WHO@ Newsletter - May 21, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Web site offers 'girlfriends' for hire

A Florida university student who designed a Web site for men to pay women $5 to perform "girlfriend-like" tasks said he now has 1,600 users.

Cody Krecicki, 22, a student at Edison State College in Fort Myers, said he was inspired by a girl in his class who was working multiple jobs to stay afloat while attending school and came up with Girlfriendforhire.com, the Naples (Fla.) Daily News reported Monday.

Krecicki said the "girlfriend-like" tasks offered include giving advice, helping to break up with unwanted romantic partners and sending Facebook messages that users can show to their friends.

Krecicki said the services, which also include homework help, each cost $5 and any adult or escort-like services are banned by the Web site's terms of service. He said he personally validates each post before it goes live on the site.

The Web site crashed for several hours due to a high rate of traffic on its first day last month and Krecicki said it has topped 100,000 page views with more than 1,600 registered users who have made 300 orders for the $5 services.

Robin Dunlap, a Texas college student who has sold two "flings" on the site, said it's a great way to make a little extra income.

"I'd be sitting in front of my computer anyway -- that's an extra $5 I'd be getting for what I'm doing anyway," she said.

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Big scam and fries - 05/21/12
A MCDONALD’S manager is being investigated after thousands of pounds worth of prize coupons were flogged on eBay. Vouchers meant to reward customers have been sold on the website at knockdown prices.

Suspects increasingly being arrested in St. Lawrence County for harassing by Facebook, texting - 05/20/12
Local law enforcement officials say they have seen an increase in crimes such as harassment being transmitted by newer methods such as Facebook and texting. “Cyberstalking,” “cyberbullying” and “cyberharassment” are not new offenses, they say, but are simply old offenses by newer means.

Lawyer says man's 10 days in jail enough for cyberstalking charges - 05/20/12
The lawyer for a 27-year-old man convicted of sending life threatening text messages to two former girlfriends said Friday that his client is a "goofy kid" whose 10 days locked up were enough. The time Mark Ronald Reed spent in the Benton County jail after his arrest "made a dramatic impression" on the Richland man, said Spokane attorney Christopher Bugbee.

Paedo’s 1,000 girl net hitlist - 05/19/12
A PAEDOPHILE had sex with four girls he met on Facebook ­ and had a hit-list of 1,000 potential victims, a court heard. Ryan Chambers, 19, set up 11 accounts on the site and used four phones. He groomed girls aged 12 to 15 after commenting on their web photos.

She looks utterly respectable. But this mother is accused of being a wicked 'troll' who posts vile abuse online (And who put her in the frame? The self-confessed troll she lives with...) - 05/18/12
Appearances, they say, can be deceptive. Kirsty Chapman (blonde, slim, pretty) is perhaps living proof of this. To the outside world, she is a respectable housewife and mother of three. Most days she can be seen out and about in fashionable jeans wheeling a pushchair near her home in Wales. Remember these details ­ in particular, the fact she has three children. They make what you are about to read all the more shocking.

The Facebook split: Indian woman files for divorce after husband failed to change his relationship status to married - 05/18/12
An Indian woman is filing for divorce after her husband failed to change his relationship status to married on social network site Facebook. The 28-year-old has already approached the family court seeking divorce saying that she can not trust him after her failed to announce their marriage on the website. The Telugu couple had an arranged marriage just two months ago and the case was filed in the jurisdiction of an Aurangabad court where the women is thought to live.

Christopher P. Gunn Charged With Sextortation And Cyberstalking After Allegedly Posing As Justin Bieber Online - 05/17/12
Federal authorities have indicted a Florida man for posing as Justin Bieber online, promising young girls backstage passes and free tickets in exchange for sexually explicit images and videos of themselves. Christopher P. Gunn, 31, who is already in custody for related charges in Alabama, is charged with online sextortation and cyberstalking, according to a release by U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Florida.

Chilwell software engineer tracked stolen bike over internet - 05/17/12
A SOFTWARE engineer is to help Notts Police fight crime online after he tracked down his stolen bike over the internet. Dom Finn thought his £500 Trek Valencia was gone forever after thieves sawed through a bike chain outside Tesco in Station Road, Beeston.

Former Lee County sheriff's sergeant accused of stalking - 05/17/12
A man fired from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for inappropriate behavior in 2010 has been arrested on a charge of stalking his ex-girlfriend. Christopher Michael Arey, a 42-year-old former sheriff’s office sergeant, was arrested Wednesday after his ex-girlfriend called 911 when he tried to enter her home.

Convicted stalker is accused of violating his probation - 05/17/12
A Danville man with a history of posing as women on social networking sites and stalking young men is back in jail after being arrested on a probation violation for the second time. Robert Slye, 30, was ordered held without bail for allegedly using several female aliases on social networking sites to exchange photos with young men.

Inside Out - Internet Trolls - 05/17/12
I am being bullied and libelled on Twitter and there is nothing I can do. As a chief executive I have made enemies. One has set up an anonymous Twitter account and regularly posts hostile tweets about me and those close to me. They are half-truths and often damn lies, which aim to upset me and undermine my reputation.

FBI finds scammers impersonating the FBI now one of worst online threats - 05/16/12
In a weird turn of events the most common Internet crime complaints in 2011 were those involving scams that involved fraudsters pretending to be the FBI according to the yearly online crime report issued through the FBI's partner, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

Brighton woman Nicola Brookes tackles 'trolls' after Facebook abuse - 05/15/12
A Brighton woman who was abused on the internet is starting legal action to force Facebook to reveal the identities of those who targeted her. Nicola Brookes was falsely portrayed as a paedophile and drug dealer by so-called internet trolls.


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