Amazing "Disney" Moment

I've got my own personal "wildlife" sanctuary out back: Most of you know about my chipmunks, Chippy (who sits in my hand to eat), Sweetie and Julian; Troublemaker the squirrel with a broken tail and scars on his back; a little red squirrel I haven't named yet; the cardinals Ralph and Alice; one of the chickadees I call Braveheart because he's the only one who will sit on the bird feeder when I bring food out; the bluejays who swoop in as a gang and swoop out; a lone crow who skulks in and out while his buddies caw up in the trees; a mole who made a home in the backyard a few weeks ago; Bernie the turtle (the babies should be hatching soon; a group of mourning doves I called "the ladies;" various finches, grackles, and other birds that hang out. And then I had an amazing thing happen yesterday.

I was on the deck putting out sunflower seeds for the chipmunks when I heard a weird "thrumming" sound. I stopped and stood still. Buzzing in front of me was a gorgeous hummingbird. He was literally a couple of inches from my face. He just stared at me, his wings beating so fast I could barely see them. I almost held my breath. He came in closer, touched my hair with his beak, fell back a bit and just kept staring at me. He then flew down to the hummingbird feeder, around it, then back to me and looked at me while he hovered. I could actually feel a breeze from his wings beating. Then he took off.

Well. I felt like I was in a Disney movie. That hummingbird told me to put fresh food in his hummingbird feeder. And I darned well did. And he came back today, happy as a clam (I'm guessing he was, ha ha).

What a weird and wonderful experience.


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