True Crime Online Newsletter - June 24, 2013

I couldn't make this if I tried. . .English official says he has a child by an alien

A member of a town council in northern England says he has fathered a child with an alien who visits him four times a year.

Simon Parkes, a member of the Labor Party who sits on the council in Whitby on the Yorkshire coast, said many people think he is crazy, The Northern Echo reported. But he says his beliefs do not affect his work for his constituents.

Parkes is featured on "Confessions of an Alien Abductee," a documentary by Channel 4. He said his child is named Zarka and he calls the mother the Cat Queen.

"What will happen is that we will hold hands and I will say 'I'm ready' and then the technology I don't understand will take us up to a craft orbiting the earth," he said. "My wife found out about it and was very unhappy, clearly. That caused a few problems, but it is not on a human level, so I don't see it as wrong."

Parkes, 53, is also a driving instructor. He and his wife have three children.

He says his mother was an alien as well and his earliest memory is of an alien picking him up.

"There are plenty of people in my position who don't chose to come out and say it because they are terrified it will destroy their careers," he said.

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Woman sues school for $2m after it used bikini-clad picture of her from her private Facebook page to illustrate the dangers of social media - 06/24/13
A college freshman is suing a Georgia school district after a photo of her in a bikini was used in a seminar on the dangers of social media, without her permission. Chelsea Chaney says the photo had been taken from her private Facebook page and used for a seminar called Once It's There, It's There to Stay', without her being informed. 'I was embarrassed. I was horrified. It never crossed my mind that this would ever, ever happen to me,' she said.

Why social networks draw scams (and how to avoid them) - 06/24/13
The popularity and influence of social media continues to increase at lightning speed, and recent events bear evidence to the impact-both positive and negative-this medium presents. As the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombingunfolded, millions of people turned to social media for information, and government officials and law enforcement used it to keep the public informed and solicit their help.

Cyberbullying raises concerns - 06/24/13
WESTERN Sydney mum Jean [not her real name], recently discovered her 12-year-old daughter's identity had been stolen and used to create an online account. That account, on a smartphone messaging application, was then used to bully another student. "From the time my daughter got her iPhone we did everything we thought we could and it still wasn't enough," she said.

Firms must show they have strategy against cyberbullies - 06/24/13
Before the dawn of Web 2.0, Norman Cook’s top three hit encouraged us to Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out. Fast forward to 2013 and the latter is no longer an option. In the era of social media, online actions and comments are plain for all to see, cannot be turned off, and in the case of social media, misuse or cyberbullying, can have serious risks for employers.

Men cited for stealing bear statue after posting photos on Facebook - 06/23/13
Police in Milwaukie, Ore., said they cited two men for allegedly stealing a wooden bear from a bar after they posted photos of it on Facebook. Police cited Cory Daniel Harris, 26, and Trevor Modar, 25, for misdemeanor second-degree theft for allegedly stealing the statue from the Wichita Pub Friday, The (Portland) Oregonian reported Saturday.

North Van teen became suicidal after 'brutal,' anonymous cyberbullying on social media site, mom says - 06/22/13
When a North Vancouver mom saw her teenage daughter’s Facebook profile, she could hardly believe the vicious comments written about her child. “You dress like a slut” and “Can I f--- you before you die?” were just a couple of the dozens of disturbing messages posted on the 15-year-old’s Facebook profile. Cyberbullies have tormented the teenager over the past six months through, a new social media site that allows people to post comments anonymously.

Internet stalker jailed - 06/21/13
A stalker has been jailed after creating fake personas to trick a woman into bed. Jamie Hewett, (27), created an elaborate network of fictitious characters then used them to befriend the woman after she rejected him last year. Shortly after she had turned him down the victim was contacted by ‘Dave May’ and his friends ‘Gary Wright’ and ‘Timmy’ via social media – all of whom were actually Hewett. Over time a virtual friendship was developed between the victim and the three ‘men’.

How to Find Out Who Is Harassing Me on Facebook - 06/21/13
If you are Internet-savvy socialite, cyber bullying and social media stalking form part of the digital landscape. In a world where harassers create a new identities in a matter of key strokes, puzzling out the abuser proves a frustrating challenge. More often than not, a cyberstalker is a spurned partner or friend. Finding him -- or her -- may not be easy, but a little detective work or help from an outside agency yields results.

Schools, Parents Need to Address Online Teen Dating Abuse - 06/21/13
A recent study of violence amongst teens who date shows a growing tend of abuse done online and through social media. There have been a lot of reports in the media recently about teens and children being bullied at school and through social media. Dating violence among teens has been studied for years, but the relationship to online harassment is a new issue.

Man who took on email spam pests... and won £750 compensation for his wasted time - 06/21/13
A firm that bombarded a man with spam emails has been forced to pay him compensation after he took it to court for wasting his time. Steve Higgins, 38, sued a cookware company in a victory that could open the floodgates to claims from others plagued by unwelcome emails. Mr Higgins said he was barraged with up to 60 emails a day from companies. The father of three tried removing his name from the firms’ contact lists by following instructions usually found at the bottom of the messages, a process known as unsubscribing, but this often had no effect.

Bakery provides 'cat' where 'cap' should have been on graduation cake - 06/19/13
The latest appearance of cats on the Internet is a cat, instead of a cap, on a graduation cake picture of a recent college graduate in Zionsville, Ind.Carol Gambrel ordered a cake to celebrate her daughter Laura's graduation from Indiana University, specifying "Congratulations Laura!" to be written in icing and an icing-drawn "cap" on the head of the photograph of Laura she supplied.

Terror of Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan as three armed raiders break into her house and steal jewellery and mobile phone after she tweeted she was home alone - 06/19/13
She was condemned for tweeting a picture of herself wearing lingerie and wielding a gun just days after a shooting massacre at a US school. Now it appears that Helen Flanagan may have again come unstuck on Twitter after letting slip that she was at home without her footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair. Hours later, three men wielding a screwdriver and a saw burst into the house, confronting Flanagan and a female friend before fleeing with jewellery and a mobile phone.


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