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Monday, June 25, 2012

WHO@ Newsletter - June 25, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Zoo apes get stimulation from iPad apps

Officials at the Houston Zoo said the "Apps for Apes" program, which provides apes with iPad apps designed for children, helps mentally stimulate the primates.

Zookeepers said the facility is the first in Texas to participate in the "Apps for Apes" program, which was developed by New York primate advocacy group Orangutan Outreach and pioneered at zoos in Wisconsin and Toronto. The program helps to stimulate the primates mentally in the absence of wild conditions, the Houston Chronicle reported Thursday.

"Chimps and orangutans and other apes are very intelligent," chimp keeper Helen Boostrom said. "In the wild, the problems they must solve are finding food and shelter. They don't have to do that at the zoo. This is enrichment. It helps them use their minds."

Zoo spokesman Brian Hill said zookeepers have noticed similar reactions in apes and human children when they solve the puzzles on the iPad apps.

"You see the same reaction on their faces when they solve a problem and get something right," he said.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Biloxi Man Arrested for Cyber-Stalking - 06/25/12
Officials say a 20-year-old Biloxi man has been arrested on charges of cyber-stalking after he threatened on Facebook to kill a family.

Twitter stalking: when nasty tweets become a crime - 06/25/12
The internet has made it easier to find old friends and also has given millions of people a platform to express themselves. But social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook also are causing scarey problems for some people who have been harassed and cyberstalked.

Facebook's Find Friends Nearby: for meeting people or stalking? - 06/24/12
According to a report from TechCrunch, Facebook released the newest addition to its mobile arsenal, and it’s called FriendShake, or Find Friends Nearby. Originally, the app was accessible using a desktop computer and the mobile web only.

Richard O'Dwyer and the new internet war - 06/24/12
I think that copyright matters, and is important. Creators ought to be legally able to give their work away freely, as so many do for the betterment of humankind, and to set certain conditions on how their work is used. And I think creators ought to be able to release their work under traditional copyright and have legal recourse against those who are illegally profiting from it.

Teachers face new forms of bullying in online era - 06/23/12
The bullying that bus monitor Karen Klein endured on a ride home from an upstate New York school was painful and egregious, but also shows how student harassment of teachers and administrators has become more spiteful and damaging in the online era.

Man gets 12 years for online ‘South Park’ threat - 06/22/12
A Muslim convert from Brooklyn was sentenced Friday to nearly 12 years in prison for posting online threats against the creators of the "South Park" television show and others he deemed enemies of Islam. The sentence ­ largely in line with the term sought by prosecutors ­ came after Jesse Curtis Morton, 33, offered an apology for his conduct, saying he "contributed to a clash of civilizations" by espousing a violent ideology.

Cyber-stalking charges for teen - 06/21/12
Samantha Galvin, 19, was arrested June 14 on three warrants which were aggravated battery, aggravated assault and cyberstalking.

Man charged with making Web threats against University of Pittsburgh - 06/21/12
Federal authorities arrested an Ohio computer specialist on June 20 for making threats against the University of Pittsburgh via YouTube last spring at the same time the school was dealing with a series of intensifying bomb threats.

Radio station owner ordered to stop stalking lawmaker - 06/21/12
An Oregon judge has ordered a Newport radio station owner to stay away from U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader and stop hounding him with emails and calls. In court documents, Schrader alleged that 68-year-old Cheryl McAnally Harle is “completely obsessed” with the idea that they have a romantic relationship. Schrader and Harle have had no social or professional contact other than his few appearances on her talk show, Chief of Staff Paul Gage told The Oregonian.

Comedian who uploaded traffic warden picture and insulting comments to Facebook gets official caution from police - 06/21/12
A comedian was given a police caution after uploading a picture online of a traffic warden and encouraging people to 'ride her like a horse'. John O'Sullivan, 37, took a picture of the warden from the back while she was working in Horsham, West Sussex. He uploaded the picture to a Horsham forum on social networking site Facebook with the caption, ‘I will give £36 to anyone who jumps on her back spanks her and rides her like a horse'.

Michigan Stalker of Santee Woman Fit to Stand Trial - 06/21/12
New details have come to light regarding the case of a Michigan man who traveled to San Diego last year to stalk and potentially murder a Santee woman and her boyfriend, courtesy The Smoking Gun. Twenty-eight year old Brian Hile, who had been living in his grandmother’s mobile home in Fremont, Michigan, apparently began an online relationship with a South African woman he met while playing an online video game. Although the two never met or even spoke on the phone, they conversed extensively online and began exchanging nude photos.

