Net Crimes Newsletter - October 1, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Candy wrappers with GPS to bring prizes

The British maker of Kit Kat chocolate bars says hidden tracking devices in candy bar wrappers could bring lucky winners prizes of thousands of pounds.

Candy maker Nestle says its "We Will Find You" competition will involve global positioning system chips placed in six chocolate bar wrappers.

Once one of the lucky bars is opened the GPS chip will be activated, sending a signal to Nestle, which says the winner will be located within 24 hours by a helicopter for hand delivery of a briefcase containing $16,000 in cash.

The embedded chips will be placed in wrappers of KitKat 4 Finger, KitKat Chunky, Aero Peppermint Medium and Yorkie Milk chocolate bars, the company said.

A promotional video from Nestle says it will "scramble a crack team of highly trained individuals" to find the winner of the jackpot.

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Text messaged murder threat ends in arrest, police report - 09/30/12
An Auburn man was arrested early Sunday morning for allegedly delivering a murder threat via text message. Myles David Salyers, 37, allegedly sent the murder threat via cell phone text message to a man who had a restraining order against him, said Sgt. Victor Pecoraro of the Auburn Police Department.

Flushing cable man charged in Web threat - 09/30/12
A Bronx man was slapped with terrorism-related charges after allegedly using Facebook to post death threats aimed at a Flushing co-worker, the Queens district attorney said last Thursday.

US woman pleaded guilty to Internet stalking of French Oscar-winner - 09/29/12
A New York resident pleaded guilty to stalking Marion Cotillard, the French star of an Oscar-winning biopic of Edith Piaf. The woman terrorized Cotillard by bombarding her with emails and videos, in some of which she appeared topless. ­Teresa Yuan pleaded guilty in Brooklyn federal court. According to prosecutors, she sent 504 emails and 120 webcam videos of herself to a Cotillard fan website over four days in 2011.

Bullying can be relentless online - 09/28/12
As society has become more aware of cyberbullying in the past few years, more children and teens are coming forward about being intimidated or harassed online. That’s according to Justin Patchin, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center.

Archbald woman arrested for stalking, harassing family - 09/28/12
After the man with whom she had an affair reunited with his wife, an Archbald woman allegedly spent months stalking his family in person, online, by phone and through the mail. Investigators warned Amanda Gaardsmoe Hart, 48, 600 Lori Drive, in June that she would be arrested if she did not stop contacting Eric Ford and his family in Pike County. On Wednesday, they held up their end of the bargain.
Facebook page under investigation for cyber bullying in Clovis - 09/28/12
A Facebook page is being investigated by Clovis Police and Clovis Municipal Schools for cyber bullying. The Clovis Police Department said it launched an investigation when it received several complaints from Clovis school students about derogatory comments. According to the complaints, the comments on the social media site were meant to annoy, seriously alarm and terrorize others without any lawful purpose.

How To Bait and Catch The Anonymous Person Harassing You On The Internet - 09/28/12
Leo Traynor, an Internet user in Ireland, had a problem. More specifically, he had a troll, a very nasty troll. At first, the troll just sent him nasty messages on Twitter, telling him that he was a “dirty f*cking Jewish scumbag,” for example.

Craigslist Ad: ‘You’re Only Real If You Have A Facebook Account’ - 09/28/12
Here’s more anecdotal evidence that people are wary of those without Facebook accounts. A reader sent me a link to this Los Angeles Craigslist ad posted by a 24-year-old female event planner seeking a roommate for a “gorgeous” two-bedroom apartment in Santa Monica “with a fantastic view.” The roommate-seeker is a “really easy going…go with the flow kind of girl.” Her only requirements are that the roommate be clean, be cool with dogs, and have a Facebook account.

Facebook rows trigger rise in violent crimes as users post insults 'they would never say in person,' says judge - 09/28/12
Messages left on Facebook are the cause of an increasing number of violent crimes because people post comments they would not make in person, says a judge. Judge Nigel Gilmour, sitting at Liverpool Crown Court, raised his concerns about the social network site after hearing the case of 17-year-old Daniel Cannon who bit off part of his friend's ear.

Plaq. Parish deputy fired after cyberstalking arrest - 09/28/12
Officials say a Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Deputy lost his job after being arrested on a charge of cyberstalking. A news release from the Sheriff's Department says 32-year-old deputy Ryan Martinez was arrested on September 20 on the cyberstalking charge. The department has not released any other details about the alleged crime.

