Old friends, "The Rachel," Virginia, more

Yesterday was difficult. I had one bass guitar left of my late husband's to sell and one of his friends found someone who wanted it. So I met Bill for lunch yesterday to get the payment. The guitar sold for a lot less than what it cost and a bit less than what I was asking, but beggars can't be choosers, eh? It was nice to see Bill again and he's always fun to talk with.

Over the weekend I got an email from one of my late husband's instructors from the Marines, then yesterday morning from a high school friend of his. They had just found out he was dead. It just brings it all back.

On the way home, I stopped off again at the cemetery (I was there a week ago and try to go as often as I can). I have noticed the last few times that when there is snow on the ground, I'm the only one leaving footprints to the gravestone. That makes me sad. I talked to my late husband and to "dad" and then left for home.

The one bright spot yesterday was when I had my hair done that morning at Freedom Salon and Day Spa. My hairdresser, Christina, is a redhead like me and loves to play with my hair when she's done trimming it. It was freeeeeezing cold yesterday, so she asked if she could blow it out and straighten it. I told her to have at it.

I ended up with "the Rachel" - Jennifer Aniston's hairdo from "Friends." Interesting. Chris told me I looked nice, but he likes me better with my curls. So do I. I ended up putting it up in a ponytail because the hair hitting the sides of my cheeks were driving me nuts.

We watched The Brave One starring Jodie Foster and Terrance Howard. An excellent movie with a bit of a twist at the end. I got it for free through this nifty service called Red Box. It's a DVD vending machine at a lot of grocery and other stores (at least here in the Northeast). I signed up online and get a free rental code texted to my cell phone pretty much every Monday. All I pay is Maine state tax, a whopping five cents. Otherwise, it's actually a good deal, just $1.00/movie/night plus applicable tax. They have all the latest movies and I haven't gotten a scratched DVD yet.

Chris, the dogs and I are headed to Ashland, Virginia next week for my next speaking engagement. A friend is watching the house for us, getting mail, putting trash out, etc., while we're gone, which will just be a few days. On the way back, we pick up two of Chris' kids to spend the rest of their President's week vacation with us, which should be fun.

But, when we get back, I'm in the car the next morning to drive up north for another speaking engagement, which will be overnight. Which will give Chris some "alone time" with his kids. I'm really looking forward to the road trip. I just hope Bandit doesn't start his "yowling." We have some medication just in case he gets out of hand. Because if he starts yowling, Guin joins in and it's not a pleasant ride.

We had no trouble finding a hotel that takes dogs - the Quality Inn in Ashland charges just $15/night for a pet deposit and the room is a reasonable $67/night for a king bed suite, plus we get breakfast for the two of us for free at the restaurant next door. Can't beat that! The cost of gas, tolls and the hotel ended up being a lot less than an airplane ticket to Richmond, plus a rental car and parking, etc.

Thank goodness we have my new iPod Touch. I've put more music on and a couple of more audiobooks.

Road trips are fun!!!


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