WHOA Newsletter - August 18, 2008

WHOA Newsletter

August 18, 2008

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .I'd hate to be the ad agency who did this

Sweet Home Alabama...England?

Council chiefs in Birmingham were left red-faced when they mistakenly used a picture of their U.S. namesake in Alabama on thousands of official leaflets.

Pamphlets about recycling in the West Midlands bore an image showing the skyline of the city in the Deep South.

Under the headline "Thank You Birmingham!," the picture showed office blocks in the U.S. city, rather than its own distinctive Rotunda tower and the curvy Selfridges store.

The council said it had made a mistake, but had no plans to recall the leaflets.

"We accept that the wrong photo was used but the text and detail contained in the leaflet is wholly correct which is the most important message as we strive to further improve our green credentials," the council said Thursday.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

UK pedophile was "librarian" for global abuse ring - 08/18/08
A pedophile who acted as a "librarian" for a global Internet child abuse ring was jailed on Monday after one of the biggest undercover police investigations into online abuse in Britain.

Asian Countries Look to Bolster Cyber Defenses - 08/18/08
Reports last week that Georgia was hit by a coordinated cyber attack that compromised government Web sites offered a reminder of the additional front governments must protect when diplomatic or military hostilities break out between nations.

Play It Safe: Hackers use the back door to get into your computer; a strong, well-chosen password is your front-door lock - 08/18/08
Password security is a big deal, and if you don't think it is, then someone might be hacking into your computer even as you read this.

Murdered couple in 'scam' probe - 08/15/08
A Chinese couple murdered in Newcastle may have been involved in a range of internet scams, including betting and providing false visas, police said.

MySpace Deletes 146 Nebraska Sex Offender Profiles from Site - 08/15/08
Attorney General Jon Bruning announced today that social networking site MySpace deleted 146 profiles belonging to approximately 112 registered Nebraska sex offenders. The company removed the profiles during the first half of 2008.

The Legal Perils of Social Networking - 08/15/08
There's something about the Web that makes some people just want to let it all out, compelling them to type things they'd hesitate to speak out loud. However, words on the Web can sometimes have real impact in the office -- and in the courtroom. Web or no Web, talking trash about your employer can get you fired, libeling others can get you sued, and some lies are far from harmless.

Yahoo's Fire Eagle Draws Fire from Privacy Advocates - 08/14/08
Yahoo's recently launched Fire Eagle has privacy advocates burning up about the new open platform that allows users to show their location on the Web and also allows developers access to users' locations.

Indiana man arrested for cyber-stalking to women - 08/14/08
Police in Wabash arrested a man for cyber-stalking two sisters -- one of them underage -- and using their identities for sex for two years before he was discovered.

Brain surgeon's identity stolen for Facebook slur on gold medallist - 08/14/08
Britain's leading female brain surgeon told today how she had her identity stolen on Facebook.
Fraudsters opened an entry under the name of Helen Fernandes, a consultant neurosurgeon at one of the country's top hospitals.

French Jewish group to sue YouTube - 08/14/08
A French Jewish group said Thursday it is suing the YouTube video-sharing website over a clip showing a host of Jewish public figures to the soundtrack of a pre-war anti-Semitic song.

Hunters claim to have nabbed Bigfoot, Internet goes nuts - 08/14/08
A couple of hunters in northern Georgia (the state, not the country) claim to have found a carcass of the legendary creature known as Bigfoot (or Sasquatch, if you prefer).

Bloggers enraged over "pretty face" fakery - 08/13/08
Bloggers were up in arms on Wednesday over China's decision at the Olympic opening ceremony to have a pretty little girl lip-synching for the real singer who had crooked teeth.

Buy evidence of my husband's adultery on eBay - 08/13/08
An Australian woman has taken revenge on her cheating husband by putting a photograph of his lover's underpants up for sale on the auction site eBay.

Google Sees Massive Spam Spike - 08/12/08
Spam is once again on the rise, and this time it's apparently being fueled by spam vendors that can't scale. That's the accusation being leveled by Google, which today revealed some surprising new spam figures.


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