Man charged with cyberstalking Oswego resident - 06/20/12
A North Carolina man has been charged with cyberstalking after a four-month investigation by Oswego police.

Fresh charges against woman for email threat - 06/20/12
The cyber crime wing of the city police has slapped fresh charges against N Vasantha, 38, who was arrested in May this year for sending hoax email threatening to kill Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa and plant bombs at three different locations in the state.

Monday, June 18, 2012

WHO@ Newsletter - June 18, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried: Public safety alert packed in 17 syllables

The Arizona Transportation Department is looking for a few good poets to alert the public about the dangers of driving in dust storms.

The department challenged its 14,000 Twitter followers to write a haiku about driving safe during the storms, sometimes called haboobs, The Arizona Republic in Phoenix reported.

The challenge to make public safety poetic has drawn three-line, 17-syllable haikus from hundreds of followers, the newspaper said Thursday.

One entry: "Dust storms are deadly / Pull over, turn off lights, wait / As earth becomes sky."

The challenge is part of the department's "Pull Aside Stay Alive" campaign on safe driving during monsoon season, which officially began Thursday.

"We've never done anything like this before, so we weren't sure what to expect, and this is something different from the government," Timothy Tait, the department's assistant communication director, told the Republic. "It's taking a humorous, lighthearted approach for a serious topic."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Model ‘killed by cyber-stalker’ in Sheffield - 06/18/12
A PART-TIME glamour model was strangled to death by an ‘infatuated’ cyber-stalker whose marriage proposal she rejected, a court heard. Martin Vernarsky lavished his life savings on 34-year-old Ildiko Dohany including £5,000 towards an Audi and cash for a deposit on a house.

Google agrees to take down 640 YouTube 'terrorism' videos after request from UK police chiefs - 06/18/12
Google removed 640 videos from YouTube in just six months amid fears they promoted terrorism. Five user accounts were closed for allegedly promoting terrorist activity, following requests from the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo). In the second half of last year alone, the internet giant agreed to requests that saw the 640 videos deleted.

Who owns your Facebook page? New blow to social network site as it pays out $10MILLION to just five users for putting adverts in their Timelines - 06/18/12
Facebook has agreed to dish out a whopping $10million to charity to settle a lawsuit that accused the site of violating users' rights to control the use of their own names, photos and likenesses, according to court documents made public this weekend.

Texas Man Charged with Felony for Online Sex Stalking Downers Grove Teen - 06/17/12
A Texas man has been charged with a felony by DuPage County for having sexually explicit online conversations with a 13-year-old Downers Grove girl. According to the Chicago Tribune, 45-year-old Rudolph Figueroa of Corpus Christi, Texas, has been extradited to Illinois and is expected to appear Sunday in bond court. Figueroa has been charged with a Class 4 Felony for "Grooming" and more charges could be coming.

Wealthy internet boss harassed by internet troll in terrifying three-year campaign wins order to stop harassment (after spending £150,000 in legal fees) - 06/16/12
A wealthy internet entrepreneur who suffered a terrifying three-year cyber-stalking attack – forcing him to flee his home for three months – has finally won a High Court order to stop the harassment after police refused to intervene.

Investigating Stalking - 06/16/12
It is estimated that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men in the UK will experience stalking at some point in their lives, with the duration of stalking ranging anything from a few weeks to several decades. Whilst figures show that there were over one hundred thousand cases of stalking in the past year alone, it is thought that the crime is heavily underreported; the average victim experiences 100 incidents before contacting the police.

Computer hacker, 21, jailed for masterminding £27 MILLION fraud in his bedroom taking credit card details from unsuspecting internet users - 06/14/12
A 21-year-old computer hacker has been jailed for three years for masterminding a scam which enabled £27million of fraud to be committed. Jay Moore set up fake shopping website Freshshop to ‘farm’ credit card data from unsuspecting users, which he then sold to international criminal gangs.

'Lucky' punter who scooped £650,000 betting online sues British-based gaming site which refused to pay out because of bug in its software - 06/14/12
A gambler dubbed 'The Man Who Couldn't Lose' after winning £650,000 in just three hours of online gaming is facing a High Court bid to strip him of his jackpot.

