WHO@ Newsletter - June 27, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Gotta love stupid criminals

Dude! NY man's tossed pot lands on police cruiser
State police say a man's effort to ditch some drugs from a moving car in western New York didn't exactly go as planned.

Troopers with the state police Thruway detail say 20-year-old Sean Schmidt was standing with his upper body sticking out the sunroof of a vehicle traveling on Interstate 190 in Buffalo late Monday night.

When a trooper following in a state police cruiser activated the car lights to pull the other vehicle over, Schmidt threw a small bag of marijuana, which landed on the hood of the trooper's car.

Troopers say Schmidt was ticketed for marijuana possession and not wearing a seatbelt.

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From Data-Dates to Cyberstalking - 06/27/11
Nick Paumgarten’s article about online dating sites in this week’s issue examines the ways that technology has changed the mating game. Paumgarten traces the advent of computer-assisted dating back to 1966, when Lewis Altfest and Robert Ross came up with a program called Operation Match.

North Carolina Teacher Charged with Cyberstalking Student - 06/27/11
A middle school teacher has been charged with cyberstalking one of her 13-year-old students. Megan Mantooth, 26, is a popular eighth grade math teacher at Burgaw Middle School, located in Burgaw, North Carolina, where her husband is a deputy sheriff. Mantooth has been charged with cybertalking, allegedly sending "hundreds" of text messages to her student, which included "a lot of sexual innuendos," according to the boy's mother, Elizabeth Graham.

Is the internet bringing out your dark side? - 06/27/11
Do you send emails and texts without thinking? Or impulsively splurge online? A new book says technology is changing our personalities - for the worse Back in the good old days, celebrities used to get drunk at awards ceremonies, hurl insults and occasionally punches at each other. But these days the internet is the virtual bar where they brawl.

Cyber-Bullying Law Incites National Debate - 06/26/11
Tennessee's new law on cyber-bullying, that goes into effect Friday, is stirring nationwide debate and generating much criticism. But as much a fan of Facebook as Nashville transplant Mitch Ebie is, the accountant at Nissan admits he keeps his personal site G-rated. "I don't have pictures of me on there, with like my shirt off," Ebie told NewsChannel 5 Sunday, while working on his MacBook at Fido in Hillsboro Village.

Man accused of sending vulgar emails - 06/26/11
A Gastonia man emailed vulgar remarks to another man in an attempt to initiate a sexual relationship, according to arrest warrant affidavits. Kevin H. Moore, 47, of 1407 Shannon Bradley Road, was charged with cyberstalking.

One in five girls aged 18 admit to sending revealing images over the internet, survey finds - 06/25/11
CHILDREN as young as five are using Facebook and want their parents to help keep them safe online. A Federal Government report into internet use among young Australians - released during the week - also found tech-savvy children want their parents to learn more about social networking to bridge the generation gap.

Former Hannemann Aide Admits Anonymous Attacks - 06/25/11
A former aide to Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann admitted he made anonymous Internet attacks on political opponents. In 2008, pro and anti-rail transit groups battled over both the rail referendum and the Hannemann re-election.

Undressing on cyber space - 06/24/11
You probably accepted a friend request from an unknown person on Facebook who you shared with a few mutual friends. Then you started chatting online, your new male friend picked your contacts and then soon became a bother with the numerous unsolicited phone calls.

Man Harassing Ex Via Billboard Is Ordered to Remove It Immediately - 06/24/11
In the newest ruling from New Mexico, a state district judge has signed an order of protection against an Alamogordo man who purchased a billboard that implied his ex-girlfriend had an abortion, ruling that the billboard be immediately removed. A previous Domestic Violence court commissioner also stated that the billboard must be taken down, declaring it part of a “pattern of emotional harm and harassment,” but the creator refused to comply with the recommendation.

In brief: TV’s Judge Judy can’t settle suit for harassment in Collierville - 06/24/11
A hearing for a harassment complaint that bounced from television’s Judge Judy to the Collierville Town Hall was postponed Thursday. The arraignment hearing for Rachel Bates was rescheduled to July 26. Bates of Designer Digs was charged with harassment by Collierville resident Amy Smith after Bates placed an ad on Craigslist for a “divorce sale” at the home of Smith and her husband Brandon.

