WHO@ Newsletter - June 20, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...Gotta love stupid criminals

Prison escapee caught after knocking on wrong door

An escaped convict was caught following a day on the loose after he knocked on a cabin door ­ only to find out the man renting the lodge was an off-duty guard at the prison he just fled.

Authorities said 39-year-old James Edward Russell took off from the Washington state penitentiary Tuesday morning. Early the next day, Russell ­ still wearing his prison uniform ­ went to the cabin asking to use the phone, said Department of Corrections spokesman Chad Lewis on Thursday.

After a scuffle, Russell ran off again, Lewis said. The guard, whose name was being withheld by authorities, reported the incident and Russell was caught a few hours later.

He had been serving time for forgery and theft.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

DU law student charged with cyber stalking - 06/20/11
A Delhi University law student has been accused of stalking and threatening a woman online. He also created her fake profiles on social networking sites to defame her.

Student TV file sharer facing extradition to U.S. after arrest for 'running site providing links to pirated films and TV shows' - 06/18/11
A British university student faces being extradited to the United States for hosting a website which provided links to downloadable pirated films and TV shows. Undergraduate Richard O'Dwyer, a student at Sheffield Hallam University, was arrested late last month and is accused of criminal copyright infringement by U.S authorities.

Dad sues girl's bullies over Facebook video - 06/18/11
A Houston lawyer has sued three girls who made his daughter the target of a nasty video posted on Facebook, according to a lawsuit filed this week in Harris County, Texas. Last month, the Kingwood, Texas, students, who attend the same middle school, filmed themselves offering unkind words about a classmate, then uploaded the video to the social networking site, the civil complaint says.

Whistleblower: Daughter ranted; Mom has to pay - 06/18/11
Kyong Kessler was mad about the pockmarked driveway that cost her $5,400; a Hennepin County judge agreed that the job was less than perfect and ordered the contractor to pay $440 in damages. But when Kessler's daughter went online to blast the contractor's ethics and business practices, the company fought back and won a $2,000 judgment against Kessler for defamation.

Online Attacks -- Why So Many Feel Big When They Hide Behind A Screen - 06/18/11
I've often joked that the internet is the last place that beating up women in public is still considered acceptable. Ask any woman who writes online, be it politics, women's rights, often even parenting and more mundane social issues, and you will hear a nearly universal admittance that she has at some point been attacked for her views by at least one anonymous commenter. Not an "I disagree with you because x, y,z..." response, but a "You stupid bitch, why do you think you can write what you write."

Police probing Tim Burchett threats - 06/18/11
The Knox County Sheriff's Office is probing threats reported by at least one county commissioner and, most recently, County Mayor Tim Burchett. Burchett said he couldn't comment on threatening phone messages left for him this week because of the investigation, but he confirmed that they referred to the budget passed earlier this week.

FBI Investigates Hackers Threatening City Websites - 06/17/11
The FBI is investigating emails from hackers trying to stop the arrests of Food Not Bombs volunteers who serve meals to the homeless, according to officials. The hackers threatened to shut down Orlando city websites and officials said the hackers claimed to be part of the same group that hacked Sony and even some small countries.

More charges added against Schoenberger - 06/17/11
Some guys just can’t take no for an answer. After being charged earlier this week with 17 counts of telephone harassment, Scott Schoenberger, 40, 70307 J St., an inmate at St. Tammany Parish Jail, had a protective order filed against him by his ex-girlfriend, but has allegedly continued to make more telephone calls to her, this time, he allegedly made 11 harassing phone calls to the woman.

Vriezen: Free Speech? Not in Tennessee - 06/17/11
Many state legislatures have attempted to pass bills with vague and unclear wording in the past, but the diction of Tennessee’s new law could get a lot of Internet users in trouble. Beginning July 1, a law will be enacted that seems to allow the possibility of a Facebook user, Tweeter, blogger or news group being prosecuted for “emotional distress” suffered by a victim.

Puddick cleared of harassing wife's lover on internet - 06/17/11
Plumber Ian Puddick has been cleared of internet harassment after tweeting and blogging details of his wife's affair. Mr Puddick, 41, hailed it as "a victory for free speech and the small man", following the verdict at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court.

Tackling the cyber stalkers - 06/17/11
The internet has helped social landlords communicate with tenants but it has also created a platform for the harassment of staff and residents alike. Carl Brown investigates. ‘He made threats against me and my family and I had to take my son out of school because he threatened to kill him.’

RI Senate Passes Cyberbullying Bill - 06/16/11
Late Thursday, the Rhode Island senate is expected to endorse a bill that creates a statewide policy to fight cyberbullying in schools.

Firm 'scams fans out of Take That tickets' - 06/14/11
HUNDREDS of Take That fans may have fallen victim to an online scam. People who bought tickets for this month’s concerts from Ticket Index have yet to receive them. The company claims on its website it has ­“technical difficulties”, but this was last updated in May and it is not answering phones.

Schools May Punish Students for Off-Campus, Online Speech - 06/14/11
Public schools may discipline pupils for their online speech spoken off-campus, a federal appeals court ruled Monday in two long-running cases testing student speech in the online world. However, in the cases decided Monday, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Pennsylvania school districts overreacted and breached the First Amendment rights of two students by disciplining them for mocking their principals online, using computers that were off the campus.

Judge to copyright troll: your lawsuits are shams, give it up - 06/14/11
Hugh from the Electronic Frontier Foundation sez ,"In a decision with likely wide-ranging impact, a judge in Las Vegas today dismissed as a sham an infringement case filed by copyright troll Righthaven LLC. The judge ruled that Righthaven did not have the legal authorization to bring a copyright lawsuit against the political forum Democratic Underground, because it had never owned the copyright in the first place. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Fenwick & West LLP, and Las Vegas attorney Chad Bowers are defending Democratic Underground."


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