WHO@ Newsletter - October 22, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Suspects talked crime in cop car

Authorities in Florida said two men who claimed not to know anything about a burglary were recorded discussing the crime in the back of a patrol car.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office said an East Naples man called 911 early Monday to report seeing two men and a woman at the home of neighbors he knew to be out of town, the Naples Daily News reported Wednesday.

Deputies said they pulled over a blue Saturn with a license plate matching the number the man had given them a short time after the call.

The woman driving the car said her friend and passenger, Vernon Jones, 21, had her pick up a man she didn't know, identified as Jacques Saintil, 19, and take them to the house, where they went inside and came back out with an Apple iMac computer and a black bag.

Jones refused to cooperate with deputies and Saintil told deputies he was just a passenger during the incident and did not know a burglary had taken place.

However, deputies said the patrol car's camera recorded the two men discussing the burglary and passing marijuana back and forth.

The men were each charged with burglary, grand theft and marijuana possession.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)
Cyber bullying no laughing matter - 10/22/12
In a scene that has become all-too-familiar among a growing number of junior high and high school students, a computer is turned on, a social networking website such as Facebook is logged on to, and a young person becomes the victim of online harassment, or cyber bullying. Despite the fact that no physical contact is made, the psychological impact of being cyber bullied is comparable to being physically bullied and can lead to long-term emotional distress, depression and absenteeism from school and other activities.

Wine merchant loses valuable heirloom after Facebook gatecrashers invade son's party - 10/20/12
A treasured family heirloom has gone missing at a leading wine merchant's home after 50 gatecrashers spotted an invite to his teenage son's party on Facebook. Graham Sumeray, chief executive of Fine and Rare Wines, and his wife, Sax, went out for dinner on Saturday evening, after allowing their 16-year-old son, Hugo, to invite some friends to the four-bedroom family home in Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. However, in every parent's worst nightmare, fifty uninvited guests turned up after spotting the invitation on Facebook.

Pottstown Woman Charged in Online Stalking - 10/20/12
A Pottstown woman has been charged with stalking and other offenses after allegedly using Twitter to exhort others to violence against a county judge and other county officials. The Mercury reports that Sadiyyah Young, 33, of East High Street, appeared before county judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy in 2007. Demchick-Alloy removed Young's children from her care.

Former Queens Teacher Cyberbullied for Months, Lawsuit Alleges - 10/19/12
A Fresh Meadows teacher and poet says he was the victim of a months-long cyberbullying attack earlier this year by former students or people posing as former students, according to court documents. Vincent Tomeo, 65, a self-described poet and former history teacher at Francis Lewis High School, at 58-20 Utopia Parkway, says unnamed people harassed him by posting a litany of comments on at least nine different websites, including Facebook, RateMyTeachers.com and AllPoetry.com.

8 Ontario girls arrested in high school bullying case - 10/19/12
Eight teenage girls at a high school in London, Ont., have been arrested in connection with a bullying incident involving another student, police say. Const. Dennis Rivest of the London Police Service said the eight girls were arrested Thursday. Police said an investigation revealed that the victim had been the target of physical and emotional bullying, and cyberbullying.

Peeping Tom teen took a photo of mentally disabled student's buttocks in restroom and posted it on Twitter - 10/19/12
An 18-year-old student from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was put on probation for taking a picture showing the buttocks of a mentally disabled classmate and sharing it on Twitter. Jonathan DeVito , a student at Union High School, pleaded guilty to two counts of being a peeping Tom and violating the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act - both misdemeanors.

How to Starve the Trolls - 10/19/12
It was a bad week for Internet trolls. News of the tragic suicide of 16-year-old Canadian Amanda Todd after an ugly incident of stalking, bullying and blackmail hit just as Reddit’s biggest troll, responsible for numerous highly offensive postings in sections with names like “rape bait,” was finally outed. Both stories involved nonconsensual distribution of sexualized images of young girls.

Bullied Teen Amanda Todd's Death Spurs Fake Fundraising Websites - 10/18/12
Money-seeking vultures are attempting to profit from the enormous public outcry in support for bullied teen Amanda Todd by setting up fraudulent websites that claim to be fundraising for the girl's family. "Taking advantage of a family's grief is despicable," Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Peter Thiessen said in a statement. "We want to get the word out that there is one real account and anyone who is interested can make a donation at any RBC branch to the Amanda Todd Trust Account."