'The fattest person I have seen in my life': Workmen fired for posting photograph of tenant's huge jeans on Facebook - 06/14/12
Three builders who posted a photograph of a householder’s large shorts on Facebook have been sacked. Under the picture of one of the men holding up the denim shorts was the comment ‘the fattest person I have seen in my life’. The posting has been removed from the social networking site.

Indonesian man jailed for two-and-a-half years for writing ‘God doesn’t exist’ on his Facebook page - 06/14/12
An Indonesian man was jailed for 30 months after writing "God doesn't exist" on his Facebook page. Alexander Aan, 30, was imprisoned on Thursday for sharing explicit material about the Prophet Mohammed online.

Is Facebook aiding lawless Britain? - 06/14/12
Nicola Brookes wasn’t even a big Facebook user – “I only had nine 'friends’ at the time” – when she posted a supportive comment about Frankie Cocozza, the X Factor contestant, after he’d been kicked off the show. So she was completely unprepared for the torrent of abuse that followed.

Wilshere calls in troll cops - 06/13/12
ENGLAND ace Jack Wilshere has called cops after Twitter trolls claimed he had tested positive for cocaine. The outrageous suggestion that the Arsenal midfielder ­ out of action since injuring his ankle last August ­ has not been playing because he failed a drugs test was tweeted from two accounts and spread like wildfire last week.

Websites to be forced to identify trolls under new measures - 06/12/12
Websites will soon be forced to identify people who have posted defamatory messages online. New government proposals say victims have a right to know who is behind malicious messages without the need for costly legal battles.

MP’s web troll banned from contacting Lord Sugar and CIA chief - 06/12/12
A NET fiend who sent a threatening email to a Conservative MP was banned today from contacting a host of celebrities - including Lord Sugar.

Cyber Crime Fighting Detective Honored at Ceremony - 06/12/12
More than 40 police officers and civilians were recognized at the Fort Wayne Police Department’s annual awards ceremony. The awards, handed out in front of dozens of friends and family of Fort Wayne law enforcement, was held at the Public Safety Academy. Among those recognized at the awards ceremony was Detective Lorrie Bandor. Bandor was given a letter of commendation for the five years she spent working on a cyber stalking case that, according to the Fort Wayne Police Department, netted the Hoosier State’s first ever cyber stalking trial and conviction.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Talk show looking for online victims

Are you an online victim? Katie Couric is doing a new talk show and is looking for victims in the USA, male or female, who would be willing to be on camera. They will fly you to NYC for the taping and will pay for all travel, including food. I will be the expert on the show, so you won't be alone. Please contact me if you are willing to tell your story. Email me at and send me a condensed version of what happened to you so that I can give you the producer's contact info.

Monday, June 11, 2012

WHO@ Newsletter - June 11, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Spain allows ads for prostitutes

The Spanish parliament lifted a ban on advertising sexual services in print ads and online because of the economic recession.

Legislation lifting the ban was put forth by the opposition in parliament, thinkSpain reported Saturday.

The legislation was then passed by the parliament, lifting the ban on brothels, escort agencies or individuals acting as prostitutes placing ads in classifieds in print or online in Spain, where prostitution is legal.

However, the conservative People's Party government is expected to seek some way of eventually outlawing advertising of this type, thinkSpain said.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Rick Scott Signs Cyberstalking, Sex Predator Bills - 06/11/12
Gov. Rick Scott signed four bills in a ceremony at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on Friday that expands protection of victims of sexual and domestic violence. “We are fortunate that Florida has experienced a 41-year low crime rate, but we must continue to provide our law enforcement officers with the tools they need to keep our communities safe,” Scott stated in a release.

Dame Elish in court bid to stop web 'harassment' - 06/11/12
Dame Elish sought court protection against Robert Green, a self-styled "investigator" jailed earlier this year for naming prominent Scots as child rapists. She is using laws she championed for the victims of harassment and aims to bar Green from approaching or contacting her in any way.

How To Handle An Internet Stalker IRL - 06/09/12
What do you do when you have to meet an Internet stalker IRL? Like somebody who likes all your Instagram photos, but you're not friends. You know that someone displaying appreciation for the works you put into public places doesn’t constitute stalking, right?

Cyberbullies: They’re not just after kids. They’re after celebrities too. - 06/09/12
Those Internet bullies aren’t just after your kids. They’ve targeted Sherri Shepherd on Twitter. “The View” co-host said she plans to pursue charges after a person on Twitter tweeted that she should be "raped in a back alley."

