You know, when you're a publicist for big celebrities. . .

. . .such as

Elton John
Wolfgang Puck
Pierce Brosnan
Joan Rivers
Ben Stiller
Drew Barrymore
Dennis Miller
Suzanne Somers
Wynton Marsalis
Naomi Judd
Vanna White
Danny Glover
Susan Powter
Chuck Norris
Paul Reiser
Sandra Bullock

you really should pay attention to details better. The publicist for the above is my publicist. Yes, the one who screwed up my radio interviews the other day. Oh and I forgot to mention that when they sent me the list of radio stations, they listed my publisher's telephone number in New Jersey as my contact number instead of my home office number. Which means the radio stations would never have gotten me on their shows if I hadn't caught it.

And the plot thickens.

Remember the radio station that missed having me on their show because the publicist forgot to give me the station's phone number so that I could call in? Well, I had a book signing on Thursday night (noted below) and then had to take my car in yesterday morning for an oil change and checkup before my road trip tomorrow. I got several panicked emails from the publicist stating that the radio host wanted me on at 8 am yesterday.

Hello? Have you ever heard of giving someone better lead time to see if that will fit in their schedule? You do not send emails out after 6 pm the night before.

So I replied to him, yesterday at 3 pm when I finally got home from my running around on errands, that I needed more time to schedule interviews. Here's the automated reply I got. Can you see the huge error in it? Shouldn't a publicist pay a little more attention to the details?

I will be out of the office Friday, October 12th. I will be periodically checking mail, and if you need to reach me, you can call my cell at 000-000-0000. I will be back in the office on Monday.

So, I did my book signing at the Newington/Portsmouth Barnes & Noble on Thursday night. Clay, the store night manager, set me up at my little table and got me a mixed coffee drink. Tall, medium, whatever heck size it was.

My first person was a reporter from a local paper. Here's his article: York Woman Expert on Cybercrimes. You may have to log in to read it. He was rushing to get it in yesterday's paper, so not all the facts were correct, but it's not a bad article.

A couple of other people came up and talked with me. Three bought books. And I got my kinda crazy person. I always do at these. This young couple came up and began talking to me. She was pregnant, he was tall. He started talking about he wanted to get into doing investigations/stings on his own, like the "Catch a Predator" show on NBC. I told him he should contact his local police department and make sure what he wanted to do was legal and that he wouldn't be stepping on toes. He wants to capture predators. Period. Then he started saying he was a hacker "at one time." Hmm. Okay. His girlfriend was more interested in the basket of candy I'd brought to give away. I let her have some. Let's just say they were an interesting couple.

So at 9 pm, packed up my stuff after signing the remaining copies of my books for the store to sell later as "autographed copies" and went home. How exciting.

Have I said before how much I absolutely hate doing book signings?

Yesterday morning took the car in for an oil changes and all over checkup. Turns out I had a nail in one of my tires. Good thing I brought it in. I have to drive to western New York tomorrow for my Monday speaking engagement near the Catskills. The motel I'm booked at got horrible reviews online. This should be one heck of an adventure.

Am I sounding cynical, LOL?


deb said…
My, my, and while we're on the publicist (maybe he has a thing about the number 13 hehe), don't forget all the typos in the press kit! I can see proofreading and missing one, maybe even two, little things. But as I recall there were at least four and they were *very* obvious.

Your trip sounds like piles of fun lol. Take care.
JAH said…
I forgot about the press kit they put together. And you caught those after I caught several mistakes. I certainly hope they don't treat their more famous clients like they did me.

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