Big Announcement - Video Professor Buys Rights to Net Crimes Book

Now I can make the announcement I have been waiting to make for over a year. Back in late 2006, soon after the 2nd edition of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors came out, a representative from Video Professor contacted me about possibly basing a tutorial on the book. I was very excited at the time and put them in contact with my publisher, Information Today, Inc. (the parent company of the imprint Cyberage Books).

Time passed. Emails went back and forth many times. I persisted. Sent them candy (actually salt water taffy from Maine) to sweeten them up - pun intended. More time passed. Then I was on Good Morning, America and several other news articles/shows and suddenly things were on again.

A contract was sent out. It took forever (it seemed) for both sides to agree on the terms. Finally, it got signed. Then I had to wait for the advance check to arrive. More toe-tapping while I waited. Video Professor did send the first script for me to go over, so I worked on that. Waited some more.

Finally, the check arrived earlier this week and Video Professor sent out their first press release about the project, so now I can officially announce it:

Video Professor -- the leader in comprehensive, self-paced computer software tutorials -- will offer a three-lesson Protect Yourself Online: Viruses, Scams and Social Networking tutorial to teach people how to protect themselves, their loved ones and their computers from identity thieves, scammers and viruses (based on the book, Net Crimes & Misdemeanors 2nd edition by J.A. Hitchcock).

Millions of kids create MySpace(R) profiles that make them susceptible to online predators. Dating sites like eHarmony(R) and open the door for deception and cyberstalking. Ten million people buy and sell on eBay(R) every month, despite the risk of scamming and the prevalence of phishing associated with eBay and PayPal(R).

The Video Professor Protect Yourself Online tutorial will help consumers guard themselves against phishing, cyberstalking, online harassment, and identity theft. The Protect Yourself Online tutorial, which will be available soon, teaches users the safety measures to take when making purchases online, the warning signs to look for that indicate you might have become a victim to identity theft or credit card fraud, and the top ten online scams. Specifically, Video Professor's Protect Yourself Online tutorial provides hours of in-depth, one-on-one instruction about keeping yourself and your kids safe while participating in social networking sites, online auctions, online banking, online shopping, and online dating.

Video Professor's Protect Yourself Online tutorial makes it easy for users to learn how to protect themselves when buying and selling online, socializing online or just browsing the Internet. This new Video Professor tutorial will teach you how to interact online safely and securely and how to portray yourself effectively while guarding yourself from becoming a victim. The Protect Yourself Online tutorial systematically introduces online hazards, such as:

-- Phony photos on online auction sites
-- Phony e-mail from major corporations and e-mail forwards
-- Reverse auction fraud
-- Firewalls, Internet security, passwords, and cookies
-- Online impersonation
-- Dangers of blogs, journals and profiles on social networking sites

Identity theft is a particularly important issue for most computer users, and Video Professor's Protect Yourself Online tutorial provides detailed instruction about how to avoid becoming a victim. The Protect Yourself Online tutorial describes how to teach your kids to protect themselves and how to use parental controls to keep them out of trouble. Video Professor's Protect Yourself Online tutorial also explains computer viruses and how to steer clear of them. After completing the Protect Yourself Online tutorial, users will have all the information needed to protect themselves, their loved ones and their computers from identity thieves, scammers and viruses.

Video Professor's Protect Yourself Online tutorial is ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy the Internet safely without worrying about falling victim to criminals. The Protect Yourself Online tutorial is designed to be useful for beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. Video Professor recommends a basic knowledge of using the Internet before starting the Protect Yourself Online tutorial. Once a user has completed all Protect Yourself Online tutorial lessons in the, he or she will be able to surf the Internet with confidence.

To learn more about Video Professor and its complete line of computer tutorials, or to view a demo of the Video Professor Protect Yourself Online: Viruses, Scams and Social Networking tutorial, visit and click on the CD Products link.

About Video Professor

Based in Lakewood, Colo., Video Professor has been the leader in comprehensive self-paced computer software tutorials for more than 20 years. The core of Video Professor's learning initiative is to provide home users as well as corporate professionals with valuable and user-friendly learning solutions for today's most common software titles. In addition to pioneering the future of easy-to-use online tutorials, Video Professor currently ships over 250,000 CD-ROMs every month and has helped more than 8 million households learn the computer skills they need to remain competitive in today's computer-driven marketplace. The complete Video Professor library is also available online to stream directly to computers.


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