WHO@ Newsletter - February 22, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .If you fell for that, I have a bridge I want to sell you
Vt. clerk foils robber with 'Let me call my wife'

A Vermont convenience store clerk foiled a robbery after the would-be robber demanded $200 cash. Said clerk Michael Patel: "Let me call my wife." With that, Vermont State Police said, a 21-year-old man ran from Ascutney Sunoco. He was later caught and charged with two counts of petty larceny. He pleaded not guilty Thursday in Vermont District Court.

Vermont State Police said the man ­ who was on bail for a pending charge of stealing catalytic converters from cars ­ told Patel he had a gun, but he didn't.

In an interview with the Valley News, the 38-year-old Patel said he and his wife, who've owned the store for four years, work hard for their money and don't want to give it away.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Mistrial in federal cyberstalking case: hung jury - 02/22/10
Federal jurors deadlock over charges accusing a Lake Providence man of cyberstalking his ex-wife and her husband.

Are sexy spammers stalking you on Twitter? - 02/22/10
Like seemingly everyone else who spends inordinate amounts of time in the Twittersphere, I'm always on the hunt for more followers.

Stabbing after women set up fight on Facebook - 02/22/10
A DISPUTE on Facebook has been blamed for a fight that led to a woman being stabbed south of Brisbane this morning.

Teenager accused of Suncorp bank fraud back on internet - 02/22/10
A TEENAGE Brisbane student accused of using the internet to defraud Queensland's biggest bank of $2 million has today had his ban on using the internet lifted.

Oregon coach dismisses WR Jamere Holland following expletive-filled Facebook post - 02/21/10
Oregon coach Chip Kelly announced Sunday he had dismissed Jamere Holland from the team, hinting it was because of the wide receiver's expletive-filled post on the player's Facebook page.

Scots ponder online stalking law - 02/21/10
Ministers in Scotland are considering a new law which would help stop people stalking and harassing their victims by text or online.

Kannur: Girl, lover commit suicide over kissing video on net - 02/21/10
An 18-year-old schoolgirl and her paramour allegedly committed suicide after video clippings of her kissing a classmate were posted on the Internet, police said on Saturday.The girl, a student of Class XII at a school in Kannur, and a 27-year-old plumber, who is believed to be her boyfriend, were found hanging from a tree at the latter's residence, police said.

Chicken Little Provides Leads To Cyberstalkers - 02/20/10
For more than two years, the publisher of The North Country Gazette has undergone persistent threats and harassment via the Internet, including bomb and death threats, with indications that at least one of the perps may have ties to law enforcement.

Stalking law changes to help prosecutors - 02/19/10
Do you know what a stalker is? Most people think they do, until the court gets involved.
La Salle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne presented three scenarios to the Family Violence Prevention Council on Wednesday, asking members to choose which one defines a stalker.

Ethics of Monitoring PC Activity - 02/19/10
A Pennsylvania school district is under fire, and facing a potential class-action lawsuit related to allegations that it spied on students in their homes using school-issued laptops. Organizations have a right, and sometimes even an obligation, to monitor activity on their computers or network, but the ethics involved are often hazy.

Hoosier gets jail time for cyber-stalking celebrity's mother - 02/19/10
A delusional fan who unleashed his crude fantasies about Ashanti in a battery of text messages to her mother was sentenced Thursday to two years in jail, though his judge rued not being able to send him to psychological treatment instead.

Online stalking has woman fearing for her life - 02/18/10
Boynton Beach resident Deborah Riley hasn't been able to find a job in months. Google her name and she understands why. Log on to deborahkayriley.com and a website dedicated completely to trashing her repuation appears.

Pender Co. Sheriff's race: Dirty politics or harassment? - 02/18/10
One candidate vying for Pender County Sheriff says he feels unsafe and has filed for a restraining order against one of his opponent's supporters. "We have to set our alarm at night," said Adam Dillon, who is running for Sheriff. "Have all the lights on. We've been warned by other deputies and citizens to look out for [Mark Sloan]."

