WHO@ Newsletter - March 21, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Stupid criminal
Pa. bank robbery presents 2 forms of ID

Police say a man tried to open an account before robbing a central Pennsylvania bank, but only after he'd already handed over two forms of identification.

Harrisburg police say 35-year-old Daniel Rahynes walked into a bank on Sunday and told tellers he was interested in opening an account. After he gave bank employees his information, he declared that he was actually there to rob the bank.

Investigators say Rahynes drove off with a small amount of cash, striking another vehicle. Meanwhile the bank contacted police, who issued a warrant for his arrest.

Police in a neighboring county took Rahynes into custody following another crash near Carlisle and learned of the warrant.

Rahynes faces bank robbery charges. It was not clear if he had an attorney.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

South Carolina Lawmakers Take Facebook Away From Prisoners - 03/21/11
Well, Facebook stalking used to be fun. Now it’s just scary and dangerous as prisoners with access to contraband cell phones are using them to update their statuses and communicate with people on the outside.

Twitter scam exploits users' lack of Internet savvy - 03/21/11
Security firm Sophos is warning that a new scam is spreading virally on Twitter and a significant number of people have already fallen for it. The Online Timer scam claims to measure how long users have spent on the Twitter website. It spreads via seemingly innocuous Twitter messages along the lines of "I have spent 30 days, 14 hours on Twitter. How much have you? Find out here", followed by a shortened link to a malicious website.

Case highlights 'spoofing' and other electronic stalking - 03/20/11
The e-mailed threat was stark. "How would you like it if your sister went missing?" The next message was an insult. "Whore," the writer said, and taunted, "You called the cops but they can't do anything." Todd Hart, 26, had reason to believe his boast was accurate. The victim, an ex-girlfriend he threatened for weeks last June, had called police about earlier disturbing e-mails. They immediately asked for copies.

Bullying: Victim or Culprit? - 03/20/11
Bullying is a form of abuse that a countless number of people encounter. Normally, we think of children when the term bullying is referred to, but even a growing number of adults are falling victim to this. It is a way to exert a persons', or groups' influence, or power, over another individual causing an imbalance of power.

Laplap Con Pair Are Jailed - 03/19/11
TWO brothers who conned thousands with a fake "Christmas wonderland" were each jailed for 13 months yesterday. Victor Mears, 68, and his brother Henry, 60, charged up to £30 for tickets to their "Lapland New Forest".

Man charged with polygamy after ‘defriending’ 1st wife on Facebook and then posting images of second wedding - 03/18/11
Richard Leon Barton Jr thought his secret was safe when he 'defriended' his first wife on Facebook and married his second without getting divorced. But now the law has caught up with the 34-year-old Michigan man after pictures of his second trip down the aisle were posted online.

New Orleans man booked on two counts of cyberstalking, TV station reports - 03/17/11
A New Orleans man is in jail, booked on two charges of cyberstalking after he allegedly sent threatening e-mails to an FBI agent, WDSU-TV reports. David Christenson, 53, was arrested Tuesday and remains jailed on a $300,000 bond, court records show.

Attorney Kenneth Eade Offers Reward for Identity of Investors Hub Cyber Stalkers - 03/17/11
Attorney Kenneth Eade, who has filed a lawsuit against Investorshub.com and alias posters using false names, in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Case No. 11-01315 PA, has appealed to the public to unmask the alias posters named as Doe Defendants in the suit, and has gone as far as to offer a $100 reward for any information leading to their identity and prosecution.

Watch your back - 03/16/11
The murder of a Delhi University student in the capital city in broad daylight by her alleged stalker has brought the debate around the issue of women's safety back into the spotlight. Expert advice on what to do if you find yourself in the grips of a stalker

GHS girls targeted on 'smut' list - 03/16/11
A so-called "smut list" targeting scores of female students from area schools touched off a dispute that led to a police response at Greenwich High School on Tuesday, officials said. Students have circulated the list -- part of a recent phenomenon among college students and teens of publicly naming girls claimed to be promiscuous -- via mobile phones and the social networking website Facebook.

Man 'installed secret camera in ceiling of tanning salon to film 73 women and girls undressing - then posted tapes on internet' - 03/15/11
A man allegedly filmed 73 women as they stripped naked in a tanning salon, then posted the clips on internet pornography sites. Police say Jesse Macklin, 28, is a 'voyeur' who crept into the salon's false ceiling from an empty shop next door and installed a secret camera in the rafters.

Sequim man faces additional charges - 03/15/11
A 19-year-old Sequim man already facing charges of child rape, molestation and cyberstalking now faces a slew of additional charges after police interviewed a 14-year-old who said she was victimized, too. Dylan S. Valin was arrested on suspicion of child rape and cyberstalking Feb. 8. At the time, he was accused of having sex with and molesting one 13-year-old girl as well as sending threatening text messages to another.


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