Man threatens to upload wife's pictures on web - 06/09/12
A man threatened his wife to upload her obscene video on the internet if she did not bring money from her parents and withdraw case of domestic violence she filed against him with the police. The incident took place in Gas Rahat Colony, coming under the limits of Nishatpura police station. Cases under sections of dowry harassment and criminal intimidation have been registered against the accused husband on Friday, the police said.

Taunted mum in Facebook troll win - 06/09/12
The High Court has paved the way for Nicola Brookes to expose the “vicious and depraved” yobs. It is thought to be the first private prosecution against sick internet bullies.

Identity theft gang's customers wanted by police - 06/09/12
The Metropolitan Police has warned it is working to track down 11,000 customers of a gang that specialised in providing fake IDs. The people behind the online enterprise, Confidential Access (CA), sold fake IDs, documents and tips on how to commit fraud to their clients.

Malkin: Free speech put at risk as bloggers harassed, subjected to SWAT-ting - 06/09/12
Free speech is under fire. Online thugs are targeting bloggers (mostly conservative, but not all) who have dared to expose a convicted bomber and perjuring vexatious litigant who is now enjoying a comfy life as a liberally subsidized social justice operative. Where do your elected representatives stand on this threat to our founding principles?

Detectives hunt 11,000 fraudsters who used illegal website to buy fake identities and get tips on committing crime worth millions - 06/08/12
Police are hunting 11,000 customers who used the services of a cyber-crime gang's website offering fake IDs and tips on how to commit fraud. The syndicate cloned the identities of innocent Britons with excellent credit ratings and sold fake driving licences, bank statements, passports and payslips to its members.

Man jailed for plane bomb hoax against online girlfriend - 06/08/12
A man who told police his online girlfriend was going to blow up a plane after she deleted him from her Facebook account has been jailed for 16 weeks. Stuart Bingham, 38, drank up to four litres of cider before calling 999 and reporting that a woman was boarding a plane with a bomb in the United States.

Sweet smell of success for eBay seller who wins court battle against Seventies glam rock guitarist over sale of secondhand CD - 06/08/12
Sweet guitarist Andy Scott has been landed with a £50,000 bill after suing an Austrian for damages for selling one of the Seventies glam rock band's CDs on eBay for less than £1.
Dietmar Huber from Nüziders in Vorarlberg, western Austria, was shocked when he received a letter from a German lawyer accusing him of breaching the British group's copyright.
He said he was 'flabbergasted' when he got a bill for €2,000 from Mr Scott after selling the album for one euro (about 80p).

Schoolboy, 12, uses father's credit card to spend £7,000 on online gambling sites in a WEEK - 06/08/12
He had only gone on the internet to buy a birthday card for his mother. But 12-year-old Declan Hind ended up costing his father £7,000 after being lured into the world of online poker. The schoolboy, already a poker expert from playing the game on free smartphone ‘apps’ with his friends, could not resist the temptation to play for real stakes.

Man sentenced to jail for email harassment of Naperville woman - 06/08/12
A man who authorities said was obsessed with a Naperville woman has been sentenced to jail, after badgering the woman in 2010 in a lurid email campaign. Daniel R. Tamburich, 33, of Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, was convicted in DuPage County Circuit Court of a Class B misdemeanor charge of electronic communication harassment, said Paul Darrah, spokesman for State’s Attorney Robert B. Berlin.

How female medical student tricked hundreds of people for 11 years with bogus blog about cancer boy whose mother died in car crash - 06/07/12
It was a heart-wrenching story that proved too good to be true. Hundreds of users of social networking sites and blogs followed the trials and tribulations of a Canadian family over the course of 11 years. During that time, they read of five-year-old 'Warrior' Eli Dirr's battle with cancer and just last month, the death of his mother Dana in a car crash en route to the Saskatchewan hospital where she was a surgeon.

Big Issue: Action must be taken to protect teachers online - 06/07/12
I WANT to start on a positive note and recognise the benefits of social media sites for all those who want to use them. They connect people to friends, work colleagues and those who study and live around them. As explained in the Times Educational Supplement recently, social networking is being explored as a teaching and learning tool and for professional development, for teachers with similar interest or age groups to share schemes of work, resources and strategies. My main concern is parents who use the sites to make complaints or criticisms that are less than constructive.

