WHO@ Newsletter - October 29, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Phone losses include 'adult toy' mishap

A British cellphone insurance company said the strangest claims it has received include theft by a seagull and losing a phone inside a cow.

Mobileinsurance.co.uk said the oddest claims it has received for people destroying or losing their phones include a Devon, England, farmer who said he lost his iPhone inside a cow's backside while using its flashlight function in his efforts to help the bovine to deliver a calf, The Sun reported Thursday.

The tabloid said other bizarre claims include a Nottingham, England, woman who said she baked her Nokia 6303i into a sponge cake and a Welsh woman who said a seagull stole her Samsung Galaxy while she walked her dog on Barry Island beach.

A Bristol, England, woman said she ruined the vibration function of her BlackBerry Bold 9900 while using it as an "adult toy" and a man visiting Longleat Safari Park said his phone was snatched from his hand by a monkey, the company said.

A fan of rock band Blur said he attempted to save money by climbing a tree instead of buying a ticket to a London concert and he dropped his iPhone while trying to record the show from his perch.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)
The infatuated patients stalking GPs on Facebook: Number of doctors seeking help for unwanted advances rises by a third - 10/29/12
Lovesick patients are increasingly using Facebook to flirt with, proposition and harass their doctors. The number of medics seeking help to deal with unwanted advances has risen by a third as technology, including emails and text messages, erodes boundaries and makes contact easier, the Medical Defence Union has warned. It said that although some flirtations quickly fizzle out, in the worst cases the police are called in and injunctions taken out to stop doctors from being stalked or harassed.

Facebook forced to remove 'Bikini Jailbait' page that 'exploits young women' and directs users to hardcore porn site - 10/29/12
A shocking page called ‘Bikini Jailbait’ has been removed from Facebook after it caused outrage among users of the social network. The site pictured many graphic pictures of seemingly under-aged young women in various states of dress. Some are bending over suggestively. One person wrote on the page’s wall that the site was ‘wrong on so many levels,’ and begged other like-minded users to report the site.

Bartender 'threatened with arrest by Google heavies' after tech employee accidentally left top-secret phone at his bar - 10/29/12
A San Francisco bartender found himself in Google's cross hairs after an absent-minded employee of the tech giant accidentally left a top-secret new smartphone in his bar in September. Jamin Barton says a security officer for Google, who had previously been a special agent for the State Department, harassed him and repeatedly threatened him with arrest if he didn't turn over the Nexus 4 -- a new phone that the company has yet to release publicly.

Police inundated by thousands of online disputes - 10/28/12
Officers say they are inundated with complaints from internet users complaining about online abuse being directed at them. But while most disputes are brushed off by telling victims to ignore or delete their tormentors from their social media circles, some are so serious they end up in court.

Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde's signatures forged in eBay scam - 10/28/12
The signature of Winston Churchill and some of the UK's most famous authors were forged for profit in a 'lucrative' eBay fraud scam. Allan Formhals, 66, from Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire was found guilty of forging the signatures of authors Winston Churchill, TS Eliot, JRR Tolkien, Oscar Wilde, Aldous Huxley and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Internet bully caused family split after posting abusive messages - 10/27/12
A MUM who was harassed on Facebook said the internet bully "caused a split among the family". The 46-year-old victim, who does not want to be named, said her husband's niece posted a number of abusive messages about her over the social network site.

Cyberstalking charges dropped - 10/27/12
Cyberstalking charges against four teenagers have been dropped by the State Attorney’s Office, according to a court document filed this month. Kyra Jeter, 15, Austin Hartley, 16, Austin Lowe, 18, and Austin Wilson, 17, were charged with aggravated cyberstalking, a felony, in July for creating a Facebook page entitled Panama City’s Trashiest that made demeaning comments about the victims.

Cyberstalking an ex? Click the 'unfriend' button and get over it - 10/27/12
Attention spurned, jilted and heartbroken lovers: stop trolling your ex’s Facebook profile or risk delaying your post-breakup recovery and personal growth. While not entirely surprising or unexpected, a new British study confirms what many broken hearts already know -- deep down, anyway: that the cyberstalking of an ex is nothing more than self-sabotage, disrupting a person’s ability to heal and move on with his or her life.

Facebook Cyber Stalking Case Against Four Teens Dropped - 10/26/12
Texarkana, Arkansas Police arrested and charged three men in connection with the internet stalking of a child. Jason Kennedy, 21, Jonathan Sasnett, 25, and Joshua Ferguson, 25, were arrested Friday. Each was charged with the felony.

