WHO@ Newsletter - April 6, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Did he serve shots while he drove?

Barstool crash serves up drunk driving charge

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Falling off a barstool can hurt one's pride, if not more, but an Ohio man got into trouble with the law for crashing his motorized version.

Kile Wygle, 28, hurt his head in the March 4 mishap with a motorized barstool and was charged with drunken driving and driving on a suspended license, police said on Tuesday.

While being treated by paramedics, Wygle told an officer he consumed "a lot" of beers -- at least 15 -- before crashing the barstool at some 20 mph, a police account showed.

Later, Wygle told a local television station he got drunk after, not before, the crash.

"I drank quite a bit after I wrecked because my head hurt so bad. I went in and drank a half a bottle of whiskey," the Newark man told the NBC outlet in Columbus.

Some people have made a sport of racing barstools equipped with tires, a steering wheel and a small engine, Newark police Sergeant Barry Connell said.

"There are hundreds of people racing these things," he said. "But they race on closed courses."

The barstool was towed away.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Defining the terms - 04/06/09
The obvious problem with Hedy Fry's bill outlawing cyberbullying is its use of the term "cyberbullying."
Bullying is a broad term, that could encompass everything from insults to threats of bodily harm. Only offences at one end of that spectrum should be illegal.

Pirated Wolverine Review Puts Fox Newser's Job on the Line - 04/05/09
Despite reports he was fired for reviewing a pirated copy of Wolverine, Fox News columnist Roger Friedman will have a chance to argue for his job, a Fox News source said.

Ark. judge allows naked-photos suit to continue - 04/05/09
An Arkansas judge has allowed a lawsuit against McDonald's Corp. and others to continue over claims employees posted nude photographs on the Internet from a cellular phone lost there.

Abusive MySpace page draws principal's lawsuit - 04/05/09
Colony High School principal Cyd Duffin doesn't do MySpace. So other people had to tell Duffin last October that a fake MySpace page appeared in her name -- a page depicting the principal as a drug-using racist with a sexually transmitted disease who insults disabled students and likes books about pornography, anarchy and the Ku Klux Klan.

Facebook lures 200m with poker and pets - 04/05/09
Spectacular growth in online social gaming is prompting companies such as Google to enter the market and developers to rethink how they design video games.
The trend is seeing the social network Facebook emerge as the world’s biggest gaming platform. It is close to having 200m active members and its most popular application installed by users is a game – Texas Hold ’em Poker – played by 11m people.

Officer Charged With Harassing Del. Governor on Leave - 04/04/09
The Delaware Department of Correction says a correctional officer charged with sending harassing e-mails to the governor has been placed on leave with pay.
Department spokesman John Painter says 50-year-old Steven R. Lenhart of Dover was placed on leave Friday pending the outcome of the investigation of the charges.

Extortionist threatened former bosses with e-mails - 04/04/09
An e-mail extortionist in Mexico has been sentenced to more than five years in prison for targeting former bosses who fired him, Chihuahua state prosecutors said. Edmundo Mendoza Ocon, 36, an industrial engineer who worked for an electronics company, was arrested March 27 when investigators searched his home in Nuevo Casas Grandes, about 150 miles south west of Juárez, officials said.

British Villagers Chase Away Google's Street Views Car - 04/03/09
It may take more than a village to scare away Internet search behemoth Google. This week, Google employees were met by angry citizens in the village of Broughton Buckinghamshire, England, when they began photographing homes.

Costume designer charged with cyberstalking - 04/03/09
The problem started with a poorly made SpongeBob costume, and ended with a cyberstalking arrest.
In between, Tracy Sisson says, were two years of harassment: prank calls, hangups, telemarketing calls and phony applications, as many as 60 a day.

Hudson man pleads guilty to stalking, terrorizing his ex - 04/03/09
A Hudson man pleaded guilty yesterday in Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn to charges that he used technology to terrorize his ex-girlfriend, harass her friends and even stalk the detective working the case.

Bill Would Grant President Unprecedented Cyber-security Powers - 04/02/09
The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 introduced in the Senate would allow the president to shut down private Internet networks. The legislation also calls for the government to have the authority to demand security data from private networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule or policy restricting such access.

Anonymous Posters At Topix Closer To Being ID’d - 04/02/09
Some call them keyboard terrorists.
Others call them flamers and cyberbullies.
Robbers wear masks to hide their identity. Other criminals hide in anonymity too, just like the cowardly posters on message boards and forums who delight in taking cheap shots, hurling insults, harassment and defamatory remarks via the Internet with malice and a total reckless disregard for the truth.

Provocative phone use could lead to trouble - 04/02/09
There is a new and popular practice that some high school students are starting to use their cell phones for. This new practice is known as “sexting.” Students between the ages of 14 and 18 are taking nude or semi-nude photos of themselves and are sharing them with the opposite sex via their cell phones.

Police track man through suicide note posted on Craigslist - 04/02/09
Emergency protective custody | On March 31 in Surfside Beach, police responded to calls about a suicide note left on Craigslist on the Internet by a man, 19, who said his parents disowned him when they found out he was gay, left his phone number and asked readers to leave messages so his parents would know what happened. The note said that he was going to jump off a bridge at 3 a.m. because everyone down here hates gays and makes him feel [bad]. It said older gay guys think they’ve got everything they want and can treat younger guys badly, and he was leaving the note so everyone could know that his ex did not want him anymore and that was the reason he was doing it. Police found him by the phone number. He told officers he had a history of suicide attempts, hospital stays and depression. He was placed in emergency protective custody, evaluated and hospitalized for treatment.

FBI warns against “phishing” - 04/01/09
It’s a real-life, classic case of “phishing”­a virtual trap set by cyber thieves that uses official-looking e-mails to lure you to fake websites and trick you into revealing your personal information.

Good Email Habits are Important: MAAWG Explains Messaging Reputation Assessment - 04/01/09
Your good email habits have become an important tool to help inbox providers and ISPs protect you and other customers from online fraud and spam. A new white paper for IT
professionals and volume email senders from the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) demystifies the messaging reputation technology now used by most large service providers to identify abusive and errant emails as junk mail.

Police: Man Used Web Site to Find Prey - 03/31/09
Many people consider Craig's List a helpful resource for finding things you need. However, police say one sexual predator was using the Web site to search for prey. He's a registered sex offender recently released from prison.

Bikini-Wearing Teacher Stalked Online - 03/31/09
The former bikini-wearing teacher from St. Lucie County is getting some unwanted coverage online.
The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested Felisha Nally in her Palm Beach Gardens home Sunday on charges of stalking Tiffany Shepherd through MySpace, a popular networking Web site.


Matt W said…
I think that since this article was written the depth of knowledge about TOPIX.COM was not as prolific as it is today. I would be willing to bet that a large majority of internet defamation and bullying occurs on TOPIX. The difference is that the cases rarely make the news because the perpetrators of the abuse are never uncovered, being hid by TOPIX. Only one judge has ever ordered topix to reveal IPs and that was only after a wealthy attorney himself took on the matter.

There is alot that we need to educate ourselves about with respect to TOPIX:


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