WHOA Newsletter - October 6, 2008

WHO@ Newsletter

October 6, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .It's just Darwin at work again

Man gets burned while using lighter to siphon gas

Police said a man was arrested after he used a cigarette lighter while trying to siphon gasoline from a van. The man, who was visiting friends, went to drive home early Saturday but realized that he didn't have enough gas in his SUV.

Police said the man tried to siphon the gas with help from another woman, but he couldn't see how much gas was in the container, so he used the lighter to check.

A blast of fire burned his hands and caused nearby residents to call police.

Police said he and the woman were located later in a store parking lot. He was arrested for theft and negligent use of burning materials.

The woman was referred to authorities for being party to theft. Formal charges haven't been filed.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Actress’s Death Puts South Korean Spotlight on Cyberbullying - 10/06/08
The recent death of Choi Jin-sil, a 40-year-old actress who killed herself after online gossip falsely linked her to another actor’s early September suicide, has spurred the South Korea National Police to launch a crackdown on Internet activity.

UK government to spy on phone, email, browsing, of entire population - 10/06/08
The government of the United Kingdom leaked its plans yesterday to launch a program which will monitor every British citizen's emails, internet browsing records, and telephone conversations. While a specific plan has not been reached, UK ministers agreed on spending up to £12 billion (USD$21.2 billion) on the new spying system. More than £1 billion (USD$1.76 billion) has already been spent.

Report bad behaviour on the web - 10/06/08
Residents can now report antisocial behaviour in their neighbourhoods over the internet.
People living in Denmead, Bishop's Waltham, Whiteley, Knowle and Wickham can lodge complaints on everything from nuisance neighbours to yobbish behaviour on their local council's website.

Did Fake Web Page Case Erode Student Speech Rights? - 10/05/08
A Pennsylvania eighth-grader recently learned a hard lesson: At least one federal judge says school officials can reach off-campus and into cyberspace and the home to punish what the court agreed was a “vulgar and lewd” Web posting aimed at a school principal.

Serial stalker posted messages on MySpace - 10/04/08
A SERIAL stalker posted menacing messages to an ex-girlfriend on his page of the social networking website MySpace, a court heard.

PayPal to refund shoppers defrauded on eBay - 10/04/08
PayPal, the payment service used by 20 million online shoppers in Britain, has given in to consumer demands to offer full refunds to buyers defrauded on eBay.

Bankrobber recruited Craigslist decoys to confuse police - 10/03/08
Officers attending the robbery on Tuesday of an armoured car in Monroe, in Washington state, discovered that the suspect's description was far from unusual among people outside the Bank of America branch that morning. In all, around a dozen men were wearing long-sleeved blue shirts, surgical masks and blue hats.

Cyberbullying Suit Filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court - 10/03/08
A West County father alleges in a petition filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court that someone used a Facebook account to harass his daughter who struggles with mental illness to the point that she was psychiatrically admitted to an in-patient facility. The father wants the social networking site to release the person's account information so he or she could be held liable.

CNN hands over info on author of Steve Jobs rumor - 10/03/08
A CNN-owned Web site called iReport.com, which publishes reports written by ordinary citizens, said Friday it will give the Securities and Exchange Commission information about the author of an item that claimed Apple CEO Steve Jobs had suffered a heart attack.

Gossip site stirs student body - 10/03/08
JuicyCampus opened to Lehigh University, along with 184 other schools, on Sept. 10 benignly enough with the first post: "You have JuicyCampus...Use It!!!" Ten days later, a thread about freshmen girls sparked and soon the gossip flames had spread into posts slamming individuals, Greek houses and other campus groups.

Judge orders Calgary eBay fraudster to halt sales - 10/02/08
A man who ripped off a Tennessee buyer for $27,400 when he sold him on a Toyota Forerunner on eBay he did not own, has been prohibited from continuing his fraudulent practices.

Cyberstalker gets 60 days in jail - 10/02/08
An extremely sad, messy case in Wabash Superior Court came to chapter's end here Wednesday afternoon with half a dozen of the principals in tears or near tears.

Internet pop-up "scareware purveyors" sued - 10/02/08
Microsoft and Washington state's top prosecutor have filed a lawsuit to stop "scareware purveyors" that trick people with pop-up messages claiming computers need critical repairs.

Man Admits Threatening Playmate on MySpace - 10/02/08
An Aurora man will spend a week in the Kane County Jail and 2 1/ 2 years on probation for using an Internet social networking site to threaten a Playboy Playmate, authorities said Wednesday.

Man to appear in court over Girls Aloud 'murder blog' - 10/02/08
A civil servant is being prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act for a blog in which he allegedly details the kidnap and murder of Girls Aloud.

Comic addict plots to kill parents to avoid cleaning room - 10/02/08
A Japanese woman addicted to comics reportedly turned to the Internet to look for someone to kill her parents, after they asked her to clear out her cartoon-filled room.

White Plains man uses technology to help police find suspect in laptop theft - 10/01/08
After his laptop computer was stolen, Jose Caceres used a remote access program to log on every day and watch it being used.

Myanmar on the cyber-offensive - 10/01/08
The distributed denial of service attacks, or DDoS, that hit and disabled several exile media websites between September 17 to 19, are widely held to be the latest attempt by Myanmar's military regime to silence its legion of critics.

Student Discovers Fake Profile On Facebook - 10/01/08
When you think of the social networking Web site, Facebook, you may think of a place to make and connect with friends. But in one recent case, it was a place to harass an enemy.

Murder suspect announced his wife's death on their website - 09/30/08
A man who is thought to have killed his wife before turning the gun on himself announced their deaths on his website first, police believe.

Be Prepared To Be Creeped Out: Ziggs.com Lets You Know Who's Googling You - 09/30/08
Remember that terrible day when there was a bug in Facebook and people could find out who had been stalking searching them? Yeah, scary.

Governor cracks down on cyber stalking - 09/30/08
The governor approved legislation that closes a loophole in the law and allows once elusive, on line stalkers, to be prosecuted.

MI6 photos 'sold on auction site' - 09/30/08
Police are investigating the sale of a digital camera said to contain MI6 images of terror suspects, the Foreign Office has said.

Wedding bell blues: Two podcasters battling over ownership of idea - 09/29/08
In 2006, veteran Essex County wedding videographer Robert Ehrlich and his wife ventured into the emerging world of podcasting, starting a website where newly engaged couples could download shows to their iPods about planning a wedding, choosing a dress, selecting a florist and planning a honeymoon.


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