Net Crimes Newsletter - 10/08/07

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .A real "your grandpa is your pa" story

Man, 72, to donate sperm for "grandchild"
A 72-year-old man is to donate his sperm to his daughter-in-law, allowing her to become a mother and produce a "grandchild", fertility authorities said on Friday.

The unnamed man is donating his sperm because his son and daughter-in-law's attempts at IVF treatment failed due to the poor quality of the husband's sperm, according to the Evening Standard newspaper.

"It's not uncommon for someone in the family to donate, although normally the age limit for sperm donors is 45," said a spokeswoman for Britain's Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, which has advised the clinic overseeing the 72-year-old's donation.

"What's uncommon in this case is the donor's age."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by me; they are for informational purposes only)

Abused women in fear of texts, emails - 10/08/07
Breaches of protection orders by text messaging and the internet are a growing problem for people trying to escape abusive relationships, social groups say.

Spokane man sues city for violation of civil rights- 10/07/07
A Spokane man, who was falsely imprisoned for cyber stalking, is suing the city of Spokane after his damage claim was ignored.

Officers warned about email abuse - 10/07/07
Police in west London have been warned about sending "inappropriate" emails from other staff members' computers.

Miss. residents get e-threats - 10/07/07
Several Mississippians have reported receiving a threatening e-mail: Pay up or die.
The extortion e-mail is one of the latest Internet scams to hit the state.

Oneida Police Announce Arrest for Email Threat - 10/06/07
Just before 8:30 Friday night, Oneida tribal police announced they arrested the man they believe is responsible for threatening tribal leaders.

Fireworks Riveted Alleged Cyberstalker
- 10/06/07
Timothy Joseph Vaughn's family understands the magnitude of his arrest for cyberstalking and making explosives.

University Of Louisville Students Respond To Online Threats - 10/05/07
After becoming the targets of online threats, some students at the University of Louisville are finding their own way to react.

SyFriday: Stalking Is No Joke (And Stop Blaming Victims) - 10/05/07
There has been some chatter over the last week about a cease and desist order "Battlestar Galactica" star Mary McDonnell received against a woman she claimed was stalking her and her children. The reaction was a bit interesting, but not surprising considering how some people take celebrity news.

Police smash £1bn internet fraud gang
- 10/05/07
British police yesterday hailed the arrest of an international gang of fraudsters as a landmark victory against internet crime, following a sting across four countries. More than £8.5m worth of fake cheques and other fraudulent documents were seized in a series of overnight raids across the UK in a joint operation overseen by Britain's Serious and Organised Crime Agency (Soca).

Man jailed over Facebook message - 10/05/07
A husband banned from contacting his estranged wife was jailed after he inadvertently sent her a message on the social networking site Facebook.

Internet deals too good to be true usually are - 10/04/07
When Robert Raser's classified ad to sell bedroom furniture for $125 appeared online, he got much more than he asked for. Raser received a $3,900 cashier's check from a buyer who wanted the excess funds wired back to him via Western Union.

Brave new world of online fraudsters - 10/04/07
I am shocked - shocked! - at reports that the Chinese military has penetrated foreign government networks. What kind of a low-down, sneaky military would do that?

You've got mail, and a Nigerian scam attempt
- 10/04/07
All the people in Emily Szymborski's e-mail address book received the e-mail.
She was in Nigeria, got robbed and needed help: $1,800 wired via Western Union, to be exact.

Thompson enters a guilty plea
- 10/03/07
The self-proclaimed “Teenybopper Killa” was sentenced last Wednesday to prison after admitting in Worcester Superior Court that he made online threats against people who had picked on him when he was in high school.

Malaya columnist gets death threat via email - 10/03/07
A newspaper columnist critical of the Arroyo government has received a death threat via email warning her that her criticism of the regime may cost her her life.

Reverend accused of stealing couple's gift cards
- 10/03/07
A woman who advertised her services as a reverend on Craigslist was arrested after police say she performed a marria

Steal on eBay
- 10/02/07
A woman has been arrested after stealing more than 3,500 items worth £60,000 from a supermarket and then putting them up for auction on eBay.


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