WHO@ Newsletter - September 19, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...They weren't lying...

Robbers say they were scared away by lion

Two 19-year-old Pennsylvania women are charged with burglarizing 25 homes, one of which they claimed they fled after encountering a lion inside, police say.

Harley R. Gifford and Britney Singleton face 25 counts of burglary, theft, receiving stolen property and related offenses, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Sunday.

The women admitted to the burglary of the homes, all of which occurred since July and during daylight hours, police said. They allegedly stole electronics, jewelry, clothing items, makeup and about $22,000 in cash, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

"They just enjoyed stealing," said Michael J. Chitwood, superintendent of police in Upper Darby, Pa., where most of the thefts occurred. "They used people's homes as their own private shopping center."

Gifford and Singleton said they saw a lion in one of the houses they attempted to enter, but no one was at the residence when police checked.

"If we find a lion, it will be a bigger story than this," said Chitwood.

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Rep. Daniel P. Gordon becomes 3rd R.I. lawmaker facing criminal charges - 09/19/11
Freshman Republican Rep. Daniel P. Gordon of Portsmouth spent the weekend at the state prison as Inmate #144119 following his arrest by Rhode Island State Police on charges of driving on a suspended license and failing to appear in a Massachusetts court to face an earlier charge of eluding a police officer.

Online harassment of children and young adults more widespread than believed - 09/19/11
The harassment of children over the Internet is a larger and more serious problem than hate speech and online frauds. This is the considered opinion of Sergeant Marko Forss from the Helsinki Virtual Local Police Group.

Is online dating safe? - 09/19/11
Kelly Seitter Luther, of Victoria, met her husband Adam Luther on Yahoo personals, Sept. 27, 2003. Kelly, 33, and Adam, 35, were new to Victoria and didn't know anyone, so they turned to online dating to find people to hang out with.

Digital dialogue: What you need to know - 09/18/11
I had the pleasure last week to meet with a group of both young and young at heart ladies to discuss the topic of Internet safety. I’ve written columns on Internet privacy in the past, focusing on the general idea of how to protect your personal information. While this information is important, there are a lot of other aspects of the Internet that are often overlooked. I want to make several points that you as parents and especially teenagers need to know:

Finding love online: Stories from the not-so-usual suspects - 09/17/11
It wasn’t all that long ago that we’d have probably thought it a bit crazy to meet someone online, then have that develop into a real-world relationship. But now, with the rise of dating sites (and in some cases with those, the crazier the better), it’s not at all uncommon.

The Sun finds the troll behind sick Madeleine McCann Facebook page - 09/17/11
THE sick internet troll who taunted the parents of missing Madeleine McCann is today unmasked as cowardly teen Jack Tims. Tims, 17, set up a vile Facebook page from his bedroom ­ then laughed at the outrage it sparked online. But Facebook chiefs have now DELETED the page after The Sun highlighted the case as part of our Target a Troll campaign.

Cyber harassers: You can hide, but you can’t run - 09/16/11
You gotta love the InterWebs. You can get away with saying practically anything about anybody-- and if you hide behind a fake identity, nobody will ever be able to tell it’s you. Right? Well, no. You can’t just say slander or harass someone without repercussions. If what you say or do would break a law in physical space, it will also break laws in cyber space. And I don’t care how anonymous you think you are, your identity is only a subpoena away.

Tortured, disemboweled and hung from a bridge for tweeting: Couple killed by Mexican drug cartel as gruesome warning to bloggers who 'snitch' online - 09/16/11
A couple have been found hanging from a bridge in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo after being disembowelled and mutilated by attackers. The motive for the gruesome attack was to warn social media users not to criticise Mexican drug cartels on the internet.

Comedian Dom Joly calls police over internet troll who abused his children on Twitter - 09/16/11
Comedian Dom Joly has called the police after a Twitter account was set up by an internet 'troll' abusing his two children. The 43-year-old star of Trigger Happy TV, who has an 11-year-old daughter Parker and seven-year-old son Jackson, was sent the string of abusive tweets about his children's appearance and claiming they had serious illnesses.

Joanna Lumley targeted in Facebook campaign against Gurkha 'influx' - 09/16/11
The Ab Fab star successfully campaigned for the heroic soldiers and their families to be given a right to settle in the UK. But the Gurkhas and their families now make up 10 per cent of the population in Aldershot, Hants, and residents say services are struggling to cope.

Remove anonymity in attacks by cyberbullies - 09/16/11
Anonymous bullying ­ deliberate, repeated and hostile behavior intended to harm others ­ is the dark side of Internet freedom. While most of us navigate the Net with little regard for its hazards, cyberbullying in the form of harassing emails, threats, sexual remarks, hate speech, false statements and ridicule routinely destroys reputations and lives.

Norwegian writer who claimed he lived in the wilderness for a year admits he stayed in hotels and shopped in arcades - 09/16/11
With his trusty rifle, fishing rod and dog for companionship Kristoffer Clausen set to prove to his Norwegian countrymen that he could live in the wilderness without the comforts of modern life. Unfortunately, for him, this proved too hard and has revealed that during his year-long ordeal he'd spent time in a hotel and even rented a cottage.

Cyber stalking made easier by Facebook - 09/14/11
Following up Tuesday’s debut of “smart lists” Facebook has announced an easier way to stalk people, even if they refuse to confirm your friend request. The "Subscribe" button will allow you to see public posts from people you’re not friends with, while also giving you the ability to share posts with people who don’t know you. So, the new feature has something for both the shy and egomaniacal type.

Man faces federal charges for ‘sextortion’ - 09/14/11
A Maryland man accused of blackmailing teenage girls into sending him explicit photos and videos is facing additional federal charges after prosecutors say he stalked another girl on the Internet while out on bond following his initial arrest.

Sick internet 'troll' who posted vile messages and videos taunting the death of teenagers is jailed for 18 WEEKS - 09/14/11
An internet ‘troll’ who posted vile abuse on Facebook memorial sites dedicated to dead children was jailed yesterday. Sean Duffy caused ‘untold distress’ by mocking a 15-year-old schoolgirl who committed suicide, leaving obscene messages and videos on a condolence page set up by her family.

Court Approves Lawsuit Against Toyota Over Cyberstalking Ad Stunt - 09/12/11
A woman who was targeted by Toyota in a creepy, stalker-themed online advertising stunt will be allowed to sue the company, despite the carmaker’s argument that she unknowingly agreed to the whole thing. Amber Duick sued Toyota in 2009 over its intrusive “Your Other You” campaign, after she began receiving frightening e-mails over a number of days from a strange man. The man, who had her home address, told her he was on the lam from the law and needed to crash at her place for a bit to hide out with his pit bull, Trigger.


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