WHO@ Newsletter- December 19, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .N.J. cop arrested for DWI after DWI class

A Midland Park, N.J., police officer was arrested for drunken driving after consuming alcohol during a state police class on DWI arrests, authorities say.

During the Thursday class taught by the New Jersey State Police, Midland Park police officer Joseph B. Gaeta was given measured amounts of alcohol to test its effect on his physical abilities, the Midland Park Suburban News reported

After the class, Gaeta was driven home by another officer, Wyckoff police Chief Benjamin Fox said.

Once home, Gaeta, 31, got on his four-wheel all-terrain vehicle and began driving on a residential street, which authorities said is illegal.

Gaeta was attempting to make a turn when he lost control of the ATV and flipped it.

Fox said Gaeta sustained serious facial injures for which he was hospitalized. He had surgery Saturday.

Gaeta, who had a blood-alcohol level of 0.13 percent, was charged with driving while intoxicated and given several other citations related to the illegal operation of an all-terrain vehicle.

"I've honestly never run across a situation like this in 43 years," said Midland Park police Chief John Casson. "I'm not sure at what point his status [with the department] could change."

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Stalking Privacy on Facebook, One Psycho at a Time - 12/19/11
If you were asked who could harvest a trove of personal data from 10 million Facebook users in just three weeks you might guess company CEO Mark Zuckerberg over Jason Zada. You'd be dead wrong. Who is Zada? He offered something scary at Halloween and nearly 10 million strangers stepped up and provided him access to their personal Facebook information to get it. Unwittingly walking him past their privacy settings and into their policy-protected data vaults. Maybe you were one of them?

Women 'bullied, degraded' at air-traffic centre - 12/19/11
SENIOR managers responsible for Australia's air-traffic controllers allegedly ignored pervasive bullying, the distribution of pornography and degrading behaviour towards women, including an email threat by a manager to ''kick their [female workers'] arse till their nose bleeds''.

John Raymond Zimmerman jailed for multiple rapes and grooming online - 12/16/11
ONE of Australia's worst online sex predators, who claimed 55 teen victims, has been hit with a 12-year jail sentence in the County Court today after pleading guilty to multiple rapes, sex acts, grooming and stalking charges.

Victim of Facebook harassment shares story - 12/16/11
An Allen realtor pleaded guilty on Dec. 8 to a felony harassment charge after accessing an ex-employee's Facebook account and using it to send insulting messages to her friends. James Patrick Delagarza, 41, owns First Premier Realty, a real estate agency that sells homes in Allen, Anna, Frisco, Garland, McKinney and Plano. He was sentenced to six years of probation and fined $2,000 after pleading guilty to one count of online harassment.

Sometimes your criminal record isn't yours - 12/16/11
A clerical error landed Kathleen Casey on the streets. Out of work two years, her unemployment benefits exhausted, in danger of losing her apartment, Casey applied for a job in the pharmacy of a Boston drugstore. She was offered $11 an hour. All she had to do was pass a background check.

Twitter stalking is protected free speech, judge rules - 12/16/11
Saying mean, terrible, even violent things about someone on Twitter or blogs is free speech protected by the First Amendment, a judge has ruled. A San Francisco judge has declared that cyberstalking on Twitter and blogs is constitutionally-protected free speech, reports The New York Times. The ruling is a victory for the First Amendment. But like all things worth fighting for, it comes at a price.

Man arrested after threatening to kill lawyer, judge - 12/16/11
Okaloosa County investigators arrested a man Friday who was wanted for threatening to kill his lawyer and her husband, a judge, in Mississippi. Investigators found Jerry Woodward at an apartment on Old Ferry Road in Shalimar, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Net founders fight piracy law with 'censorship' claim - 12/15/11
The founders of Google, Twitter and eBay have signed a strongly worded letter criticising controversial US legislation ahead of a debate in Congress.

Police ask for end to checkstop tweets - 12/14/11
Edmonton police are asking people not to tweet the locations of checkstops set up to catch impaired drivers. "Putting lives in danger based on the fact that you want to have more followers on your Twitter account is pretty disappointing," said checkstop co-ordinator Const. Ian Brooks.

Fight over Facebook leads to arrest - 12/14/11
A fight between students at Sauk Valley Community college ended with one of them being arrested for allegedly pulling a knife. David Gossage, 19, is charged with unlawful use of a weapon and aggravated assault. The charges stem from a reported argument between Gossage and a female student at the school. The argument happened just before noon Tuesday, December 13, 2011.

Officer sacked for email threat to 'hunt' Reinfeldt - 12/14/11
A 47-year-old officer in the Swedish military reserves, upset about high energy prices, has been sacked after sending a threatening email to prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt suggesting it was time to hunt down politicians.

NBA fan goes from receiving email threat from 76ers to being offered job with the team - 12/13/11
A Philadelphia 76ers fan who created Twitter accounts for the team’s new mascot finalists has landed a full time social media job with the team. Yep. Jerry Rizzo, 23, is a 76ers fan and social media junkie who, along with friend Hunter Coleman, 22, registered Twitter handles for two of the team’s mascot finalists, @PhilEMoose and @BFranklinDogg.

Suing Google to Remove Results About Your Alleged Orgy Won’t Work - 12/13/11
I had never heard of Max Mosley until yesterday, when I read he was suing Google in Europe to block all search results regarding his alleged participation in some sort of Nazi sex orgy.

Amazon.com branded 'Grinch that stole Christmas trade' - 12/13/11
An Amazon.com promotion, which offered customers a discount if they let Amazon know the prices of items for sale in traditional shops, has provoked widespread anger, drawing a rebuke from a senator and seeing it compared to Dr Seuss's Christmas-stealing Grinch.

Student admits Facebook hacking - 12/13/11
A student from York has admitted hacking into Facebook in what prosecutors said was “most effective and egregious example of hacking into social media that has come before a British court”.


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