Man charged with posting woman’s info on Craigslist - 06/23/11
A Sycamore man has been charged with a misdemeanor offense after reportedly posting a woman’s contact information and offers for sex on an Internet website. Alexander P. Dominguez, 25, of the 700 block of South Main Street, is accused of posting a woman’s name, phone number and workplace information, along with offers of sexual contact, on the classified website Craigslist.

Facebook harassment charge highlights lack of online rules - 06/23/11
The arrest of a Port Macquarie teenager after he allegedly created an anti-police Facebook page has not surprised some in the information technology industry. The 18-year old has been charged with harassing police through a page titled "All Port Macquarie Police are Corrupt".

NYS Sexting and Cyberbullying Prevention Bill Goes To Governor Cuomo - 06/23/11
New York Lawmakers have passed a bill that provides youth charged with "cyberbullying" or "sexting" an option other than a permanent criminal record. Capital District Bureau Chief Dave Lucas reports. Recent headlines have highlighted the consequences of the growing epidemics of cyberbullying and sexting among youth in our society. The New York State Assembly and Senate have passed legislation that requires the development of an educational program about the numerous perils of sexting and cyberbullying.

Auditor employee placed on leave after alleged email threats to Amy Broyles - 06/23/11
An employee of the Knox County Auditor’s office has been placed on paid administrative leave for allegedly making email threats to Knox County Commissioner Amy Broyles, Knox County officials said today. David Cox, an auditor in the office of County Auditor Richard Walls, has worked there since Jan. 16, 2009 at a salary of $42,601.

Nathan Kotylak in hiding due to Internet threats but still active online - 06/23/11
Natahn Kotylak, the 17-year-old Canadian Olympic water polo hopeful caught attempting to set fire to a police car during the Vancouver riots, has been seen maintaining an online presence despite claims that harassment and intimidation from the Internet caused the Kotylak family to flee their home.

Botox and texting may not mix - 06/23/11
Anyone contemplating Botox treatments for excessive sweating might want to consider the case of a U.S. teen-ager. The 17-year-old girl, a typical whiz at sending text messages from her phone, had Botox injections to control excessive sweating on her palms -- and afterwards, she couldn't text as well, according to a case study published in Archives of Dermatology.

Tallahassee man returns to face stalking charges - 06/22/11
Bond was set at $50,000 this week for a Tallahassee man charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend in Jackson County. Huan Doan, 32, turned himself in to police earlier this week, two months after warrants had been issued for his arrest. The Marianna Police Department had asked the United States Marshal Service to help locate and take Doan into custody, after he allegedly fled the area in April to avoid arrest. Doan presented himself to police Monday.

Schoolboy murdered ex-girlfriend 'for a free breakfast' - 06/22/11
A schoolboy murdered a former girlfriend after he was promised a free breakfast if he carried out the killing, a jury heard today. Rebecca Aylward, 15, of Maesteg, near Bridgend, south Wales, was battered to death within weeks of the chilling bet with a friend.

Apartment Complex Confrontation Goes Viral - 06/22/11
A YouTube video showed a dispute over a Downtown Cedar Rapids apartment getting ugly. Now police say they’re conducting an investigation. That investigation stems from an incident that happened here in the Roosevelt Apartment Complex here in Downtown Cedar Rapids.

Parole violation alleged in Facebook case - 06/21/11
A Michigan woman sentenced for taunting a terminally ill girl on Facebook and trying to run another neighbor over is violating her probation, neighbors claim. Jennifer Petkov, who was ordered to move out of her Trenton home during her 18-month probationary sentence, has been sneaking back into the home where her husband and children still live and has resumed taunting her neighbors with Internet postings, neighbors told The Detroit News.

Students post angry comments against blogger - 06/21/11
A recent internet blog entry spurred a series of angry responses from local high school students and an apparent trespassing incident in town. About two weeks ago, Patch blogger Joel Hellmann posted a column titled “Pigs Just Tip of Manure Pile on Senior Prank Day.” The column criticized the Barrington High School students who conducted some pranks at the school ­ they let loose two pigs and a rooster inside the halls of the high school ­ in early June.


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