Christian's salary cut because he criticised gay marriage on Facebook: Punishment over 'homophobic' comments could cost him £60,000 - 10/18/12
A Christian housing manager had his salary slashed after allegedly being ‘entrapped’ by a lesbian colleague into criticising gay marriage on his private Facebook page, a court heard yesterday. Adrian Smith, 55, had posted a link to an article about plans for civil partnership ceremonies in churches with his own comment: ‘An equality too far.’

School teaching assistant who was stalked for two years hanged herself weeks after receiving voodoo doll in parcel - 10/18/12
A woman hanged herself six weeks after receiving a voodoo doll from an anonymous stalker, an inquest heard. Wendy Harries, 39, had been targeted by a mystery person over Facebook and email for two years before she committed suicide.

Official threatened over Facebook post - 10/18/12
An official with Germany's Free Democratic Party said he received threats -- some directed at his dog -- after calling protesters "old" with a foul "smell."

Why it's so hard to catch online predators - 10/17/12
Among the many questions swirling after Amanda Todd's suicide, there is one that seems so basic: Who is the person whose online actions seem most responsible for sending the B.C. teen into such deep despair? The internet hacking group Anonymous claims it has found the 15-year-old's main tormentor ­ a 32-year-old B.C. man it says has also made postings to child pornography sites.

Senior detective arrested after smartphones missing from police property lock-up are put up for sale on eBay - 10/17/12
A senior detective has been arrested over allegations he stole property from a police store to sell on the internet. Det Sgt Peter Yeates is accused of taking the goods which are believed to be expensive mobile phones from an internal police store. The items held at the station include valuable possessions such as jewellery and money seized by officers during raids, confiscated stolen goods or lost property handed in by the public.

Hacker group releases online record of second alleged Amanda Todd stalker - 10/17/12
The Vancouver area man who was named by the hacker group Anonymous as being Amanda Todd’s tormenter denied the allegations and pointed the finger to another online figure, Viper. Today Anonymous released detailed online records for Viper, including a profile on an online website known for sharing child pornography.

Horrifying ordeal of man falsely arrested after 'zombie' hacker seized control of his computer and used it to post death threats - 10/17/12
Masaki Kitamura suffered a terrifying ordeal after Japanese police arrested him for posting death threats from his computer. The chilling postings and emails, which were traced to Mr Kitamura’s computer, threatened mass murder in Osaka and claimed there was a bomb on a Japan Airlines flight to New York. But weeks after the animation director was arrested and charged, despite protesting his innocence, police realised Mr Kitamura was a victim of a ‘zombie’ computer hacker, according to The Times.

Husband tracks down alleged rapist on Facebook ten years after his wife was attacked in an alley as a schoolgirl - 10/17/12
A husband used Facebook to track down a man who allegedly raped his wife as a schoolgirl after she broke down and told him about her ordeal, a court heard. The alleged victim's spouse confronted Andrew Marsh, now 38, by pretending to plan a surprise party for his wife via the social networking site.

Elgin man accused of cyberstalking - 10/16/12
Bail was denied Tuesday for an Elgin man charged with multiple counts of violating an order of protection, as well as cyberstalking, in which he is accused of using Facebook to post derogatory remarks about the female victim.

Deaf paraplegic blogger who won the hearts of thousands before he 'died' of pneumonia is exposed as a fraud - 10/16/12
A deaf quadriplegic blogger who won the hearts of thousands with touching internet posts before his sister announced he had died from pneumonia has been exposed as a fraud. 'David Rose', a 24-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer, garnered legions of fans with his witty tweets and Facebook posts, which he said he typed using a Tobii computer that tracked his eye movement using infrared light.

Negative Amanda Todd post costs man his job - 10/16/12
A man who posted negative comments about the death of Amanda Todd was fired from his job after an Airdrie, Alta., woman alerted his employer. Todd is the 15-year-old who killed herself last week after suffering years of bullying. Many online memorial sites have popped up in response to her death, and thousands of people have posted comments on them.


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