Bandit Has A Girlfriend

I kept meaning to write about this months ago, but something or the other kept coming up. My sister had a first generation Roomba in her basement that she gave to me in August. We named him Fred. He did a good job (we have hardwood floors) and I wanted to put him in my new office downstairs and get a newer Roomba for upstairs. So I hunted on eBay until I found one fairly inexpensively - it was a former demo model from a Sharper Image store. It's the 560 model and although it has a few scratches, it works really well and I got a helluva deal on it.

When the battery had been charged, we turned it on (nicknamed Ginger - get it?) and let her go. I wish I could get it to do the R2D2 humming while it cleaned, ha ha. Well, Bandit was lying on the floor and Ginger bumped into him. He kind of sat up, but let her vacuum his, ahem, nether regions, and he appeared to like it. We both started laughing.

After that first time (and remember, Bandit is blind as a bat), Bandit would go over to where Ginger docked and would turn her on. Literally. He knows exactly where her ON button is. He even sleeps on her sometimes:

When Guin died last week, he turned Ginger on and began following her around the house, letting her bump into his legs if she turned around. Then he sat on her charging station. Guess he figures he needs to be charged up, too, ha ha.

This morning, before Chris had to go to work, Bandit was moping around. He's still depressed about his puppy not being around (that was our nickname for Guin, who will always be Bandit's puppy). So I told him if he was good, I'd turn Ginger on for him.

So, what does he do? Bandit promptly stood up, walked right over to Ginger and raised his paw to turn her on. I told him to wait for a few minutes and he sat right down. Chris and I started laughing.

Bandit is way too smart for a dog. I swear he's got the soul of a person in his body. I keep saying it's Elvis. Ha ha ha.

So after I picked up boots off the floor and turned Ginger on, Bandit laid down and let her vacuum his favorite parts, then followed her around. He finally went to his bed to sleep and he's had this huge smile on his face since.

You can also view this short video of Bandit charging himself. I know the first part is dark, but I hope to get a better video up soon.

Bandit is a very strange, but wonderful dog.


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