Should Online Dating Sites Prevent Users From Naming Abusers? - 06/07/12
Earlier this week, Tracy Clark-Flory published an article on Salon about allegations of assault in the BDSM community, specifically on FetLife, a Facebook-like social network for men and women in the kink scene.

Uproar over nurse intern who posted pictures of her mishandling babies - 06/06/12
A college in East China has issued a public apology for a student who caused an uproar online by posting photographs of newborn babies being held in a dangerous manner. Xiao Shiyu, 22, who had been working as an intern at the Children's Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University's medical school, uploaded the pictures to Sina Weibo and can be seen holding the babies upright by the shoulder, leaving them with no neck support.

A Facebook crime every 40 minutes: From killings to grooming as 12,300 cases are linked to the site - 06/05/12
A crime linked to Facebook is reported to police every 40 minutes. Last year, officers logged 12,300 alleged offences involving the vastly popular social networking site. Facebook was referenced in investigations of murder, rape, child sex offences, assault, kidnap, death threats, witness intimidation and fraud.

Website which hosted video of 'cannibal' porn star 'hacking up gay lover' could face prosecution after alleged killer is arrested in Berlin internet cafe - 06/05/12
As the gay porn star dubbed the Canadian Psycho was finally arrested after an international manhunt, calls emerged for the website where he apparently posted of video of himself killing his ex-lover to be prosecuted. Lawyers suggested that, the horror site which hosted a snuff video which appeared to show Luka Rocco Magnotta hacking up his former lover Jun Lin, could fall foul of Canadian obscenity laws.

Monday, June 04, 2012

WHO@ Newsletter - June 4, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Man sat on after stealing sandwich

Employees at a Florida grocery store restrained a Cuban sandwich thief by sitting on him until authorities arrived, police say.

Emmanuel Jaramillo was accused of stealing a $6.92 Cuban sandwich from a Publix in Holmes Beach, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Friday.

When confronted by the store's manager about the alleged theft, Jaramillo began to tussle with the manager.

The struggle became so escalated that several Publix employees had to sit on Jaramillo until authorities arrived, an arrest affidavit from the Manatee County Sheriff's Office indicated.

The incident caused about $300 damage to a display case and $38.68 to greeting cards, the affidavit states.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Academic loses job after public stand against crosses - 06/03/12
Sissy Bradford took a public stand – unpopular with many in San Antonio – about separation of church and state. She was briefly in the news and her view prevailed. Since then, she has received e-mail threats because of her stance, writes Scott Jaschik for Inside Higher Ed.

Ex-employee's computer shows history of stalking - 06/03/12
Shortly after we terminated "Glenda" for Internet surfing at work, we received an anonymous phone call warning us she planned to sue for wrongful termination. To prepare for trouble, we pulled up Glenda's internet history. We discovered 194 hits to multiple websites that discuss tracking another person's cellphone using GPS, disguising a voice, "making someone's life a living hell," and changing an outgoing phone number to an incoming fake number on another phone's caller ID.

Neighbor’s videos to help decide felony stalking case - 06/02/12
Videos are to be added June 15 to more than two hours of court testimony given Thursday in a felony prosecution of an 87-year-old Cambridge Township man accused of stalking a neighbor by driving too slowly.

Stalker's blog broke restraining order imposed 14 years ago - 06/02/12
STALKER Darren Rennison has been convicted of breaching a restraining order imposed against him 14 years ago – by writing about his victim in an internet blog. The 36-year-old started harassing Laura Linham almost 20 years ago, after they met at college.

Fake boyfriend shows (again) why we’re stuck with online cruelty - 06/02/12
How many restless women wouldn’t fall for an animal-loving firefighter who sent gifts and liked to talk on the phone? One Illinois woman fell hard and now she has nothing but a hole in her heart and wallet after a court refused to do anything about a sick online prank.

Online porn drove boy of 12 to rape girl, 9: He wanted to 'feel grown up' after viewing explicit images - 06/01/12
A boy of 12 who raped a nine-year-old girl after watching hard-core pornography online was spared jail yesterday as his lawyer warned of a generation of children growing up with a ‘skewed view’ on sex. The schoolboy, who is now 14, told police he had raped the little girl because he wanted to ‘feel grown up’ after watching porn online.

Cyber-stalking: The big boss may turn into Big Brother, report warns - 06/01/12
Your Facebook password may be safe and off-limits, but your boss may soon cyberstalk you -- legally. It's not that your digital life is so riveting, but frankly, you pose a threat as an insider talking freely on social media. We've all heard that loose lips sink ships. Well, the same is true online.

