WHO@ Newsletter - December 5, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Shoplifted candlelight steak dinner foiled
A Florida man faces theft charges after allegedly trying to walk out of a store with the makings for a candlelight dinner stuffed down his pants, police said.
Collier County sheriff's deputies said Dannial Ashley, 31, of East Naples was charged with retail theft after employees of a supermarket saw him trying to make off with four steaks and some candles.
Ashley tried to run off sans his loot, but was chased down by the grocers, deputies told the Naples (Fla.) Daily News.
Ashley was later released on bail pending further proceedings.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Bizarre email scam boasts "hit" out on recipients - 12/05/11
There are many scams running throughout the country, especially during the holiday season, but one Myrtle Beach man was left perplexed after an email stated someone had been hired to kill him. Sunday evening, Myrtle Beach Police responded to a home along Wild Iris Drive in reference to a harassment call. When they arrived, the victim reported he'd received an email from a person he did not know.

Carjacker foiled by victim's texting - 12/05/11
Police in Missouri said an accused carjacker was arrested after a passenger exchanged text messages with a friend in a following car.

Santa Wars: Groupon Deal Gaffe Sparks Grotto Chaos - 12/03/11
FURIOUS parents hurled abuse at Santa and his elves after a boob by discount website Groupon saw thousands besiege his grotto. Terrified kids sobbed amid mega queues for an advertised winter wonderland train ride ­ which did not exist.

Man accused of harassing officer with fake Web page - 12/03/11
While driving on East Avenue L on July 14, Brian Delacruz was pulled over and given a speeding ticket. San Angelo police said the following day a Facebook page was created for Officer Glenn Gesch ­ the officer who issued the citation.

Conn. murder victim to suspect: 'Leave me alone!' - 12/03/11
Less than five months before she was shot to death, a Wesleyan University student sent an angry email to the man now on trial for killing her, telling him: "Leave me alone!" Johanna Justin-Jinich was shot in May 2009 while she was working at an off-campus bookstore. Prosecutors say Stephen Morgan killed her. In a December 2008 email to Morgan, Justin-Jinich wrote, "I am so tired of you STALKING me. Leave me alone! ... YOU are the type of person that women take self-defense classes to protect themselves against."

Vale couple guilty of harassment - 12/02/11
Two neighbors have been found guilty of criminally harassing now State Rep. James Lyons and his wife, Bernadette, of Andover. The events took place before Rep. Lyons ran for office. William and Gail Johnson, both 53, of High Vale Lane, will both serve time in the House of Correction. William Johnson filed a false charge of abuse that brought DSS to the Lyonses' home one night, according to the district attorney's office. Both harassed the Lyons family through false postings on Craigslist, encouraging people to come to Lyons' house at odd hours and more, according to a press release today, Dec. 2, from the office of District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett.

One More Thing Goes to the Web: Subway Ogling - 12/02/11
AS a personal trainer, Ed Norman knows he has good biceps. But he didn’t realize they had their own secret admirers until he rode the London Underground earlier this year. Thanks to a Web-trawling friend, Mr. Norman, 27, learned that his photo had been taken surreptitiously on the Underground and posted on a new Web site, TubeCrush.net, under the title “Popeye Guns!” There he was (“Popeye”) in a black T-shirt with bulging arm muscles, reading a newspaper.

Groupon is hit by OFT probe into 'exaggerated' web offers - 12/02/11
Discount website Groupon is being investigated over claims its deals on everything from restaurant meals to fish pedicures are not always what they seem. It is accused of exaggerating savings offered via its daily deals, hiding key restrictions and even failing to prove the offers exist.

Employers already snoop on Facebook accounts during job applications - but could they DEMAND passwords as well? - 12/01/11
Could employers demand your Facebook password as part of a job application? One American was shocked to find a section in an application form that demanded not only his user names - but also passwords that would give his employers full access to his account, including private messages to other people.

Torn to pieces by the cyber mob - 12/01/11
What is it that makes people want to send vitriolic abuse, including death threats, to a total stranger? I can’t begin to imagine. But this year, thanks to Twitter and Facebook, I do know what it is like to be on the receiving end of such embittered hatefulness.

Homeless Men Caught Watching Porn at Laguna Beach Library, Patrons Say - 12/01/11
Laguna Beach Public Library patrons say there's a big problem with homeless people watching porn on library computers. Police found eight homeless men gathered around a computer inside the library Saturday afternoon watching pornography.

Former Stoughton High student sues school, town for sexual harassment - 12/01/11
A former Stoughton High student has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the school, a former principal and former superintendent, claiming that they failed to protect her after they knew she was being harassed when another student circulated nude photos of her. Now 18, the young woman was 14 at the time. The lawsuit includes former principal Brett Dickens, former superintendent Anthony Sarno and the town. The harassment occurred in October and November 2007.

Scammers list Knoxville real estate investor's property on Craigslist - 11/30/11
People looking for rental property often turn to Craigslist, the popular online classified section. However, fake rentals are also posted on the site. This scam only seems to grow more popular. Con artists use a real estate agent's online pictures and descriptions of homes for sale, then post the properties on Craigslist as if they're for rent.

Tweet With Caution: The Government Is Watching You - 11/29/11
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has been rightly ridiculed for informing on a teenager who had the nerve to ridicule him on Twitter. (All she needed to say after his office turned her in to school authorities for tweeting "he sucked" was "I rest my case.")

Stay-at-home father dodged tax on £4.7million of electrical goods he sold on eBay - 11/29/11
A stay-at-home father who dodged tax on £4.7million-worth of electrical goods he sold on eBay was jailed today. Gregory Allnutt, who has a seven-year-old son, avoiding paying more than £420,000 in VAT.


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