WHO@ Newsletter - March 19, 2012

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Florida woman bit on buttocks by bear

Wildlife officials in Florida said a woman walking her dog was bitten on the rear end by a black bear.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Joy Hill said the woman was walking her dog at an apartment complex on Sable Drive in Longwood around 7 a.m. Friday when the bear attacked, the Orlando Sentinel reported Friday.

The woman sustained four puncture wounds to her rear end and was taken to Florida Hospital Altamonte for treatment, Hill said.

Hill said wildlife officers are setting traps for the bear, which they plan to euthanize.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Internet trolls targeted me for two years, says former Blue Peter presenter Richard Bacon - 03/19/12
BBC radio presenter Richard Bacon has revealed he was targeted by an abusive internet troll for nearly two years after he replaced Simon Mayo on BBC Radio Five Live. The anonymous online abuse was directed not only at him, but also his wife and baby son and became so hateful, he was forced to report the suspect to the police. The 36-year-old has spoken out in a documentary about cyber bullying due to be shown tonight, despite fearing this will provide further ammunition for internet trolls.

Indian call centres selling YOUR credit card details and medical records for just 2p - 03/18/12
Confidential personal data on hundreds of thousands of Britons is being touted by corrupt Indian call centre workers, an undercover investigation has discovered. Credit card information, medical and financial records are being offered for sale to criminals and marketing firms for as little as 2p.

Internet age horror story for any parent: At 14, Emily was besotted by a boy she found online. Then they met - and found out 'he' was really a she - 03/17/12
Fourteen-year-old Emily Marabella’s heart skipped a beat when she chanced upon the profile of ‘Mr Gorgeous’ on an internet social-networking site. With his long fringe sweeping out from under a beanie hat, chiselled jaw and pretty-boy looks, he was the very image of her teen idol, Justin Bieber.

WM woman charged with cyberstalking - 03/16/12
A West Monroe woman is behind bars after being arrested by Ouachita Parish deputies on a charge of cyberstalking. The arrest report for Natashia Dawn Lemoine, 25, of 275 Kelly Road, West Monroe, stated she sent text messages threatening the lives of the victim and their two children.

Facebook 'troll' Sean Duffy sentenced for offensive Sophie Taylor image - 03/16/12
A convicted internet "troll" who posted an offensive image of a teenage shooting victim on Facebook has been given community service. Sophie Taylor, 16, was accidentally shot by boyfriend Calum Murray, 18, at a cottage near Tomintoul, Moray, last April. The trainee gamekeeper then turned the gun on himself.

Woman, 40, arrested in London terror raid as police probe 'secret Facebook plot to blow up Italian synagogue' - 03/15/12
A 40-year-old British woman was being quizzed last night by detectives as part of an investigation into an alleged plot to blow up an Italian synagogue. Counter-terrorism officers swooped on an address in south London just before dawn yesterday after intelligence from Italian police suggested she had been discussing weapons and explosives on Facebook with a suspected Islamic extremist accused of planning an atrocity in Milan.

‘Sleep around’ Facebook jibe to stabbed Leanne - 03/14/12
YOUNG mum Leanne McNuff was stabbed to death after someone changed her Facebook status to "sleeping around". The call centre worker's best friend said after she was killed in front of her four-year-old son: "Her account was hacked."

$100,000 worth of stolen goods recovered in raid - 03/14/12
A Chicago man was arrested after police raided his Lincoln Park apartment and found more than a $100,000 in stolen merchandise. 32-year-old Jicheng Liu was arrested for cyber stalking but additional charges will likely be filed.

Home Secretary approves extradition of student Richard O'Dwyer over pirate TV website - 03/13/12
Richard O’Dwyer, 23, a computer science student at Sheffield Hallam University, faces up to 10 years in a federal prison for operating TVShack for three years until December 2010. Mr O’Dwyer’s mother, Julia, said her son had been “sold down the river by the government” in comments designed to embarrass David Cameron as he arrives in Washington for talks with President Barack Obama.

Man 'blackmailed engaged student for sex and money' at ultra-strict Mormon university attended by Mitt Romney - 03/13/12
A man has been arrested for blackmailing a Mormon student for sex and money by threatening to reveal his homosexuality to his strictly religious family including his fiancee, according to police. Brad Adams, 36, is due to appear in court in Provo, Utah, later this week charged with extortion and attempted serious sexual assault. He met his alleged victim, a student at Brigham Young University, once attended by Mitt Romney, on the Craigslist website last month.

Woman Had Sex With Teen After Online Gaming - 03/13/12
Monroe police have charged a Maine woman with sexual assault after a teen’s parents complained that their son was having a sexual relationship with a woman in her 20s. The then-14 year-old boy and Cassandra Grant, then 21, of Rockland, Maine, met in March 2011 while playing a PlayStation 3 game online, police said. The relationship escalated as they texted, met on webcam and spoke on the phone, police said.


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