WHO@ Newsletter - September 10, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .eBay's metaphysical ban takes effect

Officials with California-based auction site eBay said the new ban on metaphysical services, which took effect Thursday, follows numerous complaints.

Officials with the San Jose company said they received numerous complaints from buyers who purchased metaphysical services, such as lottery number predictions or magical potions, and complained to eBay when the services did not work as advertised, The Wall Street Journal reported.

"We want a trusted marketplace where buyers have confidence and can have a consistently great experience, and if there's a category that's not meeting that bar, we'll eliminate the category," said Devin Wenig, president of eBay marketplaces.

Spokesman Alan Marks said the site is not worried about retaliation spells cast on the Web site by scorned soothsayers. "We hope any spells cast toward eBay promote a vibrant and trusted marketplace," Marks said.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

'He had such a big heart they couldn't have missed it': Mother's tearful tribute to son, 17, who was stabbed in the chest as Facebook gatecrashers stormed house party - 09/10/12
The mother of an A-level student who was stabbed to death at a house party broke down in tears today as she paid tribute to her 'kind, loving, honest' son. Caroline Shearer said her son Jay Whiston, 17, had been stabbed in the heart because 'he had such a big heart they (his killer) couldn't have missed it'.

Female gamers are 4x more likely to be harassed online than men - 09/10/12
The sad truth of sexism amongst on line gamers has been laid bare by a new report. A study published on PriceCharting, which surveyed over 800 online gamers, says that 63.3 per cent of all female participants had been taunted or harassed while playing online.

Hollister models fired for posting 'racist squinty-eye photos' online after being flown from America to South Korea for store launch - 09/10/12
When American fashion line Hollister decided they would send a bevy of models dressed as lifeguards to South Korea to greet customers at the opening of their store in Yeouido, they were supposed to bring a feel of the surf-culture associated with the brand. Instead, they brought controversy after making racist gestures and obscene hand motions in photos with customers.

Top Tory 'airbrushed his Wikipedia page', new chairman 'deleted political gaffes and altered exam details' - 09/09/12
Tory chairman Grant Shapps has been accused of changing entries on his Wikipedia page to make it read more favourably. Among the deletions are references to his school results and a section on political gaffes. The online encyclopedia had reported details of his time at Watford grammar school, saying he had ‘obtained four O-levels including an A in CDT (Craft, Design and Technology)’.

Woman charged with cyber stalking - 09/08/12
An Opelousas woman has been arrested and charged with cyber stalking and improper telephone communications after allegedly threatening numerous people, including Police Chief Perry Gallow. Currently being held in the Opelousas City Jail without bond is Jeana Thomas, 31, 422 W. Coleman St., Opelousas, charged with eight counts of cyber stalking and six counts of improper telephone communications.

Scammers pose as Microsoft support techs - 09/08/12
Central Florida residents are being targeted by con-men claiming to be computer security technicians with Microsoft or Windows. Lisa Mitchell, of L. Mitchell Enterprises is the latest victim to get a call from a so-called “technician.” Mitchell says she knew her Orlando company computer was virus free because it had just been updated.

Taliban Pose as Hotties to Dupe Soldiers on Facebook - 09/08/12
That attractive woman befriending you on Facebook? She may be a Taliban soldier in disguise, trying to squeeze you for vital information­at least if you're an Australian soldier, The Sunday Telegraph reports. An Australian government review found that Taliban had duped unsuspecting Aussie soldiers online, that 1,577 members of the nation's defense office knew nothing about it, and 58% of its staff had no instruction in social media.

Yahoo! ordered to identify Digital Domain CEO's cyberstalker, judge rules - 09/07/12
Yahoo! must block and turn over to police information related to the identity of an anonymous online commenter accused of cyberstalking Digital Domain Media Group's CEO and his family, a Martin County judge has ruled.

Defamation law can apply to e-mails to your friends - 09/07/12
Defamation is a relatively obscure area of the law, one of little consequence to most people. But it’s a subject newspaper publishers are forever worried about, as defamation lawsuits are often expensive as well as aggravating.

Author Roth rebukes Wikipedia over Human Stain edit - 09/07/12
Renowned author Philip Roth has criticised Wikipedia after he was unable to convince the site to change an entry about one of his novels. Roth tried to tell Wikipedia about an error in the entry for his novel The Human Stain, published in 2000.

Mormon website digitally adds sleeves to sundress of seven-year-old girl to maintain standards of 'modesty' - 09/07/12
A Mormon website has digitally altered a picture of a seven-year-old girl to add sleeves to the wide straps of her sundress. LDS Church News originally published the picture in June to illustrate a story about serving in the Primary, a children's programme for members of the faith, but when it was used again for the official website, the photograph had been doctored.

'Google hitman' who threatened customers with rape and murder so his eyewear website would appear higher on search engines sentenced to four years in jail - 09/07/12
A man who terrified his customers with threats of death and rape so his business would appear higher up on Google searches has been sentenced to four years in jail. Vitaly Borker, 36, from New York, was also ordered to pay almost $100,000 in restitution and fines when he was was handed down his sentence yesterday.

Internet 'snooper's charter' could jeopardise national security, ISPs warn - 09/06/12
The London Internet Exchange (Linx), which represents service providers, said the Government’s controversial surveillance proposals represent a “dramatic shift” in the balance between individuals’ privacy and the power of the state. It said forcing them to keep details of all website visits and mobile phone calls would in effect create a communications data profile for every user, which also would affect the relationship of trust they have with customers.

'509 Hoes' page creator makes another page after first is removed - 09/06/12
'509HoesExposed' the Facebook page posted girls pictures without their permission and set them up for critiques and suggesting they are promiscuous. Police call this cyberbullying and contacted Facebook to have it removed. However, the author apparently created a second page. It was taken down just as quickly as it was created, but officers tell KIMA they won't stop searching for the culprit targeting our community.

Restauranteur sets up fake sex site profile to revenge bad review - 09/06/12
The co-owner of two trendy ByWard Market eateries was convicted of libel Thursday for sending lewd e-mails and setting up a fake sex site profile dishing dirt on a diner who posted negative reviews online.

German dies after BMW stunt by Internet group - 09/04/12
The 20-year-old male died from head injuries after being thrown six yards by the spinning carousel in a playground in the Bavarian town of Oberviehbach. Part of a group known for posting footage of dangerous stunts on the Internet, the man, known only as Tobias, had been strapped by tape to the carousel, and then friends wrapped a rope tied to the car around it.

Soldier ‘stabbed ex-girlfriend to death after he hacked her Facebook account and discovered she’d had an abortion’ - 09/03/12
A soldier preparing to serve in Afghanistan stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death after he hacked into her Facebook account to find she had aborted their unborn baby, a jury was told today. Lance Corporal Ian Lowe, 25, kicked down the door to Leanne McNuff's home in Droylsden, Greater Manchester, before repeatedly knifing her, stamping on her face and leaving her to die on her landing floor on March 11 this year, a court heard.

Teen stabbed girl, 15, to death and slashed her father in frenzied attack 'sparked by comments posted on Facebook' - 09/03/12
A teenager stabbed a 15-year-old girl to death and attempted to kill her father after she allegedly posted derogatory comments about another girl on Facebook, a Dutch court heard. The boy, 15, identified as Jing Hua K, was jailed for a year and ordered to spend at least two years in a psychiatric facility to be 'treated for his problems'.


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