WHO@ Newsletter - December 13, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Yeah, he looks human
Man buckles in 'Diego' doll to drive in HOV lane

Diego was a model passenger, sitting quietly with seat belt buckled, never fidgeting. But it was the huge, unblinking eyes that made a Washington state trooper suspicious.

The state patrol says troopers were stationed Nov. 29 along an Interstate 405 onramp, pulling over people who were driving in the high occupancy lane with only one person in the car. That's when the odd "passenger" drew one trooper's notice.

The patrol says the trooper stopped the car and found the driver had placed a stuffed Diego doll from the Nickelodeon children's show "Go, Diego, Go!" in the front passenger seat. The unidentified driver said he was late for work so he drove off with his daughter's doll so he could use the HOV lane.

The driver was cited for the HOV lane violation.
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Surf the Internet Safer - 12/13/10
Learning how the Internet actually works is something few people do. Most people simply log on, and head online for their email, or to surf the Internet. For some people, issues like privacy or Internet security are not that important. For everyone using the Internet, taking basic precautions to protect your computer is important.

Facebook police walk the beat - 12/13/10
Facebook chief executive and co-founder Mark Zuckerburg says his website helps bring people together, and makes the world a better place, but this has to be balanced against other online activities like harassment or bullying. When Zuckerburg’s vision of an internet utopia where we all come together and get along falls short, Facebook’s virtual police squad are put to work.

Inmate gets added time on stalking charge - 12/12/10
A New York man already in prison for stalking a Pottstown woman he met on the Internet faces additional prison time for sending a harassing letter to the mother of the woman he stalked.

Hate and the internet - 12/12/10
I remember the first time I logged into a chatroom. It was 1996, and I was using my mum's AOL account to mooch around the world wide web, which was still very much in its infancy. I was in that glorious, unrestricted period of life between college and reality, and the web seemed to offer splendid, unrestricted access to the outside world in a way that no generation had known before.

Key West Man Faces Louisiana Charges of Campus Cyber Stalking - 12/11/10
University of Florida police say they plan to pursue charges against a Key West man accused of using Facebook to trick college students into sending lewd photos of themselves. Mitchell W. Hill, 27, was arrested Thursday on a Louisiana warrant charging him with video voyeurism and extortion. He's accused of pretending to be a sorority member and contacting Louisiana State University pledges through Facebook. He allegedly demanded that they provide nude photos and web-cam transmissions or they would be kicked out of the sorority.

Former Great Wolf Lodge HR manager gets prison time for obscene calls - 12/11/10
A former human resources manager for Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound was sentenced Friday to three years and five months in federal prison for making thousands of obscene and sexually threatening phone calls while using an Internet telephone "spoofing service."

Former Kaplan dean guilty in e-mail harassment case - 12/11/10
A federal jury on Friday found a former Kaplan University dean of legal studies guilty of all six counts of sending threatening e-mail messages to executives, students and other employees of the online school. Bennie Wilcox boiled over after he was let go from his $111,000-a-year job and hacked into the school’s e-mail system in 2007.

Facebook Killer Drew Sic Pick of Knifed Lad - 12/10/10
A VICIOUS teenager who murdered another lad over a Facebook feud later drew a sick cartoon of the killing in his prison cell, a court heard yesterday. Cameron Schofield, 17, plunged a ten-inch kitchen knife into Cody Turner's chest SIX TIMES.

Computer Wiz Accused of Online Stalking - 12/09/10
An man from Old Forge was charged Wednesday with unlawful use of computers. David Sica, 24, owns a computer business and authorities believe his know-how with comptuers allowed him to stalk women online. Police said he found his victims on Facebook. Investigators said Sica would add women as friends, then once he gained their trust, he would them messages and casually ask them personal questions like what's your pet's name, or on what street do you live?

Cyberstalking 'inflicting misery' - 12/09/10
Stalkers are using GPS tracking technology and mobile phone applications to track their victims, prosecutors have said. The tactic, already seen in the United States, involves using websites and mobile apps to pinpoint victims' locations using their mobile phones.

Trouble online - 12/08/10
Up in Aspen, the district attorney`s office has taken the unusual step of leveling criminal charges against a teen accused of cyberbullying another teen. A judge ordered her against using Facebook, Twitter or other electronic means to talk about her alleged victim or she would face further charges.

Police: Local woman threatened by text messages, nude photo - 12/08/10
David Keith Clark may have said and done too much. At least, that's what an arrest warrant alleges about the San Antonio man. According to San Antonio police, he attacked a woman he used to live with, threatened her through text messages, and posted a nude photograph of her on the Internet.

Issaquah police probe cyberstalking - 12/07/10
Issaquah police said a Bellevue woman sent more than 200 lewd e-mails and online messages to friends and relatives of her estranged husband. Investigators said the messages included crude language and pornographic images. Issaquah police became involved because the estranged husband resides in the city. Deborah M. Sanders, 47, faces eight counts of felony cyberstalking for the incident. Sanders is due in court Jan. 4 for a case-setting hearing.

World Boxing Council claims e-mail harassment, puts stop on Brockton Rocky statue - 12/07/10
The World Boxing Council has said an e-mail campaign of harassment against council officials is “a good reason to stop” plans to build a statue of boxing legend Rocky Marciano, even though it’s not clear whether work on the project ever began.

An Online Shopping Cautionary Tale - 12/07/10
The owner of the website, DecorMyEyes.com, Vitaly Borker, was arrested in Brooklyn at his home yesterday. The 34 year old Borker was charged with defrauding customers, making threats over state lines, and cyberstalking. The wire and mail fraud accusation carries a maximum penalty of twenty years and the threat and cyberstalking counts could each earn him up to five years.

'Please don't kill me': Woman, 22, raped by man, 40, she met on dating website sugardaddyforme.com - 12/06/10
A 22-year-old woman was subjected to a horrific sex assault by a 40-year-old man she met on a dating website. Marcelo Alves faces life in prison after he was convicted on Friday of raping the woman who he met on sugardaddyforme.com, which claims to have 2m users.


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