Police issue warning about prank phone calls - 02/18/10
Huron OPP are issuing a warning about prank phone calls after two Goderich residents received fear-inducing calls earlier this month. In both cases, the caller picked up the phone and was greeted by a man who claimed to be their neighbour. The man was angry, demanding to know why the victim kept taking his newspaper.

Man charged over Robin Hood Airport bomb Twitter threat - 02/18/10
A man who allegedly posted an airport bomb threat on micro-blogging website Twitter has been charged with sending a menacing message, police said.

Accountant stabbed to death after 'boyfriend saw her on Facebook with another man' - 02/18/10
An accountant was stabbed to death in a frenzied attack after her boyfriend saw her with another man on Facebook, the Old Bailey heard today. Less than a fortnight after seeing two pictures of Camille Mathurasingh with her new love, Paul Bristol boarded a plane from Trinidad to England.

NetChoice Names 10 'Worst' Internet Laws of 2010 - 02/18/10
NetChoice, a technology trade group that advocates for hands-off Internet policies, has issued its latest list of the 10 most objectionable federal and state legislative proposals, taking particular aim at efforts to restrict online marketing activities and expand the collection of sales taxes on e-commerce transactions.

Woman faces cyberstalking charge over harassing e-mails, text messages - 02/18/10
A Cherryville woman faces a cyberstalking charge for allegedly sending harassing e-mails and text messages to another woman.

Denton County man seeks relief from Craigslist harasser - 02/17/10
A Denton County man who was trying to sell his boat on Craigslist instead received unsolicited offers of a different kind. Mike Martin, 41, says he's being targeted by a potential buyer who told him his boat was overpriced, according to KTVT-TV (Channel 11). His concise response: "I guess you won't be a buyer."

Police Look For Video Game Stalker - 02/17/10
Oklahoma City police want to track down a Florida woman wanted on suspicion of stalking children. Annamay Alexander, from Florida, is accused of targeting an Oklahoma child. Police said Alexander has already tried to persuade a minor to have sex with her.

Getting even with your employer could land you in jail - 02/17/10
So you’ve been let go by your employer – of course, unfairly – and you decide not to get mad, but get even. You come up with the brilliant idea of placing a help-wanted ad on Craigslist. After all, advertising on Craigslist doesn’t cost a dime.

RedTube Wants to Start Serving Subpoenas After Email Threat - 02/17/10
RedTube attorneys asked a federal judge today to allow them to start serving subpoenas on those thought to be responsible or have knowledge in the redirection of RedTube traffic on July 24. The motion for expedited discovery was requested because RedTube said one of its attorneys was subject to an anonymous threat that was sent via email.

Pig Twit Blames Hackers - 02/17/10
A LABOUR MP yesterday apologised for a Twitter post branding Tories "scum-sucking pigs" - and blamed hackers for altering his comments.

Missing Claudia Facebook Arrest - 02/17/10
A TEENAGER was arrested and cautioned today for posting a bogus message on Facebook that claimed to be from missing chef Claudia Lawrence.

Teen faces charges for Facebook comments - 02/16/10
A Sesser man faces charges of allegedly making threats to his ex-girlfriend and her family via the social networking site, Facebook. Joshua A. Walker, 18, is accused of posting threatening messages on the social networking site, Capt. Don Jones of the Franklin County Sheriff's Department said.

City stockbroker jumped to his death from restaurant roof after fearing he would lose his job over prank message - 02/16/10
A City banker jumped to his death with a glass of champagne in his hand after he was accused of sending a prank email, an inquest has heard. Anjool Malde, 24, was suspended by bosses at Deutsche Bank two days before he died.

Harassing texts, Facebook posts could become a crime in Md. - 02/16/10
Harassment using text messages or social networking sites could soon be a crime in Maryland if lawmakers approve two bills making their way through the General Assembly.


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