WHO@ Newsletter - June 6, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .What a bunch of croc

U.S. police shoot fake alligator
Police in a suburb in the state of Missouri recently encountered one tough alligator -- or so they thought.

Officers in Independence, a Kansas City suburb, responded to a call on a Saturday evening about a large alligator lurking on the embankment of a pond, police spokesman Tom Gentry said Thursday.

An officer called a state conservation agent, who advised him to shoot the alligator because there was little that conservation officials could do at that time, Gentry said.

As instructed an officer shot the alligator, not once but twice, but both times the bullets bounced off -- because the alligator was made of cement.

The property owner told police later that he placed the ornamental gator by the pond to keep children away. But residents had little to fear.

"There are no alligators around here, we are too far north, it's too cold," said Bill Graham, spokesman for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Gentry acknowledged the incident is drawing a lot of attention.

"In hindsight, it's humorous," he said. "But we have to take every call seriously."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cyber-stalking - 06/06/11
When adults get involved in the act of cyber-bullying, it is referred to as cyber-stalking or cyber-harassment. Then act of cyber-stalking is perpetrated by adults toward adults, sometimes directed on the basis of sex.

Naked truth about Cape hot property - 06/05/11
Two estate agents have been dragged into a sordid scandal featuring nude photos, showhouse sex romps and industrial espionage - orchestrated by a jilted lover. Hristo Bukov spent last weekend in jail after allegedly posting graphic pictures of his ex-girlfriend on the internet, along with adverts for luxury properties in Cape Town.

Technology opens doors to creeps - 06/05/11
You know the dream, you're at school or work or on the street and you're naked. Very uncomfortable until you wake up, heart racing, in your bed. It was a nightmare or a comedy or, more than likely, a comedic nightmare. And now it's for real. Not literally, so much, but almost.

Police called to end cyber romance - 06/04/11
AN international romance, spanning the Pacific Ocean, that started with a click of a mouse has finished with a knock at the door. Police, following a request from an Illinois sheriff, this week went to a Rockhampton man's home to stop his cyber affair with a woman from Peoria, USA.

Are Debt Collectors Your "Friends?" Social Networks and Debt Collection - 06/03/11
The Federal Trade Commission recently held a seminar entitled "Debt Collection 2.0" and among the usual discussions of debt collection was a new topic: "Using Social Media for Debt Collection: Consumer Information, Collector Communications, and Privacy Issues." Using social media, like Facebook and Twitter for debt collection purposes is something new.

Calgarian harassed neighbours in anonymous online blitz - 06/03/11
A bitter dispute that involved a couple being harassed anonymously through the Internet has ended with their former neighbour being handed a conditional 12-month sentence, half of it under house arrest.

Dog Found Thanks To Facebook And Craigslist - 06/03/11
Facebook has been blamed for many hours of procrastination and stalking, but what about finding a lost dog? The Associated Press reports that Lucy, a golden retriever, went missing in Minnesota. A truck driver found the dog on the side of the road, and picked her up. Nobody knew who she belonged to, and so the truck driver took her along as a travel companion, ending up in Indiana.

"Unabomber" auction raises over $232,000 - 06/03/11
An online auction of "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski's personal belongings generated $232,246 to compensate his victims and their families, the U.S. Marshals Service said on Friday. The federal government held the court-ordered sale from May 18 until Thursday, as bidders snapped up 58 lots of items seized from Kaczynski during a 1996 raid of his remote cabin.

Xbox Gamer Allegedly Tricks SWAT Team Into Investigating Rival's Home - 06/02/11
An online gaming disagreement turned into a nightmare for a gamer who refused to do the bidding of a person he spoke to over Xbox Live. The victim alleges a rival somehow discovered his name, address and phone number, then falsely reported a murder-suicide at his home, causing a SWAT team to descend on his home.

Cyberstalking: When to Draw the Line - 06/02/11
I use social media often to promote my band, and mostly it's all well and good, but lately there's been a fan (stalker?) who "likes" everything I post on Facebook, retweets even the most banal things I say on Twitter, and once asked me to hang out with him.

Jeannette man charged with threats against Irwin police chief - 06/01/11
A Jeannette man, who has spent time in prison for threatening to blow up the Westmoreland County Courthouse, has now been charged with posting a threat to the Irwin police chief on Craigslist.

WWE legend The Ultimate Warrior is stalking Hulk Hogan, Makes more threats - 06/01/11
Over the last week, former WWE wrestler The Ultimate Warrior, now known as 'Warrior', has publicly threatened Hulk Hogan and says that karma will collect on Hogan. Warrior hints that he has something huge about Hogan to reveal to the public. However, making threats is just the beginning. Warrior has now graduated to 'cyber stalking' as Warrior created a Twitter account with the purpose to threaten Hogan some more.

A Paradoxical Remedy for Cyberstalking - 06/01/11
Scan the headlines and you’ll see a frightening wave of stories about cyberstalking. There even are draft laws hitting the books in some states (Illinois already has a law). The stories are bizarre, from the truck driver accused of stalking a teen actress to the case of a 12-year-old Washington-state girl charged with cyberstalking a classmate. Then there are the seemingly innumerable cases of jilted partners turned cyberstalkers.

Judge Raises Murder Suspect's Bail To $2M - 05/31/11
A state judge on Tuesday raised bail to $2 million for a Washington state man accused of killing a woman at a Big Island resort. Howard Philip Zimmerman, 46, is charged with second-degree murder, terroristic threatening and criminal property damage.

'Archaic' attitude to cyberbullying: expert - 05/31/11
A CYBER safety expert has described as ‘‘archaic’’ a Cranbourne principal’s failure to act on a vicious cyberbullying attack on one of his students. Susan McLean, who runs Cyber Safety Solutions and regularly advises government departments and schools, said Alkira Secondary College in Cranbourne should have protected the victim, a year 8 student, when she was attacked by another student on her Facebook page last week.


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