Waterville, Maine Schools Presentation

The Central Maine School District hired me to come speak to faculty (and some parents) from the various schools in their district about students staying safer online. I drove two hours to Waterville, Maine to give the presentation on October 6th - a two hour presentation, so seven hours total (one was setup).

About 60 people attended and three were school resource officers, which was great! I got a lot of great questions and feedback and I am hoping some of the schools will book me to speak to students and parents at their schools.

I did my usual of my alter ego asking students to be friends on Facebook, then showed my results to the attendees:

70 were asked to be a friend of my alter ego
67 approved my alter ego as a friend
Only 5 asked who I was but they still approved me
30 were boys; 37 girls
40% listed their cell phone number in their profile - 55% of those were girls
1 girl also listed her home phone
65% listed their AIM screen name
95% listed an email address (sometimes two)
3 boys and 2 girls listed their home address
5 boys and 2 girls listed where they work
2 boys and 3 girls listed their Myspace URL

Note: I never respond to messages sent to my alter ego. I just make note of who emails me and if they ask who I am, then if they still approve me. There is never any interaction w/ my alter ego's friends.

Then I showed the photos I found: One of two girls holding up glasses of what looked like beer; two photos of girls holding up their breasts (yes, they were dressed, but the shots were provocative), one of a group of young boys and girls dancing in their underwear and a screen shot of some of the quizzes these under 18 kids do - my fave was "Which drunken bitches are you?"

Then, of the students who posted their home address, I showed how easy it was to get a map to their house and other info.

Needless to say, my "Internet Scared Straight" presentation worked.


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