Link to radio show about Myspace suicide

I moderate a YahooGroup for my organization, WHOA, and this is the reply I sent yesterday:

Re: Kudos to Dardenne Prairie Mo for a new law making online harassment a crime there.

It's not a kudo. It's a band aid. And it wouldn't have helped in this case at all. Cyberstalking and online harassment are not "cruel messages", as was sent to this girl, number one. Number two, the law only applies for that one town, so that means a case can only occur if the victim and harasser live in Dardenne Prairie.

The town did this to appease the girl's parents.

What happened to her was horrible, don't get me wrong, but what needs to change is the accountability of sites such as Myspace, not creating laws that will do nothing like this one.

Myspace, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, etc need to have some sort of safeguard so that fake profiles can NOT be opened up and used to demean, harass, or be forged in someone else's names. That is the answer.

I was on a radio show this morning with a sheriff and he and I were in total agreement on this.

Here's a link to the show :

WGAN Radio Portland, Maine
"We talked to Jayne Hitchcock of Working to Halt Online Abuse about a disturbing case of online terror.


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