Net Crimes Newsletter - October 22, 2007

Net Crimes Newsletter

October 22, 2007

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .this sucks, er, I mean sux

After fight, airport embraces SUX code;_ylt=AiefDfvy9zjKvdjM5tvDzaTtiBIF

City leaders have scrapped plans to do away with the Sioux Gateway Airport's unflattering three-letter identifier ­ SUX ­ and instead have made it the centerpiece of the airport's new marketing campaign.

The code, used by pilots and airports worldwide and printed on tickets and luggage tags, will be used on T-shirts and caps sporting the airport's new slogan, "FLY SUX." It also forms the address of the airport's redesigned Web site ­

Sioux City officials petitioned the Federal Aviation Administration to change the code in 1988 and 2002. At one point, the FAA offered the city five alternatives ­ GWU, GYO, GYT, SGV and GAY ­ but airport trustees turned them down.

Airport board member Dave Bernstein proposed embracing the identifier.

"Let's make the best of it," Bernstein said. "I think we have the opportunity to turn it into a positive."

He noted that many airports, including some of the busiest, have forgettable three-letter codes.

"I've got buddies that I went to college with in different cities that can't even remember their own birthdays, but they all know the Sioux City designator ­ SUX," he said.

Mayor Craig Berenstein, who in 2002 described SUX as an "embarrassment" to the city, said he views the new slogan as a "cute little way" to make light of the situation.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by J.A. Hitchcock - they are for informational purposes only)

Perez's No-love Letter from Prison - 10/22/07
The federal prison system's most lawsuit-happy inmate has filed against portly provocateur Perez Hilton on charges of "Internet Stalking."

Conmen hijack eBay user identities - 10/21/07
FOREIGN criminals are stealing the credentials of British users of the internet auction site eBay to perpetrate large-scale fraud.

Sharp users trip up criminals - 10/19/07
Judging from some of the headlines this week, it would appear that online avenues of security attack, such as those through eBay and PayPal in the US, for example, are starting to diminish, says Brett Myroff, CEO of master Sophos distributor, Netxactics.

SuperValu loses about $10 million in e-mail scam - 10/19/07
SuperValu, which bought most of the Albertsons supermarket chain last year, has fallen prey to an e-mail scam, losing about $10 million after wiring money to fraudulent bank accounts, according to federal court filings.

Wal-Mart tries to stop early Black Friday ad posts - 10/19/07;_ylt=AkfsMhK37c53QJ2eml6AQAX6VbIF
Wal-Mart's lawyers have an early holiday message for Web sites that post "Black Friday" ads ahead of their official release date: Don't do it.

Major pirate website shut down - 10/19/07,,2195407,00.html
One of the world's most-used pirate film websites has been closed after providing links to illegal versions of major Hollywood hits and TV shows.

Call for web harassment watchdog - 10/19/07
A housing company has called for the Government to set up an internet ombudsman to protect the public from online defamation and harassment.

Facebook to Improve Safety Policies - 10/18/07
As a result of the consumer fraud investigation that has been recently made by the New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Facebook has just announced that it is to improve its web site with tougher safety policies. Pornography, harassment and any other inappropriate behaviors won’t be capable of madden the Facebook users anymore as in the past.

Stalker hounded tutor for 4 years - 10/18/07
A mature student received a six-month jail sentence yesterday, suspended for two years, after breaching a restraining order imposed to stop her pestering a lecturer on whom she had a crush.

Accountant ‘controlled money from victims of e-mail fraud’ - 10/18/07
A respected accountant was behind a bank account used by a gang of internet fraudsters to con victims out of £1.25 million with promises of inheritance and lottery wins, a court was told yesterday.

The Absolute Poker Cheating Scandal Blown Wide Open - 10/17/07
A few weeks back I blogged about allegations of cheating at an online poker site called Absolute Poker. While things looked awfully suspicious, there wasn’t quite a smoking gun, and it was unclear exactly how the cheater might have cheated.

Cyberstalking; it's frightening, it's intrusive, and it's against the law. - 10/17/07
Jane was surprised to see her estranged husband sitting in a booth at the restaurant. He disliked Chinese food and always complained when she ordered it. How would he know she was there meeting her girlfriends for dinner? He lived across town and she picked this particular restaurant feeling assured he would not be there. She had only communicated via email with her friends, so she found it puzzling that he seemed to know her every move.

Man accused of hacking into 911 - 10/16/07
SWAT officers expected to find a victim shot to death, drugs and a belligerent armed suspect when they surrounded the home of an unsuspecting couple, but found they were only a part of a false emergency call caused by a teenager who hacked into the county’s emergency response system, authorities said.

Net organ transplant broker arrested - 10/16/07,23599,22598579-23109,00.html
A JAPANESE man who brokered human transplant operations on the internet has been arrested in China and charged with violating laws on organ trading, Chinese officials said today.


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