A nice email I received this morning

Got this in my email this morning - it made my day:

"I was reading the article of what happened to you when you tried to do the right thing and I wanted to say that no one should have to go through such. I've been trying to get published and have seen all sorts of scams, though fortunately I've not yet fallen for them, and can understand to what lengths people will go through to get what they think will be their revenge. I also play a fantasy character in a role play game on AOL and have individuals who developed very bad grudges against me for interactions between our characters in which my character was able to be proven better than theirs at something. There was one who went so far as to try to accuse me of murdering her best friend - in real life not in the game - to try to force me to stop gaming. These accusations, of course, were always proven false and the individuals, themselves, were always the ones who ended up in trouble for it. I am very proud that someone has the guts to stand up and say NO when someone else tries to use pressure and threats to get them to capitulate and your work on getting cyber-harassment and abuse criminalized so it can be stopped is important and is work I, for one, am very grateful for."


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