Lion's Club, Re-Bath, More

A week ago Tuesday I was the guest speaker at a local Lion's Club meeting in York, Maine. Several chapters attended, including York, Kittery, Eliot and Massabesic. There were about 45 people there and we had a nice pork dinner at Norma's Restaurant on Route 1. My friend, Howard Koeppel, had roped me into this. He's an older guy I met while doing my running to the beach and back. This was one of those things where we started by waving to each other, then short conversations, then he asked Chris for a favor and a friendship was born. He's a nifty guy who buys out estates/properties and sells antiques in his spare time. He's well known in town, which is not a bad thing!

Howard wasn't sure how the members would take my talk, so I kept it pretty simple. I spoke about how I got involved in cyber crimes and described my own cyberstalking experience, then talked about my book, Net Crimes & Misdemeanors, and what it covers. Then I took questions. The majority of the audience was over 50 years old and they wanted to talk about SPAM and eBay auctions. I ended up selling almost a whole box of books - Howard was surprised I sold so many. I was happy, too!


Chris has been interviewing for various jobs. All are paying less than $10/hour and not what he wants to do - lawn maintenance and landscaping. He's been in that business for over 20 years and really wanted a job in it. When we figured out what his taxes would be, plus child support, he would have been bringing home very little. But he needs to pay the support.


The bathroom in this house has the same tub that was put in it back in 1955 when it was built. The two women who owned the house before me retiled the wall inside the tub area and did not do a good job. Some of the tiles are pushing in, I can't get rid of the mold that is building up and even tried to regrout it at one time. I finally went to Home Depot yesterday to set up an appointment for a Re-Bath New Hampshire. Once that is done (Home Depot has a special of no payments/no interest until 2009), I can breathe easier. It's always been a sore point with me and it's embarassing when people have to use the shower.

Nice little surprises always delight me (and sometimes surprise me). Like when I jumped off the couch when Chris got the Dustbuster to clean up some stuff on the living room floor. Or when he puts the dishes in the dishwasher away without me asking. Or getting my cup of coffee for me every morning after my run. Putting food away when we get home from grocery shopping. Helping me make the bed. And more. I'm just not used to having someone help me around the house like this without being asked. I was so used to doing it on my own for so long. It's something I'm getting used to and I like it. A lot.


Been selling things on eBay. I'm finally getting my butt in gear to make room in my new office downstairs for my desk. No, I haven't fully moved in yet. But I'm ready to now. So things are going up - some model kits leftover from the old workshops, things we picked up at the storage place Howard had us go through when bought the contents of it, plus CDs, DVDs and computer games I no longer want or need. Then it'll be going through the book collection, sorting it, cataloguing it and getting bids from booksellers on buying part or all of it. I may end up selling some of the books on eBay. It's amazing how much money people will spend on eBay for things that I think are completely worthless, LOL. But hey - one person's trash is another person's treasure, eh?

Another fairly quiet week, then I'm off to California, Pennsylvania for a speaking engagement.


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