Online trolls target obese teenager Georgia Davis - 06/01/12
An obese teenager who was cut free from her home has become the target of cruel internet trolls since being admitted to hospital. Georgia Davis was freed from her home in Aberdare by fire crews after her weight rose to 56 stone, rendering her too large to leave the house.

The cruellest of internet hoaxes - 06/01/12
Attention seeking on the internet takes many forms, but the people who hoax online forums with tales of sick children are among the most painful, writes Jolyon Jenkins. Little Charly Johns was a trouper. She was only six years old and had cancer - but she fought it with determination. She was in and out of hospital as the disease advanced and retreated.

'She's so ugly I wouldn't even rape her': The Facebook posts about teen that made her mother snap and 'choke boy, 14, in mall' - 05/31/12
A mother allegedly choked a 14-year-old boy in a mall after he wrote on Facebook that her daughter was so ugly he wouldn't even rape her. Debbie Piscitella, 46, of St. Petersburg, Florida was at Tyrone Square Mall with her 14-year-old daughter when the girl spotted the boy.

Two former waitresses sue restaurant with 'no fatties' policy for 'weighing them in BY FORCE and posting weight ONLINE' - 05/31/12
Two former waitresses who filed a $15million lawsuit against a New York City restaurant claiming sexual harassment, discrimination and forcible weigh-ins will get their day in court. The Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court affirmed on Wednesday that the case of Kristen McRedmond and Alexandria Lipton should go to trial.

Suspects wrote texts, Facebook messages about murder - 05/31/12 searches, texts and Facebook messages implicate a Florida couple in the murder of an 18-year-old friend in their Fort Lauderdale apartment, according to police. Court documents allege that 32-year-old James Ayers and 23-year-old Nicole Okrzesik discussed killing Juliana Mensch and argued over what to do with her body online and in text messages after authorities believe the teen was asphyxiated in the early hours of March 24. Mensch’s decomposing body was found under a pile of clothing in the apartment five days later.

3 Tips for Legally and Ethically Monitoring Employees Online - 05/31/12
Employers have a well-established legal right to track Web surfing, emailing and other activities by employees using company computers and mobile devices. But should they do it? There can be several reasons in favor of monitoring. First, it can help protect your company from theft or other harm.

Man running as - 05/31/12
A Florida man running for U.S. Congress is being listed under the name he legally adopted in January --, who had his name legally changed from Eddie Gonzalez, is running in Florida's 25th Congressional District as a no party candidate against incumbent Republican Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, The News Service of Florida reported Thursday.

Mother-of-two, 36, receives police warning for Facebook joke about squirting Olympic flame with water pistol - 05/31/12
A mother-of-two who joked on Facebook that she would squirt the Olympic flame out with a water pistol was given a police warning. Helen Perry, 36, was threatened with arrest after writing that she had her son’s water guns at the ready after learning that people who live 60 miles away had been chosen to carry the torch through her hometown.

Thai Webmaster Found Guilty of Computer Crimes - 05/30/12
A court in Thailand has declared a website operator guilty of computer crimes for not quickly removing a posting by a blogger deemed offensive to the monarchy. The court suspended the sentence, but the verdict has been condemned by rights groups and an Internet industry representative as a dangerous precedent.

Mass. man arrested in fake email harassment case - 05/30/12
Mark M. Glennon was so angry at the court system after his girlfriend was sent to prison that state police say he went to extreme lengths to discredit court officials, police and the family of the victim. Police said Glennon fabricated evidence, set up numerous fake email accounts to send threatening messages disguised as other people, created false Facebook and Yahoo profiles and even traveled out of state to hide the source of the messages.

Anders Breivik was victim of 'blood diamond' scam - 05/30/12
"It is our clear opinion that the Liberia trip was motivated for financial purposes," Police investigator Vidar Sather told the Oslo Court today. Asked whether the 33-year-old extremist had fallen for a "Nigerian internet scam", Prosecutor Svein Holden said that this was what he believed. Breivik maintains that he visited the troubled African country in May 2001 to attend a terror training course and meet a "Serbian crusader and war hero", who he then represented at the founding meeting of the Knights Templar in London, on 30 May 2001, directly after Liberia trip.

Friday, June 01, 2012

My new novel "When I See You Again" is now available as an ebook on! Please share.