WHO@ Newsletter - October 8, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Dog that rode in car grill back home

Animal control officers in Rhode Island say a dog who survived an 11-mile ride while stuck in the grill of a car has been reunited with her owners.

The East Providence Animal Control Center said the small white dog, whose name was revealed to be Suzie, was reunited with its owners Tuesday after the center went public with the story of how she was struck by a car in Taunton, Mass., and traveled 11 miles to East Providence while stuck in the car's grill, The Providence (R.I.) Journal reported Wednesday.

"They saw the news," animal control officer Evan Barlow said of the owners, "and just kind of ran down here and wanted to reclaim the dog."

Officials said the family, who live near where the dog was struck, had veterinary paperwork and a microchip number matching the canine's information.

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Adios amigos: Spanish policemen suspended after estranged wife posts hilarious footage of them acting stupidly while on duty - 10/05/12
Two policemen have been suspended from duty after their own in-car footage of them 'behaving like complete and utter idiots' went viral. The dopey Spanish National Police officers filmed themselves making obscene gestures, simulating a sex act with a banana, driving with their eyes closed and dancing whilst out on patrol. At one point the driver is seen leaning out of a window as his colleague playfully slaps his bottom, before hitting his own rear in a suggestive manner in time to the beat.

Gulfport man arrested on cyberstalking charge - 10/05/12
A Gulfport man arrested on a cyberstalking charge is accused of sending threatening text messages and emails to his former girlfriend, Sheriff's Capt. Ron Pullen said. Investigators arrested Daniel Kordell Kelso, 29, of Victory Street in Gulfport on Friday following an investigation of a complaint filed Sept. 18.

Future Undergrads: Colleges are Cyber-Stalking You and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It - 10/04/12
Around 25% of admissions officers at the country's top 500 colleges cyber-stalk applicants using websites like Facebook and Google, and more than one-third of them say they've found information that they've used against prospective students ­ up from 12% last year.

Dodgy Viagra's not the only problem with buying medicine online: Police seize millions of potentially lethal 'bogus' heart and cancer pills - 10/04/12
Fake medicines which claim to help fight conditions such as breast cancer and heart disease have been seized in the largest ever global crackdown on counterfeit drugs. In total, millions of pounds' worth of potentially harmful pills claiming to treat fatal diseases were seized by police officers across Britain as part of the huge crackdown led by Interpol.

Top 3 Signs You Are an Online Stalker - 10/04/12
Some recent headline-grabbing cases of stalking range from frightening to downright horrific. But there’s also a subtler form of stalking, one that doesn’t require physical proximity: online stalking. It’s one thing to occasionally check the Facebook page of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, but it’s another, says psychologist and addiction expert Seth Meyers, to obsessively track someone on the web.

Profile Stalker – an application that spams on Tumblr - 10/04/12
gr8brittyn posted on Tumblr, “Guys I’m really sorry for the Profile Stalkr spam. If you haven’t already, DON’T CLICK IT. I literally cannot figure out how to stop it ­ and if you try to delete the posts, they’re instantly reposted. I can’t edit them, delete them… anything. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK!”

Thieves take £12,000 in jewellery from home of disabled man who invited them round to play video games after making friends on Facebook - 10/04/12
Thieves stole £12,000 in jewellery from a disabled man after he met them on Facebook and invited them to play video games with him at his parents' house while he was home alone. Paul Miller, 28, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, has been left traumatised by his ordeal after the two men stole from his house in Bickerstaffe, Lancashire, after spending weeks speaking to him on the social networking site.

'F*** with me and this is what happens': What teenager 'said after stabbing father-of-two 72 times and filming his body on a mobile phone' - 10/04/12
A teenage killer used his mobile phone to film the body of his victim after brutally stabbing him 72 times, a court has heard. Bleddyn King, 18, allegedly recorded a chilling soundtrack to the video after killing David Evans, 63, in his own home.

Updated stalking law to include emails, texts - 10/03/12
An update of the Connecticut Stalking Law went into effect Monday, creating more protection for victims. "It was not clear before what the law actually covered," said Susan DeLeon of the Center for Domestic Violence Services. "The upgrade will help make the law clear and will hopefully lower the amount of stalking we have in Connecticut."

'Yes I was raped, it doesn't make me a bad person': Agony of victim sexually assaulted by man she met on Match.com who was then humiliated by his lawyers - 10/03/12
A woman who was brutally beaten and raped on a first date with a man she met on Match.com has testified about how she faced additional humiliation from defense attorneys who tried to use her Google searches as evidence against her. Jennifer Bennett was 23-years-old when she was attacked in the apartment of Thomas Bray, a 37-year-old anesthesiologist, and she decided to go public following the attack in hopes of encouraging other sexual assault victims to report their attacks.


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