WHOA Newsletter - December 8, 2008

WHOA Newsletter

December 8, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Don't people have better things to do than this?

NYC man says he's circumcised, online story wrong

A New York City man is suing a Jewish research group for libel, claiming it posted a story online with his photo that erroneously said he was not circumcised.

John Singer says he was circumcised as an infant. His lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from the Central Europe Center for Research & Documentation and its Centropa.org Web site, which have main offices in Atlanta and in Vienna, Austria.

Singer, 49, says his mother was quoted in an interview for a Centropa article saying her sons weren't circumcised, which would violate Jewish law.

He says he warned Centropa director Edward Serotta the statement was wrong before the article was published in October. He says Centropa humiliated him.

Serotta says he'll comment when he has a New York attorney.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Downturn brings new online threats - 12/08/08
Unemployed software engineers could become the latest threat to corporate IT security as the economic slump forces many to turn to online crime. So says the chief executive of security firm Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky.

Wikipedia falls foul of British censors - 12/08/08
British internet providers have blocked access to parts of Wikipedia after accusations that the site was carrying "potentially illegal" images of child pornography.

Court Allows Spyware Program to Go Back on Sale - 12/08/08
A Florida company that sells a spyware program must change advertising pitches that emphasize the product's clandestine nature, but the company can continue to sell the application, a U.S. federal court has ruled.

Baring it all for camera is taking off among teens - 12/06/08
The tone alerted Brian he had received a new photo on his cell phone. As he had done a hundred times before, he pushed a button and the picture appeared on his miniature screen.

A tangled web of deceit - 12/05/08
Piracy does not only happen off the coast of Somalia, and fraud does not only occur when you forget to collect your bank statements.
Increasingly, crimes are taking place online, and all providers of technology need to be sure they protect their customers and themselves.

Facebook users hit by 'Koobface' virus that seeks out credit card numbers - 12/05/08
Facebook’s users are being hit by a virus dubbed ‘Koobface’ that seeks out sensitive details such as credit card numbers. The virus targets PC users through the social network’s messaging system as users tend to be more trusting of messages from ‘facebook friends’.

Criminals Take Control of CheckFree Web Site - 12/05/08
Online criminals took control of the Domain Name System (DNS) record for payment processor CheckFree and briefly redirected the site's visitors to a their own server.

Entertainment or Harassment? - 12/04/08
To some it's entertainment, but to others it's just down right cruel. Have internet gossip blogs and message boards gone too far?

Mind your netiquette - 12/04/08
Wouldnt it b annoyin 2 read a story lke this?
But for anyone who has ever participated in an online discussion, sifted through a posted comments section or attempted to interpret a garbled Facebook message, bad grammar, bad spelling and bad manners are as common as chain mail.

Malware, Spam Dip in November - 12/04/08
UTM specialist Fortinet is reporting that online threats and spam dropped noticeably during the month of November, continuing their downward trend since such activity peaked for the calendar year during September.

Internet stem-cell clinics 'exploiting' MS and Parkinson's patients - 12/04/08
Patients with debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s risk being exploited by websites offering expensive stem-cell treatments, scientists said yesterday.

Jihadist forum calls for 'YouTube Invasion' - 12/04/08
A jihadist forum has urged supporters to wage a "YouTube Invasion" by uploading propaganda videos to the popular video-sharing website, the SITE Intelligence Group has claimed.

Colorado man faces criminal charge in libel case - 12/04/08
J.P. Weichel is accused of writing defamatory comments about his former girlfriend on a Craigslist forum. Free-speech advocates are outraged.

Death-threat in e-mail scam tries to scare people out of their money - 12/04/08
While scrolling through e-mails on his BlackBerry over the weekend, state Rep. Rob Schenck came across one in particular that caught his eye.

Belgians arrested over online surrogate baby case - 12/04/08
A Belgian woman and man were arrested Thursday on charges of defrauding couples who believed the woman was willing to be a surrogate mother for their babies.

China shuts down over 300 phishing websites - 12/04/08
The mechanism for fast processing of anti-phishing, which is based on .CN domain name management system, had stopped domain name analysis of over 300 phishing websites by Oct 30 2008, said Anti-phishing Alliance of China (APAC).

'Tis The Season To Shop Safely - 12/03/08
Prior to Holiday Shopping, Consumers Can Protect Computers and Personal Information from Cyber Criminals
The surge of online holiday shopping is in full swing, and more consumers will be turning to the Internet this year to find special deals and offers in hopes of saving money during the economic downturn. According to Shop.org, a division of the National Retail Federation, more than half of online retailers expect holiday sales to increase at least 15 percent over last year.

YouTube Clamps Down on Sexual Content - 12/03/08
YouTube is enacting stricter guidelines on sexually suggestive content. Videos considered by YouTube to be too sexually suggestive will be demoted on YouTube's Most Viewed and Top Favorite pages. YouTube users will help police sexually suggestive content, with the ability to flag a video that violates YouTube's community guidelines.

The Curious Case of Arthur the Cyberstalker - 12/03/08
Have you ever had someone who was so fascinated by you that they couldn’t leave you alone? I do. So did a guy named John Boni. Both of us have attracted unwanted attention from a cyberstalker named Arthur. Boni and I are infrequent visitors to a writer’s internet forum, where various topics arise. Some topics are useful – other writers seeking aid or sharing important information. Some topics are pointless – political discussion.

Spammers Out Innovating SMB Security - 12/03/08
E-mail security technology for small and midsized businesses is more readily available, but spammers and virus writers are finding innovative ways to overcome those protections.

Hatecrashers - 12/03/08
A LOUT whose Facebook gang trashed a teen’s £1million home gloated last night: “We’re every parent’s worst nightmare.”
Plumber Steve O’Brien, 25, made his boast after FOUR HUNDRED thugs wreaked mayhem at their victim’s 16th birthday party.

MySpace Suicide Case Conviction Could Spell Trouble For Social Networking Sites - 12/02/08
The recent verdict against Lori Drew, who was found guilty in three misdemeanour counts for attaining illicit access to the renowned social-networking platform, would have a profound impact on internet usage in general.

Five online threats to be wary of this Christmas - 12/02/08
Be careful about what the malware writers are going to take out of their Christmas stockings… IBM and Websense outline some of dangers you need to be aware of.

Investigation Into San Mateo Murder-Suicide Continues - 12/02/08
The San Mateo County District Attorney's Office will continue its investigation into an apparent murder-suicide at a San Mateo home Nov. 25 until forensic results show the victim and suspect who died that day were not fatally shot by police, a deputy district attorney said Tuesday.

Lapland 'scam' costs woman £3,000 - 12/02/08
A woman fears she has wasted £3,000 after buying more than 100 tickets to a Lapland-style theme park described as a "scam" by scores of angry visitors.

How Spyware Nearly Sent a Teacher to Prison - 12/01/08
If there's a poster child for the dangers of spyware, it's Julie Amero.
The 41-year-old former substitute teacher was convicted of four felony counts of endangering minors last year, stemming from an Oct. 19, 2004, classroom incident where students were exposed to inappropriate images.


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