Phoebe 1 - Squirrels 0

So on Monday, I'm catching up on my email and work and go upstairs to get more coffee. Bandit needed to go out, so Phoebe followed us downstairs. I opened the back door and she shot out. Didn't think twice about it.

Suddenly I see a dark gray squirrel flying across the snow from the bird feeder in the middle of the yard and begin to climb the fence.

Phoebe pounced, grabbed it by the tail and began swinging it around. I still had Bandit in my arms (he's blind and I have to carry him to put him outside) and began yelling at Phoebe to drop it.

She did. Looked at me. The squirrel tried to climb the fence again. Phoebe pounced again. The squirrel was squealing. I yelled at her to drop it again. She did and when the squirrel moved, she went towards it, but I ordered her to come in the house.

Thank goodness she listens. She wasn't happy about it, but she came inside. I put Bandit on the floor and looked out the window. The squirrel was still alive, but not moving much. Yes, I panicked. I hate seeing animals in pain. But Phoebe was just doing what dogs do (at least most of them), so I couldn't get mad at her.

I remember once when Bandit killed a whole family of rabbits when we lived in Maryland. I had to clean up after and it was not pretty, but at least they were dead.

I tried calling Chris. He was at one of his jobs, but his voicemail picked up. I called our friend Joanne and by this time I admit I was crying. She said she'd run over to where he was (just down the street from her).

Within minutes, Chris was home, hugged me, then went outside. The squirrel was dead now and he picked it up and threw it over the fence, came in, hugged me again, then went out the garage to get the squirrel and throw it way in the back in the woods.

Poor Phoebe. I kept telling her she was a good girl, but she didn't understand why I was upset. I gave her a snack (Bandit got one, too) and finally let them both out. She headed straight for the spot where the squirrel had been.

Squirrels better watch out!

On top of that, on Sunday, when I was updating things on my laptop, I went to poke at the fire and saw, out of the corner of my eye, Phoebe leap up and back and squeak.

I thought she was playing with a toy.

She had chewed through the laptop AC adapter, which was plugged in. She got a bit of a shock, LOL. And I had to order a new adapter.

We give her plenty of toys, chewies and stuff, yet she still is a little mischevious soul. Oh well. I just hope she learned from this that it hurts if she chews something other than what we give her.

We did take her to the vet because the squirrel got her good on the nose, but she was fine. We had to get her an updated rabies and distemper shot (another story for another day), so she pretty much zonked out when we got home.

We found out something else about her - she's a candy fiend. She loves chewy Nerds, Sour Patch Kids and Sweet Tarts. And pistachios.


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