WHO@ Newsletter - March 14, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried...I wonder if she "tsk tsk'd" him, too
Bank robbery thwarted when teller says no

A would-be thief's attempt to rob a suburban New York bank was thwarted when the teller refused his demand for money.

Police said the man remained at large after the attempted robbery on Wednesday in New Rochelle, about 25 miles (40 km) north of New York City.

"He slipped a note through the teller's slot that said 'money in bag,'" said police Captain Joseph Schaller said. "She refused and with that, she activated the alarm, turned away from the window and he ran out the door."

The bank closed briefly but soon reopened for business, police said.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Library board to vote on Web use policy - 03/14/11
The Great River Regional Library board of trustees is expected to vote Tuesday on changes to its policies regulating public use of the Internet. Great River libraries use filtering software on computers. However, federal law allows adult patrons to ask to have the filters turned off for “legitimate research purposes.”

North Naples resident Lori Ann Crawford was celebrating her 45th birthday with her husband and family when a text arrived on her cell phone. The text claimed her 64-year-old husband, Richard, was having an affair with one of his employees. Not knowing who sent the message, the Crawfords hired an attorney and sued John/Jane Doe for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional stress. The lawsuit allows the attorney to start serving subpoenas to trace the origin of the message.

Teacher fights for her job after tasteless joke on Facebook about girl's tragic beach drowning and her unruly class- 03/13/11
A teacher is fighting for her job after a tasteless joke on Facebook about her unruly fifth-graders involving the death of a young girl. Veteran Brooklyn teacher Christine Rubino referred to the tragedy the day before of a 12-year-old Harlem schoolgirl who drowned on a class trip to the beach.

Facebook stalking - 03/13/11
Would you give up your username and password to your e-mail, Facebook account or any other Internet site if it meant you could net a job? Would you let your employer have that information if they demanded it under threat of disciplinary action?

£53,000 tweet, election slur sees first UK Twitter libel - 03/12/11
A FORMER mayor has been hit with a £53,000 libel bill after a slur on a rival – on Twitter. Colin Elsbury, 41, is believed to be the first person in Britain to pay out over a so-called "twibel" on the micro-blogging website.

Social media can open up an office minefield - 03/12/11
Attendees at social media seminars often ask how to keep business and personal separate in social media. The older they are, the more likely that question comes up.It's generational angst on the death of privacy. They seem unaware that privacy is virtually dead already.

How Facebook is turning women into stalkers: A third of online victims are now men - 03/12/11
Women are finding it increasingly difficult to move on once a relationship has ended because Facebook invites them to stalk their former lovers via the internet. Experts have likened the habit of following ex-boyfriends on the web to the lure of online gambling.

Lawyer: Facebook abuser doesn't deserve prison - 03/12/11
A man accused of violating the online privacy of women by making public their intimate photos was portrayed Thursday by his lawyer as a naive, bored young person who had a drinking problem and didn't recognize the public embarrassment he was causing.

Man charged with sexual abuse, cyber stalking - 03/11/11
A Havana man stands accused of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and cyber stalking after allegedly sending threatening text messages to two people.

Cyber-stalking case closed with suspect’s death - 03/11/11
A case of cyber-stalking involving a Naperville woman and a man from Clarendon Hills has been closed, following the man’s death six weeks ago. Daniel J. Mrowinski, 60, had been facing trial in DuPage County Circuit Court in Wheaton on two misdemeanor counts of electronic communication harassment.

Anti-cyberbullying site shut down after threatening host with bad review - 03/10/11
A new service built to provide a global countermeasure to deter cyberbullying was shut down before it could ever get off the ground due to a dispute with Cyber Cast International (CCI). The dispute began when CCI refused to provide the owner of CyberbullyingReport.com with basic services, escalated when George O’Brien threatened to publish a negative review of their business if services were not provided, and ended when CCI suspended O’Brien’s account for alleged misconduct.

Software blamed for Ohioan's $200M refund promise - 03/11/11
Ohio's tax department says a promise that it would send a woman a $200 million refund check was a mistake due to a software glitch. The Sandusky Register reports Denise Bossetti was among 9,700 taxpayers statewide who received Ohio Department of Taxation notices about mega-refunds. It's not clear if the other amounts were as big as what Bossetti was told to expect.

Vidya Balan to sue website for fake bikini pics - 03/10/11
Angered by her morphed bikini-clad picture circulating on the web, actress Vidya Balan is preparing to sue the websites that are defaming her. A source revealed to DNA, "Vidya (who's shooting overseas) is very upset with the way the picture has become hot property in cyberspace.

Protesters demand action to protect cyber-stalking victim - 03/10/11
PROFFESORS and students at Alicante Unversity are demanding the institution take action to stop cyber-stalking a teacher has endured for two years. During this time the victim has been subjected to abusive emails, of a sexual nature, against herself and her underage daughters, according to union UGT.

Woman discovers someone is using her face on Facebook - 03/10/11
We have reported before how important it is to lock down your privacy settings. We've also explained how easy it is to type your name into search engines to see what pops up. However, there is a new security threat targeting you and your life, and you may not ever know about it until it's too late.

Rude awakening for sleepy U.S. students - 03/09/11
Chronically tardy and truant students at a Massachusetts high school are getting a rude awakening -- a pre-recorded morning wake-up call from their school principal. The so-called "robo-calls" that began on Wednesday are aimed at rousting about 500 students, the worst-offending sleepyheads, from bed and getting them to school on time.

Student 'had sex with woman while friends hid under the bed and filmed it' - 03/09/11
A student had sex with a woman while his two friends filmed them, then threatened to post the footage on Facebook if she complained, a court heard yesterday.


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