WHO@ Newsletter - March 26, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Man returns overdue books from 1920s

While donating books to the Dormont Historical Society in Pennsylvania, a man discovered he was actually returning overdue library books from the 1920s.

The books were checked out from Dormont School in the 1920, which is now the Dormont Municipal Building, home to the historical society, KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh, reported Friday.

Paul Kaminski, of Dormont, said he drove a box of books back from his cousin's home in Arizona. Inside the box he discovered the overdue books.

"A fine of five cents a day shall be paid on each book which is not returned according to the above rule," was printed in the books, Kaminski said.

That fine would come to a $1,600 library fine for one book that was checked out in 1924.

Kaminski said the books were probably checked out by his father and uncle, who attended Dormont School in the 1920s.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Japan orders Google to suspend autocomplete over cyber harassment - 03/26/12
The Tokyo District Court has approved a petition demanding Google to suspend its autocomplete search feature for Internet browsers, after a man alleged that it breached his privacy and got him fired. According to the man's lawyer Hiroyuki Tomita, in the Japan Times on Monday, Google had refused to suspend the feature, stating that its headquarters was in the U.S. and would not be regulated by Japanese law. The company also noted that the case also did not warrant deleting the autocomplete suggestions related to the petition under its in-house privacy policy.

Pervert who “bullied” young children into exposing themselves on Facebook and other social networking sites jailed - 03/26/12
A PREDATORY pervert who “bullied, coerced and pressured” young children into exposing themselves over Facebook and social networking sites has been jailed for seven years and will be on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Beware! E-mafia is at work on social media - 03/25/12
Beware of being active on cyber space as stalkers are on the prowl. Social networking may be the best way to catch up with lost contacts or conveying your thoughts to the world in a jiffy, but unless you are careful about the privacy settings in these sites, there are very high chances of falling an easy prey to cyber stalkers.

Bully arrested after ‘Sarah’ tells her story online - 03/24/12
A student at Arundel High School was charged with harassment last week, just days after a classmate he allegedly bullied posted an essay online asking for help and kicked off a social media storm. A girl who identified herself only as “Sarah” posted the 500-word article on Reddit, saying school officials had not done enough to stop death threats she was receiving from a well-liked bully.

Alleged Cyber-Stalker Found With More Than $100K in Stolen Goods - 03/23/12
Bond was set at $100,000 for a North Side man arrested Thursday for cyber stalking and found to be in possession of stolen goods ranging from diamond rings and scooters to tennis rackets. Police arrested Jicheng Liu, 32, of the 1700 block of West Altgeld Street, at his home Thursday on a warrant for cyber stalking and discovered the large quantity of stolen goods, according to a statement from police News Affairs.

Collin County Deputies Bust "Project X"-Inspired Party - 03/22/12
Authorities thwarted a "Project X"-style party slated for a vacant home in rural Collin County. "Project X," a movie that premiered March 2, is about three not-so-popular teenagers who decide to make a name for themselves by hosting the party to end all parties at a parent's home.

Florida man Doyle Hardwick arrested, jailed after Facebook quarrel with wife and calling 911 - 03/22/12
A Florida man is serving jail time ­ all because he wanted to check his Facebook page. Problem was his wife wouldn't leave him alone. The Tampa Bay Times reports 57-year-old Doyle Hardwick gave his wife beer in hopes she would go to sleep. But 54-year-old Julie Hardwick didn't want to go to bed. According to Pasco County arrest reports, she wanted to sit by her husband and look at his Facebook page. So he called 911.

Do You Google Your Dates? - 03/22/12
Online dating may no longer be taboo, but there's still the nagging question of safety associated with meeting someone over the internet. Sure, some dating websites may begin screening their users, but in the land of "I'm-a-20-something-who-can't-pay-for-a-membership-or-for-your-fancy-background-checks" there's another alternative: total internet recon.

When cyberstalking gets really sinister - 03/21/12
It began with a casual encounter at a London dinner party but when pretty PR executive Hannah Rhind chose not to pursue the relationship, she had no idea what was about to be unleashed. Instead of taking the gentle hint, Shumsheer Ghumman embarked on a relentless stalking campaign, subjecting the 29-year-old and her father to vile text messages and emails.

Grand jury votes to indict Yankees GM’s accused extortionist, Louise Meanwell - 03/21/12
The woman accused of stalking and extorting Yankees general manager Brian Cashman was indicted Wednesday by a Manhattan grand jury. Louise Neathway, 36, who has pleaded not guilty to extortion and cyber-stalking, stood cuffed in a gray ruffled blouse as prosecutors announced the panel’s decision to indict her.

NC commissioner arrested after mayor's complaint - 03/21/12
A Brunswick County town commissioner has been arrested after the mayor accused him of sending a threatening email. Belville Commissioner Joe Breault was charged Tuesday with communicating threats and cyberstalking. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

George Co. man accused of using Facebook to stalk teen girls - 03/21/12
George County investigators say a convicted criminal is back in jail, charged with using Facebook to cyber stalk teenage girls. Cyber stalking is a crime where a person harasses a victim using electronic communication. George County Sheriff's Investigator Billy Colburn said Willis McManus used the popular site to pursue 14 to 17-year-old girls.


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