Labor Day Weekend

Saturday was busy. Rob, my construction guy, arrived at 1130 am to do more work downstairs. He's been away for a couple of weeks. He broke up with his girlfriend and she's giving him a lot of grief. Plus he's working three jobs with his regular construction job. So he's stressed out big time and feels guilty he hasn't been able to work here. I told him to take his time. I'm not in a hurry to get it finished and besides, I like having him over. He's not hard on the eyes (ha ha). Seriously, he's a nice guy, a Marine like my husband was, he lived on Okinawa the same time we did, so we get along well and enjoy a beer or two when he's done working and just talk. I think he needs someone to talk to anyway.

He did get a lot done - the walls of the bathroom downstairs are up, he stained some more of the doors and trim for the doorways and cleaned up a bit. He does very good work. I keep telling him he should just go off on his own and have his own business. I would definitely give him a good reference. I've been taking photos of his work as it progresses and told him I'd give him a copy of them so that he could use them if he does decide to go off on his own.

Sunday, on the spur of the moment, I decided to visit a friend down in Massachusetts. I've had a lot on my mind and was still a bit overwhelmed about Friday. So I called the Econo Lodge in Westfield, got a room for me and the dogs, called my friend, told him I was coming down and got in the car before I could change my mind. It took me only two hours (going 80 MPH, of course, ha ha).

I'm listening to James Patterson's "The Quickie." I'm on the fence about this audiobook. I love Patterson's books, but this one is a bit disturbing. A homicide detective thinks her husband is having an affair, so she decides to have a quickie with a fellow detective who has been flirting with her. After they have sex, he goes out to get some groceries to cook her dinner and is attacked and killed by her husband. She thinks her husband knows about the affair and panics. But things turn in her favor, two local druglords are blamed for the murder and she accepts her husband back in her arms. Huh? I could never, never do that. I would have turned the bastard in. Then she finds out the detective she had the quickie with was a dirty detective and things just get weirder from there. I'm almost done with the book, but it's not Patterson's best work.

Got to Westfield. My friend arrived soon after. We went with the dogs to his local watering hole to hang out with friends, then got dinner for the dogs, put them in the room to sleep for a bit, then we went out to eat and talk. He's a good listener and a very nice guy. The next day I decided to stay another night and he actually braved shopping with me because I didn't bring enough clothes. What a nut! He kept pulling the ugliest clothes out and saying with a straight face, "Jayne, you'd look lovely in this!" I had to hit him a few times.

We went to the local American Legion to hang out with more friends. It was nice because neither of us was in the mood to drink a lot, so we had only a couple of beers, talked with friends and had a good time relaxing. He checked on the dogs for me, then we went to get Chinese takeout and went back to the hotel to eat. There are not many people I trust enough to sit on a king size bed just to eat Chinese, watch Deuce Bigelow and Joe Dirt and just relax with.

Left early yesterday morning for home. As I got to the toll booth on the Mass Pike, the attendant saw Guin curled up in the passenger seat and asked if she was real. I looked at her and she looked like one of those stuffed animals that are curled up with the fake breathing movements. I burst out laughing, poked her and she raised her head like, "What? What?" The attendant laughed and told me my dogs were beautiful. I get that all the time. I love those two dogs!

Got home and opened all the windows. I wasn't home five minutes and my oldest brother, Donnie, called. He was leaving Cape Cod with his wife and my niece, headed for my house. Good thing I got home early. I picked up a few things - the house actually wasn't too messy. By the time they got here, the ocean breeze had cleared out the mustiness.

We went out for lunch to Lobster Cove, a restaurant my neighbors co-own and had a nice lunch. Us girls had Mojitos, my brother had a gin and tonic. It was good seeing them all. I haven't seen my niece in ages. She looks good and is beautiful! So is Donnie's wife. She has made my brother a new man. We were never really close, but since he married Christine, what a change. We're so much closer now.

We went back to the house and he looked at the ship models I wanted to sell. I know he's wanted a model by Chris or his dad for a long time, but I never wanted to sell any before this. I finally decided there were some I just don't have an emotional attachment to. He ended up buying two models and is going to send me a check. So I'm all set for another month or two, plus the work I have coming up. Phew! August has always been a slow month and I was a bit worried about bills. Now I don't have to worry.

They left, headed for my dad's house. I relaxed, another friend called and we talked for a bit, then my Massachusetts buddy called to make sure I'd gotten home and to see if I was okay. I am definitely okay.

I relaxed last night, read my LOST magazine (I'm going to go crazy until it comes back on the air in February), had a glass of wine, then went to bed by 10 pm. I slept like a log.

Got up this morning, went for a run to the beach. I'd been doing walk, run, walk, run and this morning I was able to run most of the way with very little walking. It feels good to have that salt air going through my lungs, listening to Keith Urban on my iPod. I *love* his voice!

Got home, made coffee, sat on the deck and fed Chippy, my little chipmunk. Something was upsetting all the chipmunks this morning and I had to talk to him until he calmed down enough to eat the sunflower seeds I had. He is so cute.

I'm going to make more spaghetti sauce today. I have so many tomatoes to pick and do things with. I'm thinking of making salsa, too. It will be good to be busy in the kitchen.

Rob is coming back over this afternoon to do more work, so it will be nice to have the company.

V2 went to Charleston on Sunday and comes home tomorrow - hooray!


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