Facebook 'stalkers' face trial for model's murder - 10/26/12
Cynthia Osokogu had it all: Beauty -- she was a former model -- intelligence and business savvy. She also modeled herself on her idol, Tyra Banks, and was emerging as a successful businesswoman. "She was hardworking, loving, industrious and beautiful," said her mother, Joy Osokogu. "She had achieved so much at age 24."

Internet FAIL: The truth about that Tea Party sorority girl you saw on Facebook - 10/26/12
You might have seen the picture on the Internet. Depending on your political leanings, you might have even shared it. As the story goes, a sorority girl at the University of Alabama, in some sort of political fit, scribbled a barely literate screed on the back of a pizza box.

Foreclosed Family’s Belongings Taken After Misunderstood Craigslist Posting - 10/25/12
A family in Woodstock, Georgia, learned a difficult lesson about the dangers of posting an online advertisement. The Vercher family, who recently lost their home of 20 years to foreclosure, posted an ad on Craigslist on Tuesday night, informing people that a yard-sale-style giveaway would take place at their home the following day.

The Trolls Among Us: Should We Protect The Anonymity Of Internet Trolls? - 10/25/12
The Internet provides us with a platform for freedom of speech, but with that freedom comes a lot of trolls. That doesn't just mean putting up with annoying comments from strangers. It can mean harassment, intimidation, stalking, and death threats.

Soldier 'watched from Afghanistan as wife had sex with 15-year-old girl over Skype' - 10/25/12
A soldier serving as a military police officer allegedly watched from Afghanistan as his wife had sex with a 15-year-old girl over the video chat service Skype, police have said. Shawn Raymo, 22, and his wife Jessica Raymo, 21, were both arrested on Tuesday on charges of using of child in a sexual performance and endangering child welfare.

Laughing yob who shut terrified cat in a tumble dryer and put it through three spin cycles for sick video facing jail - 10/24/12
A cruel yob is facing jail after shutting his girlfriend's terrified cat in a tumble dryer and put it through three spin cycles because he thought it was funny. Heartless Allan Staughton, 23, put the pet in the machine for 12 seconds and even filmed the animal's ordeal then posted a video of his vicious prank online.

NJ family harassed over dog photo - 10/24/12
Detectives are investigating alleged threats and harassment directed at a local family after a picture of their terminally ill dog was photographed on their property and then posted on the Internet. The Police Department issued a prepared statement Tuesday to “set the record straight” on behalf of the Amiel family, who live in the township and have been “victimized, harassed and threatened by hundreds if not thousands of social network subscribers,” who apparently believe they mistreated the dog, police said.

Police Apologizes for wrong arrests in e-mail threats -10/23/12
Police from four prefectures have separately issued apologies for cases of mistaken arrests made in the course of investigating threats of violence sent through email to different institutions.

Teenager accused in Ohio Craigslist murders says: "I was terrified" - 10/23/12
A teenager accused in the killing of three men lured by a job ad on Craigslist testified on Tuesday he was shocked when he saw a man he viewed as a father figure kill the first of the victims and then terrified when the man threatened him with a knife.

Father planted syringe in a can of Campbell's soup in bid to win huge payout - 10/23/12
An Australian man who tried to win a huge payout from an international food company by claiming he had found a syringe in a can of butternut pumpkin soup told a court today he had made up the story. Melbourne man Daniel Ferris, 33, dropped the syringe into the tin of Campbell’s soup, took a photo of it, then sent the photo by email to the company’s US headquarters in the hope of being paid large compensation.

Russian bride leaves elderly man with $25K welfare bill - 10/22/12
An 82-year-old B.C. pensioner is on the hook to the government for $25,000, after marrying a Russian woman who left him the day after she got permanent resident status in Canada. “Several times I thought I will have a nervous breakdown over this,” said Heinz Munz, of Black Creek.

Police investigate 'vile' Facebook bullying as headteacher declares site a 'nightmare' - 10/22/12
Pupils at All Saints' RC School, York, were subjected to "unpleasant" and "offensive" comments after being targeted by the Facebook group, apparently set up to share their shameful secrets. Police have now confirmed they are investigating the remarks, as the school's headteacher declares Facebook a "nightmare".

Adele targeted by sick internet trolls following birth of son - 10/22/12
Adele has been targeted by a slew of sick internet trolls following the birth of her son. The Rolling In The Deep singer found herself targeted by several Twitter uses who posted disgusting and hurtful messages about her baby boy just minutes after news of the birth was revealed. The most disturbing message came from a user called name Vanessa Bieber, who wrote: 'Aw Adele gave birth to a baby. Is it fat and handicapped lol? Just murder it already lol.'


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