Having problems with DVD Drive Model #SH-W162L?

I have an Alienware computer, which is frelling fast and awesome. It was my late husband's and I decided to move files from my old computer to this one. In the process I discovered that for whatever reason, the DVD drive was not being recognized by the computer. I went into Device Manager, rolled back the driver, uninstalled the drive, reinstalled it, checked the startup settings when rebooting the computer - everything!

The drive worked fine, it opened and closed, accepted a CD or DVD, and the computer did see it, but claimed it wasn't there (if that makes sense).

I did a search on the drive, which was a TSST Corp model (which stands for Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology), did a Google search for new drivers, went to the Samsung site to download the latest drivers and still nothing worked. I even contacted Alienware for help.

I called a friend who's a local computer repair guru and he was just as stumped as me. He even sent me a zip file to rollback the latest Windows updates, thinking that may have been the problem. No go.

So this morning he was talking about doing a Windows restore. I just moved everything over to this computer and I was not happy about doing that.

So I went back to the Samsung web site, plugged in the Model #SH-162L, went through the download center section, and nothing new there popped out at me. Next was FAQs and I figured what the heck?

I started going through each Q&A and finally on Page 4, something jumped out at me:

"The CD or DVD Drive Is Not Detected After Upgrading to Windows XP."


This computer came with Windows XP, but the "drive not detected" was what was happening. So I clicked on the link.

"If the optical drive is not detected after upgrading to Windows XP, a software patch from Doug's Windows Tweaks and Tips web site may resolve the issue. The patch is available at http://www.dougknox.com/xp/scripts_desc/xp_cd_dvd_fix.htm."

I figured what the heck? Downloaded the file, ran it, had to reboot and guess what? The DVD drive is working fine now.

So, if anyone has one of these drives, now you know how to fix it!

I emailed my friend and asked if he needed any part-time help at his store. I'm serious - I need work!


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