WHO@ Newsletter - September 3, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Bridge closed, 13 bearded men detained

Police in Oregon said a bridge was closed and 13 bearded men on their way to a breast cancer awareness photo shoot were detained due to an assault rifle.

Portland police said they responded to 911 calls about two men in a car with an assault rifle near the Burnside Bridge around 7 p.m. Wednesday and arrived to discover 13 members of a club for bearded men wearing military camouflage on the bridge, KPTV, Portland, reported Thursday.

Two of the men were holding onto an assault rifle and were arrested on disorderly conduct charges. The other men were detained and released.

The men told KATU-TV, Portland, they were on their way to shoot a photo for the breast cancer awareness calendar "Beards for Breasts."

"We didn't mean to shake up the community or shut down the Burnside Bridge," club member Matthew Jenkins said. "Just trying to save boobs, you know?"

Police said the bridge was reopened after about an hour.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

The Internet Needs Less Big Brother And More Concerned Mom - 09/03/12
It is long overdue for governments to regulate the Internet. Don't freak out, I am talking about protecting citizens, not stalking them. Let's talk about password security. I am no expert on this topic, but a great primer on the topic can be found here.

Mother insists that her daughter was murdered in her bed in Carbondale - 09/01/12
Questions about the 2011 death of Morgan Ingram, 20, are spreading through Facebook as people share links to the blog her parents have posted on the Internet. Although officially ruled a suicide, Ingram's parents contend their daughter was murdered by a stalker, that authorities mishandled the case, and that the sheriff's department should reopen the investigation.

Former Redeemer coach hit with cyberstalking charge - 08/31/12
When he wasn't plotting Xs and Os, the then-head coach of the Holy Redeemer High School football team was hacking into Facebook accounts and soliciting sexual images via Skype, a federal grand jury charged Thursday. Joseph J. Ostrowski, already facing child pornography charges in Pennsylvania, targeted computer users in East Lansing, Mich., and "persuaded and tricked" them into "engaging in sexually explicit acts," the grand jury said in a two-page indictment.

'I’m the one who is being bullied': Teacher and mother-of-four who LeAnn Rimes is suing over Twitter war vows to fight back - 08/31/12
LeAnn Rimes has filed a lawsuit against two women who she claims bullied her on Twitter and then recorded a phone conversation they had with the singer. The ordeal is said to have in part played a role in the country music star's current stint in rehab. But one of the women sued by the star has hit back, claiming she is the one that is the victim.

Woman arrested for cyberstalking - 08/31/12
West Monroe police arrested a woman Friday afternoon accused of threatening a person on Facebook. Latisha Donson, 36, of 21 Breece Circle, Monroe, was booked into Ouachita Correctional Center on a cyberstalking charge. According to an arrest affidavit, a detective was assigned to investigate a cyberstalking complaint, which was posted on the victim's Facebook page.

Man wanted in Durham on charges of stalking and domestic violence - 08/31/12
Police are trying to locate a man who is wanted on stalking and other domestic violence charges. Lemule Lamont Eley, 32, of Oak forest Drive in Henderson is wanted on charges of felony stalking, cyber stalking, violation of a domestic violence protective order and possession of stolen property. Police say he may be driving a green 1995 Honda Accord with North Carolina plates.

Former state trooper gets probation in stalking of ex-wife - 08/30/12
She tried to ignore the hateful texts and e-mails, thinking they'd blow over. She began to get frantic when slut and other insults were spray-painted on her home and vehicles and threatening phone calls were made to her family. But she finally got scared, really scared, when strange men began showing up at her home at night, believing she'd invited them to have sex through an adult website.

Park Slope chef accused of sexual harassment - 08/30/12
A popular Park Slope chef has been accused of sexual harassment at his restaurant. A group claiming to be 22 former female staffers at Juventino on Fifth Ave. has taken to the Internet to share stories of chef Juventino Avila's alleged inappropriate conduct. "The food is seductive, but behind this restaurant's charming fa├žade lies a toxic work environment," the group writes on their website "Juventino Disclosed."

Charlotte Dawson Twitter attack sparks call for changes to laws against cyber bullying - 08/30/12
THE Federal Coalition is calling for changes to existing laws - or for new tougher laws - that would better protect people from cyber-bullying and harassment. It follows TV host Charlotte Dawson's hospitalisation after she was attacked by Twitter "trolls" for naming and shaming a user in News Ltd publications who had told her to hang herself. Chair of the Coalition's online safety working group Paul Fletcher said the "online hate campaign" against Ms Dawson was "shocking".

Organ donor website with X-Factor style appeals for a life-saving kidney launches in UK - 08/30/12
A controversial U.S website that allows people who need a kidney to plead directly for a donor online is launching in the UK. The NHS runs an anonymous scheme so that altruistic donors are not informed who ends up getting their kidney. It is given to the person who is judged by a medical panel to most need it and who will benefit most from it.

'If Dappy goes to jail, we'll kill the judge': Police probe launched into Twitter threats ahead of N-Dubz star's affray trial - 08/30/12
Fans of hip hop group N-Dubz are being investigated by police after tweeting threats to kill a judge overseeing the case of former band member Dappy. Menacing messages were posted on Twitter warning that the judge’s life or safety would be in danger if the star was sent to prison.

Man complains of sexual harassment by woman - 08/29/12
Police in Kuwait have launched a probe in a debauchery case after a young man complained that he was being harassed by a young woman. The police were initially amazed by the case alleged by the young man “as they are not used to receiving harassment complaints by men against women”, local Arabic daily Al Rai reported.

Former marine held involuntarily over Facebook posts now plans to sue FBI - 08/29/12
A former US marine who was taken from his home and involuntarily detained for psychiatric evaluation for posting controversial song lyrics and conspiracy theories on Facebook is to file a civil lawsuit against the FBI and police. Speaking for the first time since his release, after a judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to detain him, Brandon Raub said his experience was frightening and that it sent a "extremely alarming" message to Americans.

Social Media Bill Not Aimed at Parodies - 08/29/12
A proposed bill to penalize online impersonation is aimed at protecting private citizens from online harassment and not intended to impact online satire or parody, a House GOP spokesperson said Wednesday. While we’re at it, what do you think is the best parody account in PA politics?

Divorced parents are turning to technology to sabotage relationships, researchers claim - 08/29/12
Divorced parents are turning to technology in a bit to ruin their ex-partners relationship with their children, it was claimed today. Researchers found that parents were increasingly using emails, text messaging and social networks to communicate, rather than talk face to face. However, they also found many were misusing the technology, claiming to have missed or not received messages.

Facebook troll 'is a policeman': Officer arrested over case of mother who was subjected to months of online abuse - 08/28/12
A policeman has been arrested over vile abuse posted online to a mother who won a landmark case to have his identity released by Facebook. Nicola Brookes, 45, was hounded by anonymous online bullies after she used the social networking site to write a message of support for an X Factor contestant.

Michael Rafferty’s picture shows up on dating website - 08/28/12
It’s a photo of a child murderer -- and until Tuesday, it was used to get dates. A sinister photo of Michael Rafferty, who’s serving a life sentence, appeared on the international dating website he used to troll for women in the weeks before and after he sexually assaulted and murdered eight-year-old Victoria Stafford of Woodstock in April 2009.


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