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Facebook Cyber Bullies - 09/16/13
A few weeks (months?) ago I wrote an article about the dubious reality of reality television. Since then Masterchef SA has drawn to a close and the live shows of Idols SA S9 are underway at the State Theatre in Pretoria. The winner of Masterchef SA S2, Kamini Pather, sparked outrage from some people. To be more precise, some people who would have preferred another contestant to win.

Calif. school dist. tracks students online to curb cyberbullying - 09/16/13
A Southern California school district is trying to stop cyberbullying by watching what students post on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday the Glendale Unified School District hired the company Geo Listening last year to track postings by about 14,000 middle and high school students.

Turkish gunman killed British lover because 'she was cheating on Facebook with man from Saudi Arabia' - 09/16/13
The Turkish gunman who shot his British lover caught her chatting to a man on Facebook and suspected she was cheating on him. Veli Acar, 46, told police he killed Anne Bury, 56, after he found her talking online to a man from Saudi Arabia. When Acar, who had been in a relationship with the qualified midwife for six years, questioned her, she told him to ‘mind your business’.

Rebecca Ann Sedwick suicide highlights range of apps available to cyberbullies - 09/16/13
The clues were buried in her bedroom. Before leaving for school on Monday morning, Rebecca Ann Sedwick had hidden her school books under a pile of clothes and left her mobile phone behind, a rare lapse for a 12-year-old girl. Inside her phone's virtual world, she had changed her user name on Kik Messenger, a mobile phone application, to "That Dead Girl" and delivered a message to two friends, saying goodbye forever.

Facebook stalking: A whole new kind of online dating - 09/16/13
Ever go out and meet a guy you think could be "the one"? You might flirt with him, or maybe he bought you a drink. Bummer for you, numbers weren't exchanged; last names weren't given. All you know is his year, his major and his gorgeous spattering of face freckles.

Monitoring the Cyberbullies While Protecting Free Speech - 09/15/13
In one Los Angeles school district, officials have hired a company to spy on their students social media pages. The decision to hire the company was made after two students committed suicide last year as a result of cyberbullying. “Cyberbullying” is a new term recently created which means to bring a person to a state of misery via the internet. The concept did not exist, obviously, prior to the existence of the internet and social media.

Social media website has become a popular place for cyber-bullying among local teens - 09/15/13
School may be out for the weekend but that doesn't stop some classroom bullies. "It was actually a friend of mines daughter and it was brought to my attention that she was getting bullied a little on," said Delora Roberts, cheer leading coach and parent. "ASK.FM" is a social website centered around asking questions, but some say it's being used to spread hate.

Cyberbullying investigated in death of Florida girl - 09/14/13
Authorities in Florida said on Friday they were investigating former schoolmates of a 12-year-old girl who killed herself in central Florida after she was bullied online for months. It was not yet clear whether any criminal charges would be filed stemming from the suicide on Monday of Rebecca Ann Sedwick, who leaped to her death from the tower of an abandoned cement business site near her home in Lakeland.

Carly Rae Jepsen's Abbotsford cyberstalker gets four-months house arrest - 09/13/13
The Abbotsford used car salesman that hacked into pop star Carly Rae Jepsen's Internet accounts was handed a four-month conditional sentence on Friday afternoon. Christopher Long, 25, pleaded guilty to mischief to data and possession of stolen property in May after taking control of Jepsen's email and social media accounts and stealing sensitive personal information in March 2012. Long can't leave his house except to attend work or school and is subject to electronic monitoring.

Harrowing video showing young girl in noose launched by cyberbully charity - 09/13/13
A harrowing video (warning: contains upsetting scenes) depicting a noose slowly descending over the head of a young victim of cyberbullying has been launched by a charity as part of a campaign urging victims not to retaliate. The film for the Cybersmile Foundation, which describes itself as the only dedicated cyberbullying charity, is designed to raise awareness of the growing threat of online bullying.

How stalking has been made easier by the internet, mobiles and social networks - 09/13/13
Most victims don’t immediately think “I have a stalker”. It starts off much more subtly. The victim may just think this person is acting a bit odd, then they find them annoying, being a nuisance; they don’t take hints or respond to a direct request for them to leave the victim alone.

The "cult" of trolls and how to deal with them - 09/12/13
Greg Sandoval at The Verge writes about the Internet's indifferent amplification of rape threats and other unacceptable behavior from men. The conundrum is exemplified by Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer, whose stalking and defamation of one woman went unpunished, but who was eventually jailed for specious reasons that made him a cause celebré for internet freedom.

Parents Should Look Beyond Facebook to Monitor Social Media - 09/12/13
As awareness of bullying and cyberbullying increases, experts caution parents to look beyond well known apps and channels of social media when overseeing their children's online communications. Rebecca Hartmann is a parent of two, and a teacher at Nativity of Mary School in Bloomington. She says if you think you're children have limited access to the Internet and cyberbullying, it's likely you're wrong, "If your kid has a smartphone, if your family has an iPad, your child is probably being exposed to it."

Keeley Houghton: "I was jailed for cyber bullying" - 09/12/13
Keeley Houghton, 18, was sent to a young offenders' institute for three months in 2009 after writing on a social networking site that she was going to "murder" a fellow teenage girl. The incident happened after an ongoing feud with Keeley's victim. Keeley said she she attempted to apologise to the girl on the night before she posted the message, but says her victim wouldn't listen. "It was understandable, but I was so angry, even through to the next day," Keeley recalled on This Morning today (12 September).

Cyber bullying affects more teens than you may think - 09/11/13
You may notice your teenager absorbed in texting, tweeting and posting pictures on Facebook on a daily basis, but not all of it may involve sending the nicest message to peers. Cyber bullying has become a serious issue. Statistics show that over half of teens have been bullied online, and about the same amount are doing the bullying. One local psychiatrist says the trend is more dangerous than you might think.


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