WHO@ Newsletter - May 28, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .iCloud sends pics of suspected phone thief

A woman whose iPhone was stolen on a Florida-based Disney cruise said the alleged thief accidentally sent her the photos he took with the pilfered device.

Katy McCaffrey, who said her phone was stolen during an April ride on the Disney Wonder cruise ship, said the suspected thief, a worker on the ship, apparently did not know how to turn off the iCloud function, which automatically sends pictures taken with the phone to McCaffrey's computer, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

McCaffrey said she identified the suspect by reading his name tag in one of the photos he took and he posted his pictures to Facebook in an album titled "Stolen iPhone Adventures."

Disney Cruises said the employee has been placed on "administrative leave."

"We take these matters very seriously. We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior," a spokesman said. "We recovered the phone and we've been in touch with the guest."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Facebook stalker sentenced for extorting sex from women - 05/28/12
A Natalbany man will spend the next 10 years in prison after using Facebook to stalk and extort sex from women, and even a 14-year-old girl. Prosecutors say Adam Kolb, 26, would contact women through Facebook, and eventually have them send him racy pictures of themselves. When they tried to cut off communication with Kolb, he threatened to release the pictures on the internet or send them to their families.

Cyber love sours, girl seeks R 2.5 lakh/month alimony - 05/27/12
A case of domestic violence involving a couple from high-profile families has landed in a local court with the girl demanding a monthly alimony of Rs 2.50 lakh from her husband. The girl, who is a medical student, has filed a case of harassment and torture against her Mumbai-based builder husband.

Rapist knocked out secretary's teeth in brutal attack after meeting her on plentyoffish.com dating website - 05/25/12
A rapist who beat a legal secretary and left her ‘unrecognisable’ at the end of their first date was jailed for 12 years yesterday. Peter Ramsey, 26, punched the woman to the ground, ripped her clothing and raped her when she refused him a goodnight kiss at her front door.

Cookie consent laws come into force this weekend - 05/25/12
The new EU legislation requires websites ask users for their 'informed consent', and will divide the type of consent into different categories. A new code of conduct, introduced by the London office of the International Chamber of Commerce, aims to help businesses comply with new EU legislation which comes into force on Sunday. Breaches of the code could cost companies £500,000.

New York Law Would Ban Anonymous Internet Posts - 05/24/12
Uh oh, another controversial Internet bill has been proposed in the name of “protecting our children.” The Internet Protection Act in New York would pressure those accused of anonymous cyberbullying (on New York-based sites) to identify themselves, reports CNET. But it doesn’t stop there: the bill also targets those who criticize local business or make “mean-spirited and baseless political attacks.”

Jobs Ban On School Bullies - 05/24/12
Jobseekers in Australia will undergo character checks and could be refused employment if they were bullies at school. In a new offensive against high school bullies, employers will reject job applications from young people who have engaged in bullying, cyber stalking, harassment or threatening behavior.

Malicious Exes Are So Much More Horrible In The Internet Age - 05/23/12
After a break-up, it’s natural to feel hurt and angry. Hopefully you and your ex are able to vent those painful emotions by talking to friends, eating copious amounts of ice cream, taking up new hobbies, spending hours at the gym to negate the ice cream eating, and/or meticulously cutting each other out of one another’s digital lives through de-friending, deletion and detagging.

Man sentenced 10 years in cyberstalking case - 05/23/12
A 26-year-old Natalbany man has pleaded no contest to cyberstalking using Facebook. District Attorney Scott Perrilloux tells The Advocate ( http://bit.ly/Ko3G77) state District Judge Robert Morrison sentenced Adam Kolb to a total of 10 years in prison on seven counts of extortion, nine counts of cyberstalking, two counts of felony carnal knowledge and one count of defamation by hatred.

My blunder over sick Fabrice Muamba jibe - 05/23/12
Sick student Liam Stacey, 21, wrote “F**k, Muamba. He’s dead. Ha ha.” as paramedics fought to save the Bolton player at Spurs’ White Hart Lane. He was jailed for 56 days in March after admitting sending the Tweet ­ branded “vile and abhorrent” by the judge.

Hackers put credit card data on Twitter - 05/23/12
The Underground Nazis posed as the bosses of WHMCS to dupe the firm’s web hosts into releasing top secret info. Customers’ names, addresses and phone numbers were put on Twitter ­ sparking panic among the 500,000 registered users of the firm, based in Milton Keynes, Bucks.

Plastic surgeon sues patients for anonymous online complaints - 05/23/12
An Orlando plastic surgeon is suing 10 patients who he claims anonymously posted comments online about their bad experiences inside his office. Dr. Armando Soto claims the complaints are lies and have damaged his good name. He said he is seeking $49,000 in damages.

Police Investigating Cyber-Harassment Reports - 05/23/12
Barrington police are investigating two reports of cyber-harassment. The first case involves a Barrington High School teacher whose photo was taken by a 17-year-old boy in her class and then posted on Facebook with a derogatory comment, said Police Chief John LaCross.

Florida man arrested for cyberstalking Nye County girl and others - 05/22/12
A man from Florida has been indicted on multiple charges involving the online sextortion and cyberstalking of young girls, including a girl from Nye County. Deputies from the Nye County Sheriff's Office were contacted by a young female in October of 2009. She told them about a male who had contacted her on the Internet and convinced her to send him images and videos of her in various stages of undress.

Facebook Ignores Harassment Complaints - 05/22/12
A recent story in Consumer Reports (print version only) took the social media empire to task for the ease with which personal data could be viewed and misappropriated, both through the company’s own policies and by over-sharing by imprudent users. One unfortunate consumer, Kevin Jolly, found his identity taken over by a Facebook impostor in the form of a fake page featuring his name and picture, designed to harass and humiliate him.

Mother-of-five died after drinking industrial-strength vinegar in horrific 'home abortion' she researched online - 05/22/12
A pregnant mother-of-five died after drinking industrial-strength vinegar during an attempted home abortion she had researched online. Catherine Furey, 38, suffered a violent and eventually fatal reaction to the concentrated acid similar to that used in a chip shop.


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