Man finds alleged robbers on Facebook - 09/27/12
Police in Florida said a robbery victim turned the tables on the suspected culprits by using Facebook and Twitter to learn their identities. Sam Drummond, 26, of Delray Beach, said he received a phone call Sept. 8 at Palm-Tech, his recently opened cellphone shop in Lantana, from a man he knew as Jean Jacques, a recent customer who had sold an iPhone to the shop, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Thursday.

NY State Assembly Employee Reprimanded for Online Posts - 09/27/12
An employee from the NY State Assembly was reprimanded for posting comments under a pseudonym on the Internet to defend the way Speaker Sheldon Silver handled a sexual harassment scandal. According to the NY Times, the employee’s name is Bill Eggler, 48 years old, and he may have been doing his postings to the Internet on state time.

Ex-Geneva High student gets probation for email threat - 09/27/12
A judge sentenced a 19-year-old to 30 months probation and GPS monitoring Thursday after his conviction earlier this year for sending an email threat to a third party in which he said he wanted a Geneva High School dean to “suffer and die.”

Cyberbullying victim can remain anonymous, court rules - 09/27/12
A Nova Scotia teenager has won the right to remain anonymous in a court battle against a cyberbully, but the Supreme Court of Canada rejected her request for a publication ban on some details of her case. The 17-year-old high school student, identified in court documents as A.B., and her father were asking Canada's top court to protect their identities in a court order that would force an internet company to reveal the identity of the person who created a fake Facebook account with her likeness.

Talented young footballer jumped to his death after racking up £10,000 of online gambling debts - 09/27/12
A promising young football player jumped to his death from 120ft high viaduct after racking up gambling debts online. Talented Adam Billing, 27, from Liskeard, near Plymouth had been a youth team player with Plymouth Argyle FC but suffered a serious knee injury which hindered his career. He threw himself from the 120ft high Moorswater viaduct in Liskeard, east Cornwall, in April after spiralling into debt through an online gambling addiction.

'She asked me to get her teeth, omg NO WAY!!': Hospital patient posts 'insulting' Facebook messages about elderly woman in nearby bed - 09/27/12
A hospital patient posted 'insulting' messages on Facebook about an elderly woman in a neighbouring bed. Helen Wells also took a photograph of the frail grandmother while they were on the same ward at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, South Wales. Health chiefs began an inquiry after the elderly woman's family spotted the messages on the website and made an official complaint to the hospital.

The Sikh woman who won’t remove her facial hair for religious reasons - 09/26/12
A Sikh woman has defied an internet troll to eloquently explain why her religion means she will not remove her facial hair. Balpreet Kaur, an aspiring neurosurgeon, said that she does not bend to society's whims about beauty - and has no regrets about how she looks.

Two armed robbers lured in victims on Gumtree with adverts for luxury goods at knock-down prices before ambushing them - 09/26/12
Two armed robbers have been jailed after using the classified selling website Gumtree to lure their victims into a series of terrifying ambushes. Simon Allen, 25, and 20-year old Ashley Bosson posted a fake advert for a luxury Hi Fi system before giving out false names and addresses to prospective buyers.

The day I confronted Twitter troll who had stalked me for three years: Blogger tells how he tracked down his tormentor (and finally shook his hand) - 09/26/12
A Twitter user who was stalked by an anti-Semitic internet troll has told how he tracked down and confronted his tormentor. Leo Traynor, from Dublin, Ireland, wrote an account of his family's three-year nightmare in his blog that has attracted widespread online coverage since it was published on Monday. The blog, called Traynor's Eye, had attracted up to 200 hits per month, but following his post received more than 200,000 hits in less than eight hours.

When trolling turns into harassment. - 09/25/12
There’s a blog post floating around today that is as compelling as it is disturbing. It’s a blog post by Leo Traynor on meeting a troll. Reading Traynor’s account of what he went through is disturbing. The harrowing harassment he had to endure is something no one should ever have to deal with, particularly considering – like most online harassment – it seems to be completely without reason, basis, or indeed fear of consequence.

Man charged with harassing government worker - 09/25/12
A North Bay man faces email harassment charges following an investigation by the Queen's Park detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police. Police started their investigation in June and say a man illegally obtained private photographs of a government employee and by threatened to release them to the worker's friends, family and co-workers if demands were not me, said Sgt. Peter Leon.


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